Imam Samy Profile

Imam Samy Metwally is a Fullbright Muslim scholar who has a Master’s degree in Islamic studies and Christian-Muslim Relations from Hartford Seminary in the United States.

He studied the American culture at Arizona State University in 2009, and was an Imam in the city of Berlin, Connecticut, USA, 2010-2011.

Imam Samy studied at Al-Azhar, Egypt, since his childhood, until he gained his bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies from the university in 1998. In 1993, when he graduated from the High School at Al-Azhar, he was ranked the second student all over Egypt from more than 40000 Azhari students.

From 2002 until 2009, he worked for the website IslamOnline, as a senior shari`ah researcher, answering religious questions and giving fatwas – legal rulings related to shari’ah – on a variety of issues to an online audience largely made up of European and North American Muslims.

In addition to his in-depth knowledge of the various Shari’ah sciences, Imam Samy Metwally has lots of training and years of practical experience in arbitration, family counselling and interfaith relations. He participated in many conferences and Fiqh Academies around the world in Canada, the United States, South Ireland, Malaysia and elsewhere and he is currently the Imam of The Ottawa Mosque/The Ottawa Muslim Association since 2011 until present.