Imam’s Corner September 20th

Unity is a Must !!!

Alsalamualaykum dear respected brothers and sisters,

May Allah unite our hearts and guide us to the best, Ameen.
A lesson we learn from the Prophet PBUH is unity. Allah, the Almighty, says, “And hold on to the rope of Allah and never be divided (3:103). The rope of Allah is unity behind one leader who leads the Muslim community to the virtues and goodness. We have to fix the damages we caused in our relationship to Allah then He will help us to fix our relationships with each other. We worship only one God, follow one Messenger, read one Book but we still don’t have unity. Why? Because our hearts are not united. Our goals are not the same. Our priorities have changed. We used to give preference to Allah and the messenger over anyone else. But now we prefer our ways, desires and methods to the way of Muhammad PBUH. Sometimes we think that the way of Muhammad is outdated and we have to go with our time and modernize our attitudes. However, we fail in many aspects while having the best worldly tools. And even if succeed in doing what we want, we end up psychologically unstable, which leads us to suspicion and doubts about our way of life and our faith.

We have to follow the Prophet of Allah when he says, “The believer to another believer is like a building structure that strengthens itself by being together “ (Bukhari). Think positive and assure yourself and others that you can’t survive alone. We can survive together when we are united. The companions of the prophet were successful because they were united and when they got divided, they faced a very harsh defeat from their enemies. They never won a battle as a result of their number or equipment. Rather they won with their faith and unity behind one leadership.

In Canada, Muslims are a lot but divided. We have to come together and unite ourselves first by cleaning our hearts to be ready to accept each other. Yes, we are different and will never agree with each other 100% but we can at least get united. Our way must be “We agree or disagree, we love each other and get united “. We are the only nation that has a clear view of what we have to do. Let us not get distracted by things that will implant the seeds of disputes and differences. Rather, we should focus on our common goal of unity in our Muslim community.

May Allah grant us unity through the Quran and the Sunnah and revive faith in our heart , Ameen.

Jazakum Allah khayra


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