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Ramadan Campaign 2021

It is through your generosity, that the Mosque remains open. Imagine with us just how many lives your one dollar can touch in the community. From refugees and families in need to Islamic education and dawah towards Allah. It is with you that we build the future.


Who are We?

The history of the Ottawa Mosque is linked to the history of Muslims in Canada. In the 1940s and 1950s, there were few Muslim families in Ottawa. They were concerned about their kids’ Islamic education and their culture values in the new environment. This was the start of the Sunday school in 1960. The few families rented the basement of the United Church every Sunday to have a Quran, Islamic studies and Arabic classes for the kids. Then, it ended with a family potluck. 

Few years later, the number of the attendees started to increase, and the Muslim community started to grow. As a result, the need for a mosque in the city became a reality. At that time, the Muslim community found two potential lands for the first Mosque in Ottawa and one of the very first in Canada. One land was in the east, and another land were the two houses beside the United Church. The Muslim community wanted to be located next to their long-time neighbors on Northwestern Avenue in Ottawa. The Ottawa Mosque was the first one in the city of Ottawa and one of the first mosques in Canada to be completed in 1970.  

Year after year, the Ottawa Mosque and the Northwestern United Church kept their friendship and maintained their relationship until the church management decided to sell it in 2016. They approached their friends and neighbours at the Ottawa Mosque first to buy the property. Although the mosque funds were extremely limited, and the offer was lower than other offers provided by commercial bidders, the United Church Management decided to sell the property to their long-lasted neighbors and friends: the Ottawa Mosque.  

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