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18 hours ago
Volunteer sign up sheet for the OMA community event

As-salamu 'Alaykum,
The Ottawa Muslim Association is looking for volunteers to help them with an event they are planning called "The OMA community event". As a volunteer, you will get a free meal and drink, and if you are in high school then we ... See more

2 days ago
Om Al-Qura School

Kids designing their prayer mats and having lots of fun together in a friendly and safe environment at Om Al-Qura school.
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2 days ago
Om Al-Qura School

Indoor and outdoor sports and lots of fun in the second week at Om Al-Qura school.
JAK teachers and volunteers for bringing smiles to kids faces.
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The aim of Learn More About Islam, OMA, is to help the Canadian Muslim community, and new Muslims, to grow in faith and spirituality, while at the same time lead productive lives, away from all forms of extremism and radicalism. We deem it necessary to build bridges of understanding and peaceful co-existence with fellow human beings, irrespective of their background or belief. Learn More About Islam intends to be a reliable online informative reference on Islam’s Articles of Faith as well as its Pillars such as the concept of God, Qur’an, the Prophets, Prayer, Fasting, Hajj, Zakah, family and relationships, Islam and the world, and many more.



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