Donate to the OMA

Why donate to the OMA?

The Ottawa Mosque is the oldest mosque in the Ottawa.
The Ottawa Mosque (OMA) is the first mosque in Ottawa and one of the very first in Canada, It has its history and is rooted deep within the community. Its location and heritage place it at the heart of the city where almost every Muslim in Ottawa had memories with its schools, Imams and diverse program. Your donation will keep the glory of its heritage going strong and will enable the mosque to perform its duties and provide the services needed by the community, a community growing up in numbers every year. Our monthly operational costs are $20k, covering our facilities and ongoing programs but that does not tell the entire story, for the yearly Zakat distribution is over $70K which helps the most deserving in our community through our dedicated staff and volunteers. Jazakom Allah Khairan for your donations to your mosque, your contribution is vital to our constant growth!