Adult Quran Program

Program Details

  • Level 1

    Learn how to read Arabic from the beginning, including the alphabet, vowels, and more, in order to be able to read the Quranic text.

  • Level 2

    For those who can read Arabic properly, even if broken, they begin to improve their recitation by learning and applying the rules of Tajweed (correct recitation of the Quran).

  • Level 3

    Advanced students work to perfect their recitation free of any errors, and, at the discretion of the teacher, may work on Hifz (memorizing the Quran) and/or reviewing what they memorized.

OMA’s Adult Quran is aimed towards Adults (or advanced teenagers) who wish to memorize the full Quran in a structured environment and under the supervision of the Imam Dr Muhamed Suliman as well as a team of qualified teachers.

Whether you struggle with Arabic pronunciation, trying to improve your tajweed, trying to start or maintain your memorization, or even trying to get a Sanad or an Ejaza, our Adult Quran program is here for you. We aim to remove any barriers between you and improving your recitation.

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