In conjunction with the Government of Canada Summer Student Employment program, the Ottawa Muslim Association (OMA) is pleased to announce that it will be offering three(3) full time summer student employment positions.

Administrative Assistant

Duties include:

  • Coordinating communication with the public regarding new and existing mosque programs, activities and events (i.e. seminars, religious lectures, ramadan activities, eid activities, education events, funeral announcements etc.)
  • Updating and maintaining the OMA website—ensuring that the latest OMA news and events are uploaded on the website in a timely fashion
  • Updating and maintaining the OMA facebook page
  • Updating the mailing and email list
  • Managing the OMA membership and contact list
  • Assisting the Office Administrator and filling the position when required


Program Coordinator

Duties include:

  • Coordinating and planning various programs for the OMA
  • Scheduling and planning events during the summer
  • Coordinating lectures by religious scholars and inspirational speakers
  • Conducting surveys for feedback from the community regarding events, activities etc.and presenting results to the OMA Board of Directors
  • Recording, maintaining and coordinating the financial transactions of the mosque in a timely and cost effective manner and providing financial reports to the Board of Directors—working in conjunction with the OMA treasurer and co-treasurer
  • Providing outreach to the non-muslim community by seeking the muslim community’s involvement in local community and charitable events (i.e. Interfaith and charitable and/or fundraising events)
  • Collaborate on OMA initiatives with the Board of Directors when necessary


Refugee Program Coordinator

Duties include:

  • Creating, organizing and coordinating the OMA refugee sponsorship program—the OMA has sponsored seven (7) refugee families; you will be responsible for creating a structured program that can be used to assist in the settlement and integration of the seven sponsored refugee families
  • Creating, supervising and monitoring a volunteer network that will help implement the OMA refugee sponsorship volunteer program—this includes assisting with housing, banking, education, shopping, translation, social activities, medical/dental services, immigration, OMA activities and events as well as any other matters that may arise
  • Providing feedback to the Board Member(s) responsible for overseeing the refugee sponsorship program and ensuring that the Board members are informed of any issues that may arise; providing a weekly summary report for the Board regarding the OMA refugee sponsorship program
  • Being able to analyze and resolve any issues without daily supervision as the primary contact of the OMA refugee sponsorship program throughout the summer

Applicants may apply in writing to,  attention of Br. Ahmed Ibrahim. Please include a current resume and a cover letter stating why you would like to apply for the position. Also include the skills and characteristics that you feel you possess for the position. If you are applying for more than one of the positions please state this in your cover letter. Your cover letter may be used to assess your writing skills.

If you are applying for the program coordinator position, please provide a proposed plan (1-2 pages) for a youth program that you would be able to coordinate and implement. The plan would include the proposed activities, timelines, resources required, stakeholders to be engaged, marketing plan, outcomes from the program and success criteria.

The deadline for all applications is June 19, 2017. Employment will commence June 26 , 2017 and terminate August 26, 2017. Preference will be given to students enrolled in or recent graduates of a college or university program and/or to students who have been volunteering with OMA projects in at least three recent events.

We would like to thank you for your interest; however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.