Prayer Times

Summertime (March to October) Friday Prayer

First Jumua: athan 12:55 pm, khutbah 1:00 pm, Iqamah 1:25 pm;

Second Jumua: athan 2:15 pm, khutbah 2:20, iqama 2:50;


Wintertime (November to March) Friday Prayer

First Jumua: athan 12:25 pm, khutbah 12:30 pm, iqamah 12:55 pm

Second Jumua: athan 1:25 pm, khutba 1:30 pm, iqama 1:55 pm

New: We now use Masjidi app for prayer times. Click here to see athan and iqama times for today, or click here to download Masjidi App to your phone.

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