Information Session on Low Back Pain

Saturday, April 29 after duhr prayer (1:20 pm)

Ottawa Mosque invites you for an information Session

Dr. Hamza Saif B.Sc., D.C. Family Chiropractor

Join us and bring family and friends with you!




OYC weekly bake sale on Fridays at Ottawa Mosque

OMA is planning for a weekly bake sale to raise funds for the Hall of Peace and the Ottawa Youth Centre (OYC). Please kindly donate a dish. Preference is for finger food (samboussa, fatayer, kibba, wraps, biscuits, home made cake, sandwiches, cultural food). Please send us the info below to   .. JAK for your support to OMA and the youth centre.
Date to deliver at Ottawa Mosque (Fridays prior to Jum3aa prayer): & Dish Name & Ingredients: &  For how many people:
$ Amount if not donating a dish could be made to the Ottawa Mosque online donation or in the office. and

OYC – Mother & Daughter Event at Hall of Peace

AlhamdleAllah .. great turn out for the the event. Everyone had a blast and left with a smile.

Looking forward to seeing you all in our next event!

Hall of Peace – Ottawa Youth Center (OYC) is happy to invite you to our first ever Mother & Daughter Event! This Friday, March 17th, from 5:30-9:00 pm .. It is all about competitions !!!!
Fashion show, Talent Show, Best Henna work. .. Mother & Daughter to dress alike to win a prize.
This is a fundraising event and all proceeds go towards the renovation project of OYC!

Turkish Ambassador visits Ottawa Mosque

The Ottawa Muslim Association would like to thank his Excellency , Turkish Ambassador Selçuk Ünal and our guests, Professor Halim Yanikomeroglu and  Professor Saban Alaca for the open discussion with the OMA board of Directors.

Prayer Times

Fajr – Iqamah is fixed 30 minutes after Athan
Duhr – Iqamah at 1:20 pm
Asr – Iqamah fixed at 5:30 pm
Maghrib – Iqamah is fixed 5 min after Athan
Ishaa – Iqamah is right after Athan
MAR-NOV: Jum’ah – Athan 12:55 pm, khotbah 1:00 pm, Iqamah 1:30 pm; NOV-MAR: Jum’ah – Athan 12:25 pm, khotbah 12:30 pm, Iqamah 1:00 pm 

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