Imam’s Corner September 16th

Why To Forgive!!!

Alsalamualaykum dear respected brothers and sisters,

May Allah grant us the ability to forgive one another, Ameen.

Forgiveness is one of the qualities of Allah, the Almighty. It is one of His names “The All-Forgiving.”
He, the exalted, praised those who forgive and are Merciful with others.
Allah says “Let them pardon and forgive, don’t you like Allah to forgive you and Allah is All-Forgiving All- Merciful” (Quran 24:22).
This verse was revealed when Abu Bakr stopped spending on one of his servants who was engaged in a conversation against his daughter A’isha’s honour. Abu Bakr was upset that his own servant was talking negatively about A’ishaa. But Allah, the Almighty, ended that matter by revealing Quran to support A’ishaa and to tell everyone that she is one of the most righteous believers.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH says “Allah will increase the Forgiving Servant in status “ (Muslim).
The Prophet was the best example of forgiveness and pardoning. In many situations he would forgive those who were rude with him. Remember when he went to the city of Ta’if to look for people who will follow him. The Prophet was attacked and stoned till his feet were bleeding. The Angel in charge of the mountains 🏔 came down to the Prophet and asked him to have the permission to let the mountains come together and destroy all the people between them. Although the prophet was exhausted and tired but he replied “No, May Allah get believers from their offsprings.” And his Dua’a was accepted and the children of those who used to attack the prophet became Muslims such as sons of Abu Lahab and Ekremah the son of Abu Jahl.

Nowadays as Muslims in Canada, we need to apply the quality of forgiveness and pardoning in our lives. Husbands and wives have to recalculate their priorities according to Islam before they decide to separate and destroy the sacred structure of the family. We have to learn to forgive one another. We have to learn how to sacrifice to continue our mission that our Lord created us for (to worship Him and live peacefully on earth).
Please let go for the small issues that may obstruct our journey to Allah. Lower your wings of Mercy, love and compassion to your parents, spouses, children and everyone else.

DO NOT YOU KNOW that the reward of forgiveness is to be forgiven by Allah and to be granted Jannah.


May Allah grant us guidance to Learn this characteristic of Forgiveness, Ameen.

Jazakum Allah khayra

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