Wednesday Halaqa Exclusive for Sisters

Today July 4th Halaqa is cancelled … JAK for your understanding

Imam weekly halaqa by Dr. Bedeir exclusive for the sisters in the basement of the Ottawa Mosque, 251 Northwestern Ave.
Halaqa will be this Wednesday between 6:30 PM till Maghrib Salah inshaa Allah.
Kindly spread the word.
Jazakum Allah khairan

OMA Board of Director Nomination

The Ottawa Muslim Association is in the process of collecting nominations for the 2018 election. 

  • For a Board of Director position, please have someone who is a regular member nominate you by filling out the attached nomination form and remember to endorse this nomination (total of 3 names on the form) 
  • For a Trust Consil position , please have two members nominate you , and two members for the endorsement (total of 5 different names on the form) 

Announcement for 2018 Nomination
OMA Nomination form