Who can be a Regular member? All of the following

  • A muslim of 18 years +; Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant
  • A resident of the National Capital Region
  • Donated at least $25 to OMA for most recent 2 years. (year end is Dec 31st)

Why be a Regular Member? 

  • To have the right to vote in the general body meetings
  • To hold any elected office in the Association
  • To engage with the OMA community in gatherings, discussions and various other activities
  • To give back to the community

How to be a Regular Member? 

  • Donate to the OMA at least $25 per year and request a tax receipt as a proof. Donations over $25 could go towards other family members.
  • Subscribe to the mailing list
  • Contact oma@ottawamosque.ca and confirm your name (and your family names) is added to the member list
  • Engage with OMA team and seek volunteer opportunities.
  • Attend the gatherings, services, and participate in the various activities