Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatu

The Ottawa Muslim Association is in the process of establishing a short-list of contractors with certain capabilities to support OMA in the maintenance and repairs of the following:

1)         The Mosque building

2)         The Adjacent home – Imam’s residence

3)         The newly acquired Church – Hall of Peace

In addition, OMA is interested in having a contractor with Emergency Property Management response option.  This would be the 1st level contact point where emergency or time sensitive maintenance is required.

To be noted: OMA has a set of volunteers that, based on requirements, may contribute materials and labour.  Where opportunities permit to leverage the volunteers, OMA and the Contractor would need work together on ensuring that maximum benefit is achieved for OMA.

If you are interested, please provide the following information:

1)         Name of the company

2)         Area of specialty/scope of work that your firm performs

3)         Do you offer Emergency Property Management response option? If so, please explain

4)         Contact Information

5)         Few thoughts on how you/your company can assist OMA in the most economical way

6)         Other additional information or comments

Please provide your response to OMA email by end of day March 3rd, 2017.  OMA plans to notify respondents by March 15th, 2017, of the outcome and next steps.

If you have any related questions, please contact Ghassan Akrouche at 613-612-9020 or at

Best Regards,