Imam’s Corner-August 5th

The Journey Towards Allah Never Ends!!!

Alsalamualaykum dear respected brothers and sisters, May Allah grant us success and acceptance, Ameen.

The season of Hajj has ended when the Pilgrims finished all the rituals of Hajj last Monday. All the pilgrims are coming back from Makkah to their homelands. Those who think they are done and their journey has ended, have to know that this is just the beginning because the Muslims’ journey towards Allah never ends.

Hajj is an intensive session of spiritual growth that needs a follow up session of good deeds. The performance of Hajj guarantees forgiveness of all previous sins if it was performed in the best way.

The Prophet Muhammad PBUH says “ None of you will believe till he/she loves to his brother what he loves for himself” (Bukhari).
Muslims should love for each other what they love for themselves. We should wish goodness and happiness for all Muslims all over the world.

The Prophet PBUH says, “ The example of the believers in their love and compassion is like one body, if one single part of the body has pain then all other body parts will feel the same pain” (Bukhara).
We should be happy for anything good that happens to Muslims. And we should feel sad when Muslims are suffering. We should make Dua’a for each other in the time of difficulty. The rights and responsibilities of believers towards one another are many and we should observe these rights and responsibilities to gain the guidance of our Lord in this life and His Jannah in the afterlife.

Our journey of spiritual growth never ends. Keep doing your part in your community by helping and volunteering to create a strong bond of love and respect amongst the Muslim community. Even if you don’t receive appreciations from others, you should keep working because you are doing this for a bigger goal, to please Allah and strengthen our community.
We need to see more Youth in our Masajid not just to perform the salah, which is an obligation, but to help carrying out the daily duties our Masajid have to deliver to the communities every single day.

I call upon all the Muslim community members in Ottawa , young and old, please get engaged with the Masajid to Learn love and compassion in the best environment. You have a responsibility of teaching the future generations of Muslims how to live their lives in Canada without compromising their Islamic identity.

Please keep up the excellent work you are doing to serve our community because it’s your pass to Jannah.
The journey towards Allah never ends.

May Allah protect our Muslim communities from any harm.
May He protect our brothers and sisters in Lebanon ?? from all harms. May He bestow His Mercy upon those who got affected in Beirut and grant Shifaa for the injured and Jannatul Firdaus for those Muslims who died, Ameen.

Jazakum Allah khayra

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