Imam’s Corner August 26th

The New Hijri Year Is A New Beginning with Allah!!!

Alsalamualaykum dear respected brothers and sisters,

May Allah grant us success in the year to come and forgive our shortcomings in the year just left us, Ameen.

With the blessings of Allah we just ended the Islamic Year 1441 with a sacred month, Dhul Hijjah. And by the grace of Allah we started the Islamic Year 1442 with a sacred month, Muharram. Allah, the Almighty, wants to forgive us by the end of the year so He ended the year with two sacred months, Dhul Qi’dah and Dhul Hijjah. He also wants to give us another chance to start our new year with a sacred month, which is a new beginning. The linguistic meaning of the word Muharram is “sacred,” which means Allah honours the deeds we do during the sacred months and He multiplies for us out of His Mercy.

Allah says, “Verily, the number of months with Allah is twelve when He created the Heavens and the Earth. Four of them are sacred” (9:36). And our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH says, “ Allah has created the year to be twelve months, of them four are sacred. Three consecutive months (Dhul Qi’dah, Dhul Hijjah, and Muharram), and Rajab that comes in between Jumada and Sha’baan” (Bukhari).
We should take advantage of the opportunities Allah, the Almighty, is giving us in the beginning of the Islamic year. Let’s open a new page in our life record and make it a clean page that has no hatred, enmity, or jealousy. Let’s be pleased with Allah’s decrees in this new year and accept them with an open mind that believes in Allah’s power over us and His wisdom in disposing our affairs. Let’s renew our covenant with Allah and promise Him to be a better Muslim during this new year. Let’s go back to our parents and ask them to forgive us and give us another chance to bridge the gap we created between us and them. Let’s go back to our friends and agree with them that this year has to bring us closer to Allah while being together. Let’s recalculate our priorities this year and put Allah first and we will see the results in our life.
Let’s fast in Muharram to gain more rewards and follow the Prophet more in this new year.

The new year has to be a turning point in our life. We don’t have the guarantee to live to see another year. Let’s make the beginning of this year so special by repenting and going back to our Lord Who is waiting for us to come back so He will gift us with His Forgiveness. He will provide us with the clear directions we need to navigate through the new challenges ahead of us in the new year.

May Allah grant us guidance during the sacred month of Muharram, Ameen.

Jazakum Allah khayra


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