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Address : 312 Parkdale Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 4X5

Phone : 1-866-222-2138


Maintenance of individualized funding received:Services include: administration of individualized funding contracts (for ex. Special Services at Home (SSAH), Passport funding, Autism Grant) coordination of expense claims and supporting invoices/receipts preparation of government remittances and filings assistance with general accounting guidelines and basic requirements


Canada Revenue Agency



Address: 333 Laurier Ave W, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0L9

Phone: 1-800-959-8281

Long-term savings plan for individuals with disabilities and their families to save for the future. Holders may be eligible for a Canada Disability Savings Grant or a Canada Disability Savings Bond to help with long-term savings.


Credit Canada Debt Solutions



Address: 116 Albert St, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5G3

Phone: 1-800-267-2272

Confidential credit counseling provider. Services include assessment of income and expenses, money management advice, credit counseling, budgeting assistance, debt management program, advocacy, and public education.


Credit Counselling Society



Address: 130 Albert St, Unit 514, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5G4

Phone: 1-888-527-8999


Confidential consumer credit and debt counseling service that helps with creating a spending plan to manage living expenses, getting finances back on track, consolidating debts in one monthly payment, saving thousands of dollars in interest, and stopping collection calls from creditors. Provides alternatives to filing for bankruptcy.


Debtors Anonymous



Address: 347 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON, K2A 0E7

Phone: 613-686-3380


Fellowship of women and men who share their experience, strength, and hope to solve their common problem and help others recover from compulsive debting and spending. No dues or fees. The group is self-supporting through its own contributions. Focuses on compulsive indebtedness and personal recovery.


Developmental Services Ontario Eastern Region



Address: 150 Montreal Rd, Suite 200, Ottawa, ON, K1L 8H2

Phone: 1-855-376-3737


Reimbursement program helping adults with a developmental disability participate in their community. Clients can choose to receive money directly or purchase supports and services through an agency. Funding is available to help take part in community classes or recreational programs, develop work, volunteer and daily life skills, hire a support worker, create a life-plan (person-directed planning) and reach goals, and get temporary respite for caregivers. Information about and referral to agencies in the community providing housing supports is also available.


EBO Financial Education Centre



Address: 300 Olmstead St, 2nd Flr, Ottawa, ON, K1L 7K1

Phone: 613-746-0400 


Community non-profit organization offering financial literacy services to Ottawa’s low/modest income individuals and families. Services include budget counseling, year-round tax service, forms assistance with finance-related applications, financial education workshops, interest-free micro loan program, and the Personal Finance, I’m in charge program, which is a financial education program geared towards young adults in partnership with Desjardins.


Fontaine and Associates



Address: 150 Montreal Rd, Suite 310, Ottawa, ON, K1L 8H2

Phone: 1-877-241-6018 


Provides guidance regarding debt settlement, credit counseling, consumer proposals, bankruptcy solutions, and business solutions.


Global Affairs Canada (domestic clientele)



Address: Global Affairs Canada; 125 Sussex Dr, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0G2

Phone: 1-800-387-3124


Service for Canadian citizens in need of emergency consular assistance while abroad or emergency assistance regarding travel outside Canada. Offers information and resources to assist individuals in managing emergency or crisis situations that may arise while abroad, including arrest and detention, child welfare, abduction and custody issues, death abroad, financial assistance, forced marriage, hijacking, hostage takings and kidnappings, large-scale emergencies abroad, lost or stolen belongings abroad, missing persons, passport security, physical assault, sexual assault, sickness or injury. Also provides financial help for Canadians outside Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada



Address: 410 Laurier Ave W, Ottawa, ON, K1R 5E3

Phone: 1-877-376-9902


Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy that ensures bankruptcies and insolvencies are conducted in a fair and orderly manner. Provides debtor assistance, helps in finding a bankruptcy trustee, manages complaints and inquiries about bankruptcy-related issues or wrongdoings, and maintains bankruptcy and insolvency records search.

John Howard Society of Ottawa



Address: 550 Old St Patrick St, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5L5

Phone: 613-789-7418


The John Howard Society of Ottawa provides literacy and basic skills training, including numeracy, digital, communication, and interpersonal skills. The organization helps learners prepare for employment, apprenticeship, secondary-school credit, post-secondary education, and greater independence. Learners are tutored individually by trained teachers in weekly sessions that take place in the Society’s offices, and meeting times are flexible. Additionally, computer workshops are available on-site. The John Howard Society of Ottawa also offers a Financial Literacy Program, providing personal mentoring to help develop skills for managing money on a daily basis.


Ontario Ministry of Labour



Address: 347 Preston St, Fourth Flr, Suite 430, Ottawa, ON, K1S 3J4

Phone: 1-888-998-9959


The Ontario Ministry of Labour implements and monitors the 2006 Agreement on Labour Mobility and Recognition of Qualifications. They are responsible for overseeing and promoting the agreement, responding to public complaints about construction-related issues, and helping with skills and work experience in the construction industry between the Government of Ontario and the Gouvernement du Québec. They facilitate access for Ontario construction contractors and workers into the Quebec construction sector and monitor Quebec contractors’ and workers’ compliance with related Ontario laws while working in Ontario. The ministry also helps Ontario contractors navigate the complexities of the Quebec licensing system.


Ottawa and District Injured Workers Group (The)



Phone: 613-567-5872


The Ottawa and District Injured Workers Group is an incorporated non-profit organization dedicated to assisting injured workers and their families in seeking justice, dignity, and equality. The organization promotes the proper health, safety, and security of injured workers in the workplace. They provide resources and education to assist injured workers in dealing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) and advocate for injured workers’ rights. The group holds regular meetings to discuss injured worker issues, promotes political activism, empowers or acts on behalf of clients, sometimes working with their union (where applicable), or refers to the Office of the Worker Adviser or other legal services.


Ottawa Community Loan Fund



Address: 2211 Riverside Dr, Suite 308, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 2C5

Phone: 613-366-2159


The Ottawa Community Loan Fund is an incorporated non-profit organization working for financial empowerment. They arrange microloans to start, buy, or expand a small business and provide professional development to increase employability. The organization also offers education in credit literacy and entrepreneurship.


Resolve Counselling Services Canada



Address: 312 Parkdale, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 4X5

Phone: 1-800-379-5556


Resolve Counselling Services Canada provides credit counseling services to help individuals become debt-free through a Debt Management Program. They assist in stopping all collection calls, understanding credit, setting financial goals, talking to loved ones about money, setting and sticking to a budget, and understanding one’s history and values regarding money.

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario



Address: 211 Bronson Ave, Unit 241, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6H5

Phone: (information not provided)


Spinal Cord Injury Ontario delivers services, support, and advocacy for people with spinal cord injuries. Their regional services provide practical help, advocacy, and assistance from the time of injury through rehabilitation and into the community. They also offer the Connect Peer Program, which matches newly injured individuals and their family members to people who have lived experience with a spinal cord injury. In addition, they have the Cortree Disability Education Centre, an online learning platform for people with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities and their families, providing information on relevant topics around living with a disability and available for professionals.

Alliance francaise d’Ottawa



Address: 352 MacLaren St, Ottawa, ON, K2P 0M6

Phone: 613-234-9470


Non-profit organization teach French as a second language promotion of francophone cultures From complete beginners to advanced levels group classes  private lessons tailored to the students’ language training objectives acquisition of tools for conversational communication in daily situations and in specialized topics (commerce, technical language, etc)Provides training and preparation for the federal government Level B and Level C language examinations local cultural events that are listed in local media or on the website Certified centre for French language testing (Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Immigration et Communautés culturelles Québec)





No address provided


Build ON is a pre-arrival service funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. We provide specialized information and orientation about the Skilled Trades, Engineering and Construction sectors to new immigrants approved to immigrate to Ontario, Canada. There is no cost to participate and you can complete the service at your own pace.


Canada Border Services Agency



Address: 140 Thad Johnson Priv, Ottawa, ON, K1V 0R4

Phone: 1-800-461-9999


Provides commercial and passenger services customs office classified as non direct point of entry providing a full range of customs services to the general public and to other service sites, for instance, in-bond highway, marine, rail, etc also provides for the electronic transmission and interchange of cargo, release, and accounting data


Catholic Centre for Immigrants



Address: 219 Argyle Ave, 2nd Flr, Ottawa, ON, K2P 2H4

Phone: 613-232-9634



COVID-19 (Jan 2021): Due to COVID19, all in-person services have been discontinued and office is closed to clients until further notice. Services can be accessed remotely by calling 613-232-9634. Volunteer program activities are suspended. See website for latest updates. Community-based services for immigrants, refugees, and newcomers Settlement Program (formerly Immigrant Settlement and Adaptation Program): orientation programs, language and skills training to help facilitate employment, and programs to welcome newcomers to the community may provide needs and eligibility assessments, pre- and post-arrival information and referral, job search and employment counselling, assistance to establish social and professional networks to promote community engagement, and assistance to access a range of settlement services Reception House, Maison Sophia House: 90-bed facility that provides temporary accommodation, food and clothing orientation workshops facilitated with language translation and interpretation house search support multicultural children’s program basic English classes referrals to government services and community organizations Community Connections Program (formerly HOST Program): group activities for newly arrived immigrants and refugees of all ages to help orient them to their new community and establish social and professional networks * trained and experienced volunteer mentors assist, with focus on citizenship and civic engagement or skills and career development Pastoral and Sponsorship Programs: works to ensure that the newcomer can find pastoral services in the faith group of their choice * promotes the involvement of faith groups in the Private Sponsorship program Bruyère Centre for Immigrants: one-stop access to the services of several agencies, groups and organizations that operate out of the Centre. Cultural Profiles: a series of booklets, each one introduces a particular country and its people, including details on family life, religion and history profiles developed in consultation with the respective community groups
Seasonal food assistance (hampers or vouchers) for low and fixed income families and individuals


CNIB Deafblind Community Services



Address: 1355 Bank St, Suite 102, Ottawa, ON, K1H 8K7

Phone: 613-542-4975


Literacy instruction to deafblind adults in their preferred method of communication students have the opportunity to reach their goals and enhance their link to the environmentServices include:  numeracy communication reading and writing daily living skills basic computer instructionLiteracy and Basic Skills (LBS) literacy, numeracy and essential skills services that help learners transition to their goals of employment, apprenticeship, secondary-school credit, post-secondary education or independence support in clarifying upgrading goals and developing a training plan to achieve them
COVID-19 (August 10, 2022): Office open on an appointment only basis. DBCS intervention services is still providing intervention support throughout the pandemic while following all local health advice.Intervenor services for adults who are Deafblind provides the person who is Deafblind with accurate information in an appropriate manner to enable them to make choices, plan future actions, communicate successfully, navigate their environment and achieve as much independence as possible Can be used to assist adults who are Deafblind with: communications to access services (such as going to the bank or shopping) or to participate in the community (such as going to the library or taking part in a community group) accessing and sharing accurate information during important meetings (such as medical appointments or meeting with a lawyer) to support informed decision making learning how to use community services, such as public transportation, more independently conducting daily activities Emergency intervener service:  program that allows CNIB’s Deafblind clients to contact an intervener if they are in an emergency situation Emergency Communication Kits containing items to assist a person who is Deafblind and allow the first responder/hospital staff to communicate until an intervener arrives


Confederation Court Community House



Address: 2483-A Walkley Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1G 3H2

Phone: 613-521-6807


COVID-19 (5 May 2022) all programs and services except the Food Bank are cancelled until further notice. This information is regularly updated on their website page. Community House offering a variety of services and activities to its tenants and residents living in Confederation Court and the surrounding area. preschool programs parent and child programs children and youth programs after-school programs youth activities educational services Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program Some programs will change seasonally so contact to verify


Continuing and Community Education



Address: Catholic Education Centre, 570 West Hunt Club Rd, Ottawa, ON, K2G 3R4

Phone: 613-228-3338


We provide learning opportunities for all ages in welcoming and supportive environments in the Ottawa area


Cultural Interpretation Services for Our Communities



Address: 44 Eccles St, Suite 100, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6S4

Phone: 1-855-442-4762


Provides interpretation and translation services to the non-English/non-French speaking community facilitates equitable access to health, social, legal, education, and other community services interpretation services to and from 60+ languages (in person/by phone) translation services to and from 45+ languages provides CILISAT testing and online training for cultural interpretation, medical knowledge and terminology Call to inquire about languages available, capacities change on a regular basis


Global Affairs Canada (external clientele)



Address: Lester B. Pearson Building; 125 Sussex Dr, Tower A, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0G2

Phone: 343-203-3002


Division that manages relevant issues for both foreign representatives and for canadian residents oversees the approval process of foreign heads of mission prior to their entry into Canada and manages a number of courtesies and special functions relating to their assignment in Canada coordinates the process of approval of foreign military and defence attachés prior to their entry into Canada, and of honorary consular officers provides and updates the list of foreign representatives accredited to Canada Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) Liaison Unit provides services to accredited missions and international organizations on subjects such as visas for foreign representatives who intend to come to Canada or accompanying family members who are eligible for accreditation, domestic workers, births in Canada, studies following the departure of foreign representatives and locally engaged staff manages programs and services relating to the privileges and immunities that are granted to various members of the diplomatic community under the rules of international law and reciprocal arrangements or agreements


Hire Immigrants Ottawa



Address: 363 Coventry Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1K 2C5

Phone: 613-228-6700


Initiative that brings together employers, immigrant agencies, and stakeholders to enhance employers’ ability to access the talents of skilled immigrants convenes and collaborates with employers and stakeholders raises public awareness Develops tools, resources, programs and events that support employer’s capacity to more effectively attract, hire and integrate skilled immigrants into their workplaces, including: Cross Cultural Competency Workshops Coaching and Networking Events Employer Tools and Resources Labor Market Information Annual Employer Summit Employer Excellence Awards


Immigrant Women Services Ottawa



Address: 219 Argyle Ave, Suite 400, Ottawa, ON, K2P 2H4

Phone: 613-729-3145


COVID-19 (26 Mar 2020): Due to COVID19, the centre is physically closed and regular programming is on hold until further notice * staff is still available via email and phone to support clients * free online computer classes available for women: permanent residents, convention refugees, caregivers * to register, contact or call 613-729-3145Crisis Intervention and Counselling Service:   crisis intervention   short-and long-term counselling   information, referral and support services   support to victims of war and trauma   support and information on various options for pregnant women Orientation and Adaptation Services:   needs assessment and information and referral to community and social services   support with finding housing, child care, registering children in school and health care   support with finding housing, child care, registering children in school and health care community support through volunteer befriending, conversation circles to practice English or French   help with connecting to language classes   workshops to reduce stress of adjusting to Canadian culture Translation and interpretation services:   professionally trained interpreters with expertise in health, community and social services: in person, by phone and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)Supportive counselling:   short-term counselling to clients who encounter difficulties in adjusting to life in Canada and assistance in overcoming these challenges Citizenship Preparation:   courses, tests and activities to help newcomers prepare for the citizenship test: in class or online. Employment Counselling and Preparation: Job search preparation and training:   developing strong job search strategies and workplace communication skills Employment counselling:   resume help, job readiness clinic, employment counselling, skills and career development and help in establishing social and professional networks Job search workshop held monthly:   free childcare   referrals   computer training Support services for women who are victims or survivors of violence and/or newcomers and their families: Support Groups:   10-week support group for women survivors of violence    transportation   child care   language interpretation Children Who Witness Violence Program (in partnership with Family Services à la famille Ottawa) offering: support and information to children who witness violence in the home   individual counselling for children  family counselling   art club for children and mother Transitional and Housing Support Program for Abused Women Other Settlement Services: Language Interpreter Training:   for culturally diverse women and men who fulfill the requirements for training   for more information on this program, call the Language Interpretation service Public education Training and Outreach:   Information sessions on Ottawa’s diverse community Anti-oppression training for service providers Public education sessions on domestic violence for newcomers Workshops for newcomer immigrant women on parenting in a new culture, legal information, social assistance etc. Works with service providers and community partners to reach isolated newcomer immigrants and refugee women





Address: 400 Cooper St, Suite 2000, Ottawa, ON, K2P 2H8

Phone: 613-699-7797


Employment and education services provider linking Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) with Canadian businesses Employment and education services for IEPs, including:   Job referrals   Career counselling   Workplace communication & industry specific English training   Work placements   Mentorship matches   Networking opportunities Staffing and support services for businesses, including:   Staffing solutions   Work placements   Cultural competency training for employers   Workplace mentorship initiatives   Bookkeeping, taxation and IT support for start-ups and SMEs


La Cité



Address: 240 Centrum Blvd, Unit 105, Ottawa, ON, K1E 3J4

Phone: 613-741-9042


Comprehensive employment and job search services assessment of skills, interests and experience job search strategies, including resume preparation information about careers and occupations, local labour market, employment and training opportunities on-the-job training, work experience, help in maintaining employment as well as information and referral to other employment and community services Better Jobs Ontario Skills training and financial support for laid off workers training program must demonstrate good job prospects financial support based on need, may include tuition, instructional costs, books, transportation and/or a basic living allowance Services for employers help in identifying human resource skills requirements, matching of workplace needs to workers’ skills, capabilities, interests and experience support for developing on-the-job training plans and monitoring of placements to support retention Canada-Ontario Job Grant financial support for individual employers to purchase training for their employees available to small, medium and large businesses planning to deliver short-term training for existing or new employees
Literacy and basic skills training, including numeracy, digital, communication and interpersonal skills * helps learners prepare for employment, apprenticeship, secondary-school credit, post-secondary education and greater independence French adult basic education program : courses in reading * writing * mathematics * computers * science
Language instruction for newcomer in Canada (LINC): Allows newcomers and immigrants to integrate into French in Canada. The enhanced language training (ELT): Allows newcomers to upgrade their core competencies to integrate the Canadian Labor Market. Occupation Specific Language Training (OSLT): Allows newcomers to upgrade their language and communication skills needed for finding and retaining work in specific fields such as Health, Construction, Hospitality and Early Childhood Education in a French environment. French for Federal Government Employees (FFFGE): French Second Language courses offered to federal employees who want to reach their levels BBB, CBC and CCC. Courses are offered three times a year. Levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate and advanced and Oral communication.



Lebanese and Arab Social Services Agency



Address: 2410 Holly Lane, Ottawa, ON, K1V 7P1

Phone: 613-236-0003


COVID-19 (20 May 2022) Suspended all one-on-one services and group info sessions until further notice *call the Hotline at 613-286-7357 from 8:30 till 4:30 pm for questions and your phone request will be directed to the appropriate counsellor Settlement and social services agency developing and improving integration tools and resources to support clients in receiving services that meet their needs facilitates the access of available services Settlement Program (formerly Immigrant Settlement and Adaptation Program): orientation programs, language and skills training to help facilitate employment programs to welcome newcomers to the community may provide needs and eligibility assessments, pre- and post-arrival information and referral, job search and employment counselling, assistance to establish social and professional networks to promote community engagement, and assistance to access a range of settlement services also offers crisis counselling


Michele Heights Community House



Address: OCH House; 2950 Penny Dr, Unit 102, Ottawa, ON, K2B 6H5

Phone: 613-829-4353


Social housing community with around 130 family units and approximately 500 people. Many are children and youth, single parents and new immigrants. Offers a wide range of services to the community Homework club Art program United Sisters March Break/summer day camps Leadership programs Youth drop-in ESL/conversation classes Collective Kitchen Community computer access Free printing/photocopying/scanning Food cupboard for after-school program Community garden Good Food Box Parenting workshops


Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre



Address: 400 Cooper St, 2nd Flr, Suite 2000, Ottawa, ON, K2P 2H8

Phone: 613-235-4875


COVID-19 (October 7 2021): Services available by appointment only. Staff still available by phone. Many services now offered online and organization offering volunteer outreach to isolated seniors to get food and medication to their homes. Call 613-235-4875 ext 181 to access emergency volunteer senior services (available in mandarin).Settlement and community services agency Orientation and Adaptation Services needs assessment and information and referral to community and social services support with finding housing, child care, registering children in school and health care orientation within the city help filling out government forms including housing and immigration sponsorship forms community support for Chinese newcomers through volunteer befriending, conversation circles to practice English workshops to reduce stress of adjusting to Canadian culture Citizenship Preparation courses, tests and activities to help newcomers prepare for the citizenship test offered on site Language Training Services enhanced language training sector specific language training and career orientation in the fields of accounting and IT individual counselling and action plan development volunteer placement mentoring networking resume and interview preparation English as a Second Language/French as a Second Language English or French for Life and Work in Canada conversation and pronunciation classes Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) provides basic language skills in English or French courses offered part-time Employment Counselling and Preparation job search preparation and training developing strong job search strategies and workplace communication skills job search workshops on site job search and preparation training courses Employment Counselling resume help job readiness clinic employment counselling skills and career development help in establishing social and professional networks Other Settlement Services Library Settlement Partnership workshops one-to-one counselling settlement referrals English Conversation Club Commissioner of Oaths commissioner of Oaths for verifying documents (only at 400 Cooper St)Other Services Counselling services workshops and support groups for: financial difficulties family conflicts mental health issues: depression, anxiety, stress, family relationships, caregiver stress, grief and loss, parenting, effective communication, workplace stress problems with the law racial discrimination family law legal problems sponsorship matters Convention Refugee support


Rwanda Social Services and Family Counselling



Address: 219 Argyle Ave, Ottawa, ON, K2P 2H4

Phone: 613-736-6165


Community-based social service organization settlement programs and services to Rwandan refugees and immigrants of neighboring countries during the difficult, complex and stressful process of acculturation Christmas basket mattresses donation PTSD program end violence for women



Stepstone House



Address: 31 Wallford Way, Ottawa, ON, K2E 6B1

Phone: 613-421-2114


Temporary housing settlement services : permanent housing, credential/education evaluation assessment language learning integration services volunteer opportunities


The Refugee Hub



Address: 554 King Edward St, Third Flr, Ottawa, ON, K1N 6N5


University hub that delivers core programming in the area of refugee law and policy refugee law education research advocacy University of Ottawa Refugee Assistance Project (UORAP): offers resources for community workers who are assisting refugee claimants, and for refugee lawyers Refugee Law Research Team (RLRT): Team of law students involved in the refugee field that provides: legal research analysis strategic support high-level domestic and international refugee advocacy initiatives


UN Refugee Agency



Address: 280 Albert St, Suite 401, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5G8

Phone: 1-877-232-0909


Office mandated to lead and coordinate international action to protect people forced to flee their homes due to violence, conflict and persecution provides shelter, food, water, medical care, and other life-saving assistance to refugees around the world Protection: observes Canadian asylum practices and policies in order to promote the highest standards of protection for refugees and asylum-seekers Resettlement: works with the Canadian government and private sponsorship groups to help coordinate resettlement opportunities in Canada Awareness: informs and educates Canadians about the situation of refugees and other displaced persons around the world Fundraising:  encourages the Canadian public and the Government of Canada to provide financial assistance to UNHCR programs worldwide UNHCR Gift Shop: targeted donations toward essential resources for refugees such as shelter, medical care, education, nutrition, and clean water



Vietnamese Canadian Centre


Address: 885 Somerset St W, Suite 1, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6R6

Phone: 613-230-8282

Newcomer settlement services counselling on social, immigration and legal matters translation of documents help with filling out forms for housing employment liaison with community service providers and government agencies



World Skills Employment Centre



Address: 219 Argyle Ave, Suite 300, Ottawa, ON, K2P 2H4

Phone: 613-233-0453


COVID-19 (22 Aug 2022): Services offered remotely by phone and email and in person by appointment only. Employment services that are designed specifically for newcomers, immigrants and refugees Information and orientation sessions, language and skills training to help facilitate access to employment.  Employment needs assessments and referrals. Pre- and post-arrival information and referrals. Job search workshops and training, resume and interview coaching, employment counselling, assistance to establish social and professional networks to access employment opportunities. Enhanced language training courses and workplace language courses for eligible clients. Targeted recruitment and coaching and networking events with employers.  Sector specific support for internationally trained professionals (ITPs). Specific programming for clients with lower language skills in English (CLB 3-5) and to clients with intermediate and advanced language skills in English (CLB 5 and above) Pre-screening and preparation of candidates for the Federal Internship for Newcomers (FIN) Program Job search workshops and some employment services in French

Mothercraft Ottawa



Address: Main Office, 475 Evered Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 5K9

Phone: 613-728-1839


COVID19 (14 May 2020): Program is providing prenatal, labor and delivery, postpartum and parenting support in a virtual capacity but not in person. Volunteer-based prenatal and parent support program one-on-one prenatal, labor, postnatal and parenting support to marginalized families and at-risk women in the community support helps build confidence in parenting increases knowledge of support services provides referrals and helps families to connect with one another



Operation Come Home



Address: 150 Gloucester St, Ottawa, ON, K2P 0A6

Phone: 1-800-668-4663


COVID-19 (22 May 2020) Services remain available by phone. At-the-door services (food bank, food-to-go, basic needs) available Mon, Wed 8:30 am-11:30 am. Reunite will still operate, as usual, youth aged 16-24 can still contact Reunite staff at 613-230-4663 if they have a runaway in need of assistance returning back to parent/guardian, Canada wide program Resource Centre. Uses a variety of programming designed to assist clients  Guides and supports youth based on their dreams, goals, and desires Programs include: Works Programs Provide things such as challenge, achievement, independence and reward Provides paid opportunities to youth and allows them to further their knowledge or experience in an area of employment or education Includes social support Matters Programs  Focused quality of life, such as socialization, dignity, friendship, and safety Reunite Assists youth with returning home to their families Serves all of Canada Finance Matters: Six week financial literacy course that provides: information on debt savings budgeting credit and credit reports saving and investing banking income and taxes, etc Job Action Project Provides employment preparation, skills training, work experience, support and monitoring for 40 youth facing multiple barriers to employment Housing Based Case Management (HBCM) Program Supported housing program for at-risk and/or homeless youth Each participant is provided with a housing worker, for up to one year, to assist them in finding and maintaining safe and affordable housing Youth in Transition (YIT) and Housing Support Work (HSW) program housing advocacy and search financial literacy basic life and tenant skills goal setting conflict resolution pertinent referrals for youth having signed or eligible to sign a Voluntary Youth Services Agreement (VYSA) with the Children’s Aid Society (CAS)Street Outreach Front-line, street level outreach and crisis intervention Offers personal supplies such as mittens, socks, water, and food



Project Fly



Address: Desmarais, 55 Laurier Ave E, Unit 2105B, Ottawa, ON, K1N 6N5

Phone: 613-562-5800


Program that strives to empower and guide youth with practical, hands-on, and experiential workshops Perfect Pitch Competition: a bilingual competition that teaches youth the viability of entrepreneurship hosted at the University of Ottawa once accepted, youth can enter the competition and attend The Legacy Conference at no cost



The Door Youth Centre



Address: 755 Somerset St W, 2nd Flr, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6R1

Phone: 613-237-3667


Multi-service, multi-cultural youth centre places focus on the total person programming designed to create opportunities for youth development and future success programs and activities attempt to meet the youth’s recreational, social, educational, emotional, intellectual needs emphasis is placed on youth involvement identification of needs in the design and implementation of programs and services Educational Programs Homework room Schoolwork incentive program Employment preparation Social Programs Healthy living Healthy eating Provision of essentials and basic resources: toothbrushes, deodorant, menstrual products Speakers and workshops Volunteer opportunities Recreational Programs Physical activity: basketball, boxing, badminton, road hockey, yoga, skateboarding etc. Arts: artistic education and self-expression, includes music program Media and Technology: movie nights, video games, 3D-printing Girls’ Night: monthly night, includes women’s’ empowerment exercises, workshops, classes, guest speakers



Youth Services Bureau




Address: 301 Moodie Dr, Suite 203, Ottawa, ON, K2H 9C4

Phone: 613-688-0440


Comprehensive employment and job search services assessment of skills, interests and experience job search strategies, including resume preparation information about careers and occupations, local labor market, employment and training opportunities on-the-job training, work experience help in maintaining employment information and referral to other employment and community services Better Jobs Ontario Skills training and financial support for laid off workers training program must demonstrate good job prospects financial support based on need, may include tuition, instructional costs, books, transportation and/or a basic living allowance Services for employers: help in identifying human resource skills requirements matching of workplace needs to workers’ skills, capabilities, interests and experience support for developing on-the-job training plans and monitoring of placements to support retention Youth Job Connection: paid pre-employment training job matching paid job placements with placement supports for participants and hiring incentives for employers mentorship education and work transitions supports Youth Job Connection Summer: summer job opportunities and part-time job placements during the year Canada-Ontario Job Grant: financial support for individual employers to purchase training for their employees available to small, medium and large businesses planning to deliver short-term training for existing or new employees






Address: 250 City Centre Ave, Suite 303, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6K7

Phone: 1-877-469-6650


COVID-19 (12 Oct 2021): Service provided virtually. Occasional in person appointments where required. Service hours may be modified. Services for young offenders:​ Community Support Team: provides individualized community-based counselling services to youth and their families. Intensive Support Supervision Program: intensive and comprehensive community based treatment program. A Different Street: community-based residential treatment program St. John Bosco Achievement Center: educational program for youth that have struggled in a regular school setting and cannot for various reasons, attend mainstream or alternative programs Youth in Transition Worker: supports youth in their successful transition out of the child welfare system into adulthood Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) Parent Group Therapy: eight session program run by trained facilitators certified in CPS On Point Program: Gang Prevention and Intervention services, community based counselling and supports to youth who are involved in or vulnerable to gangs delivered in partnership with the John Howard Society of Ottawa Next Chapter Program: community based specialized supports and services for young people who are vulnerable to or survivors of human trafficking


Afghan Canadian Jaffari Cultural Centre



Address: 59 Anteres Dr, Nepean, ON, K2E 7W6


ACJCC started as a small community aiming to provide a place where new immigrants from the Afghan community can practice their religious traditions and celebrate their cultural ceremonies. The main purpose is to help integrate new immigrants into Canadian society. Our community members help the newly arrived individuals by further promoting their independence and autonomy. We provide a multitude of services to over 100 families here in Ottawa. ACJCC is financially supported by membership fees and donations. It is run by a Board of Directors and numerous volunteers.
Youth Services : Our goal is to strengthen and empower our youth in their faith through fun social activities. Through various lectures to social programs we can bring children together in an educational yet enjoyable manner. By including these activities, we can motivate devoted youth to make a difference in their community and create a sustainable yet lasting change. ACJCC has been responsible for a variety of social events such as BBQ’s, sports tournaments, traditional ceremonies, summer camps and much more! Cultural events bring together both educational and energetic/fun programs that also further celebrate our traditional Afghan culture, while also encouraging and allowing children to form long-lasting bonds within their community and faith. ACJCC has held several cultural events such as nawroz parties, Eid picnics, and more.



Africans’ League of Canada



Address: 2141 Thurston Dr, Suite 104, Ottawa, ON, K1G 6C9

Phone: 1-877-820-1516


Community services, including: Intake for the Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP): qualifications for reduction on electricity costs Immigration services: establishment services counseling and assistance in immigration procedures application for various visas, for permanent residency, work permit, citizenship, sponsorship, etc. Commissioners for Oaths available to validate oaths affirmations affidavits Legal services: information and advice on immigrant and refugee rights guidance on judicial procedures defense of rights on various issues Medical services: in-home doctor visits nursing and medical services at home Social services: daycare services job search assistance job placement and internship support for creating and starting a business support for training and studies counselling services rehabilitation and monitoring of probation for minors radicalization prevention housing support services social activities interpretation and document translation language instruction placement assistance for volunteering in Africa and Canada financial and administrative assistance for funerary services maintenance of a directory for professionals and business men in Canada Services to seniors: home visits transportation and accompaniment physical activity meditation and relaxation sessions foot care social outings Services for individuals with a disability: social housing management budget management employment support family support Funerals financial and administrative support


Assunnah Muslims Association



Address: 1216 Hunt Club Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1V 2P1

Phone: 613-523-9977


Assunnah Muslims Association (AMA) is a non-profit, registered charity with the vision to inspire a spiritual and caring community. The mission of AMA is to create a welcoming community for all through education, awareness, community engagement and the promotion of diversity and equity. AMA was registered in 2004. It has two arms in Ottawa: Masjid Ar-Rahmah (Mosque of Mercy) and Sawmill Creek Social Services (SCSS), formerly known as AMA Community Centre
MA provides a variety of programs targeted towards spiritual, educational, emotional, recreational, social, and community development. We provide after-school programs for vulnerable youth, workshops, courses, weekly programming for children, counselling for families, senior outings, fitness activities, and much more.



Bethel Pentecostal Church



Address: 500 Viewmount Dr, Ottawa, ON, K2E 7P2

Phone: 1-855-423-8435


Pentecostal church nursery and childcare available during service various ministries for children and adolescents The Movement: volunteer opportunities and service for young adults SHE: women’s group, special events – ladies small groups Connections/Legacy Seniors: special events Communities/Small Groups: various practical and theoretical Bible study groups Sanctuary Youth & Jr High: small groups & activities for youth Bethel Kids: kids program Wednesday evenings Bethel Care Centre (see separate record for more information)



Canada Bangladesh Muslim Society




The goals of the Canada Bangladesh Muslim Society (CBMS), a non-political, nonprofit, and charitable organization, are to promote humanitarian work through greater understanding, mutual respect, tolerance, and cooperation amongst Canadians of diverse religious, cultural, social, and multi-faith groups in Canada
CBMS Orphan Scholarships will be provided to orphan children studying in Bangladesh.



Canadian Council of Muslim Women – Ottawa



Location: Toronto-based

Phone: 416-999-6059


The Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) is an organization dedicated to the empowerment, equality and equity of all Muslim women in Canada. Our mission is to affirm the identities of Canadian Muslim women and promote their lived experiences through community engagement, public policy, stakeholder engagement and amplified awareness of the social injustices that Muslim women and girls endure in Canada, while advocating for their diverse needs and equipping local CCMW chapters with the necessary resources to maximize national efforts and mobilize local communities to join the movement.


Career and Vocational Evaluation Inc




CVE Career and Vocational Evaluation Inc. has been providing unparalleled services to the disability community, employers, insurance providers, worker compensation boards, and government ministries since 1993. We specialize in providing employment, disability and claims management services necessary to either resolve disability questions or secure long-standing employment success. CVE Inc. takes pride in its community programs, clinical services and its staff.
Assessment Services, Employment Services, Treatment Services, Virtual Services,  and Vocational Rehabilitee



Carleton University Muslim Students’ Association




Welcome to Carleton University’s Muslim Students’ Association! May peace be with you. We are your resource on campus for all things pertaining to practicing your faith and having the services necessary to do so comfortably.



Centre Islamique d’Outaouais




The Outaouais Islamic Center (OIC) is a non-profit charitable organization recognized . It has a religious and charitable vocation and works for the religious welfare of Muslims in the Outaouais region. The Gatineau Mosque is a main structure of the Outaouais Islamic Center, it is the first place of worship offered to Muslims in the Outaouais region



Human Concern International




While we deliver life-saving aid to millions of people crippled by crisis, HCI is committed to sustainable development. This commitment allows us to maximize the impact of your donations by taking a holistic approach to development rooted in empowering the communities we work in.


Islam Care Centre



As the only organization in the city with a focus on dawah (offering Islamic information), we work in many areas supporting Muslims in our city.  You can come to us to learn about Islam, get pamphlets and books on Islam, offer prayers together and help assist the poor and needy of our city.



Islamic Society of Cumberland




Notes: Offers five daily prayers, Friday, Taraweeh, and Eid prayers.

Masjid Bilal which was established in 1993 to provide the Muslim community of Orleans with resources to meet religious and social needs with the objective of establishing a better relationship with the larger Canadian society. 



Islamic Society of Gloucester




The Islamic Society of Gloucester is a community center and a mosque in the Gloucester area of Ottawa, serving a large and diverse Muslim community. Today, hundreds of people each week make use of Masjid to perform the five daily prayers and the congregational Friday prayer. The mosque also hosts community events, a weekend children’s school, and various classes.



Islamic Society of Sandy Hill




Islamic Society of Sandy Hill was serving the community since 1996. ISoSH has a morning children’s Qur’an classes for memorization of the entire Qur’an, Saturdays, and Sundays. 



Jami Omar Mosque




We started in the late 1980’s to investigate the possibility of establishing a Masjid in the West End of Ottawa to serve the needs of the growing Muslim Community. The idea was to serve the residents of Bayshore, Greenbank – Baseline – Craig Henry corridor, Barrhaven, Bells Corners and Kanata.



Kanata Muslim Association



Kanata Muslim Association (KMA) is a not-for-profit, federally-registered charity serving Muslims and representing Islam in Ottawa West. Alhamdulillah, we are trusted by over 1000 satisfied donors. Click here to view our Canada Revenue Agency registered charity profile.



Muslim Association of Canada




The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) is a Canadian charitable organization and a grassroots social movement. MAC focuses on serving Canadians by educating and motivating Muslims in Canada to put their faith into action for the benefit of everyone.



Muslim Community Services




MCS is a group of diverse professionals dedicated to enhancing newcomer community engagement. Our agency was established in 1987 as a non-profit organization to serve and work with newcomers to facilitate their settlement and integration into Canada. We offer a wide range of services and learning opportunities to connect newcomers to a better future in an ever changing Canadian society.



Muslim Family Services



Address: 309 Cooper St, Suite 503, Ottawa, ON, K2P 0G5

Phone: 613-232-0210


Social service agency offering: Counseling services for families, couples, individuals Settlement services Youth crisis counseling Senior services Career and job assistance Supervised access program Formerly incarcerated persons program Social work



Muslim Family Services of Ottawa




Muslim Family Services of Ottawa (MFSO) is a non-profit community service and mental health organization serving the residents of Ottawa of all communities. Our focus areas include Muslims with mental health issues as well as vulnerable, marginalized, racialized, and low-income Muslims and residents of the downtown core. We house Ottawa’s first culturally-responsive counselling and psychotherapy centre offering a variety of services, as well as a research and education department. We work hand in hand with Islam Care Centre, Ottawa’s downtown Muslim organization and our parent organization.



Muslim Link




Muslim Link aims to inform, connect, inspire and celebrate Muslims living in Canada. We build community through storytelling.



National Council of Canadian Muslims




The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organization. Built from within the Canadian Muslim community, NCCM is a leading voice for Muslim civic engagement and the promotion of human rights.



Nisa Homes




Nisa Homes offers shelter for domestic violence survivors across Canada special for the Muslim community .



Ottawa Muslim Association




The Ottawa Muslim Association (OMA) is a grass-roots, charitable Muslim organization governed by the guidance provided in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to serve Muslims in the Greater Ottawa region.



Sadaqa Food Bank



Address: 174 Colonnade Road Unit 34, Ottawa, ON, K2E 7J5

Phone: 613-225-0909


Sadaqa Food Bank knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. We are a non-profit charitable organization recognized in Canada as a registered charity.



SHIA- Abo Ther Alghafari Mosque | Facebook



Address: 273 Donald Street, Ottawa, ON, K1K 1N1

Phone: 613-747-6252


Religious Establishment



SHIA- Ahlul Bayt Centre | Facebook



Address: 200 Baribeau St, Vanier, ON, K1L 7R6

Phone: 613-526-0774


Ahlul-Bayt Center is a Canadian Islamic non-profit organization located in the Canadian Capital, Ottawa. It was established in 1993 to look after the social and religious needs of the Islamic community in the city. Since its inauguration, the Center has successfully attracted a large number of believers who are voluntarily providing services to the community through its programs. Ahlul-Bayt Center is not bound to any political party or any Islamic Marja’ia, and attracts members belonging to various schools of thought.



SHIA- Islamic Shia Ithna-Asheri Association



Address: 3856 Old Richmond Rd, Nepean, ON, K2H 5C4


Muharam Programs
Funeral services
Regular Programs
Sunday School
Eid Prayers
Interfaith Dialogue
Ramzan programs
Local charity work
The Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Association (ISIA) of Ottawa was formed in 1994 to serve the religious needs of the growing Ottawa Muslim community. By the Grace of Allah we then were able to raise funds to purchase our very own Imambargah for this Muslim Community. With the continued blessings of Allah, we continue to offer many programs and services and have now added this website as another convenience for the Ottawa Jamaat.




Somali Mothers Association | Facebook




The Canadian Somali Mothers Association (CSMA) is an award-winning volunteer-run advocacy group founded by Somali mothers to respond to the disproportionate incarceration of young men of colou





Success and Progress through Community Services




SNMC (South Nepean Muslim Community) is a grassroots, non-partisan, non-profit community-oriented Muslim organization. Honesty, openness, and fairness are some of our guiding principles that help us to deliver our activities.



The Mosque of Aylmer




The Mosque of Aylmer Association is a charitbale religious organism. Its mandate is to serve the religious needs of the Muslim community in Aylmer and in the rest of the Gatineau region.



The Ottawa Muslim Women’s Organization




The Ottawa Muslim Women’s Organization was established on September 30, 2001, shortly after the September 11 attacks when the Muslim community was reeling with shock. About 50 dedicated ladies from diverse origins decided to form an organization with the objective of Building Bridges with people of all faith groups and the community at large as well as addressing misconceptions about Islam and the negative image and status of Muslim women



The OMWO is committed to working together to establish mutual respect, acceptance, understanding of all cultures, traditions, faiths and religions. The OMWO reaches out to fellow Muslims and with all other Muslim organizations in Ottawa and Canada with the purpose of the common good of all. OMWO membership has expanded to include people, men and women, from various faith groups.



The Rhoda Masjid & Spiritual Wellness Centre




The Rhoda Masjid is a sacred safe space where all are welcome.  It is an ideal space for those seeking a peaceful and calm place for prayer, reflection and meditation


Turkish Association of Canada




At our Turkish Assembly Centre (TA-Centre) TAC aims to gather the community around social and cultural and Islamic events; to build awareness of Turkish activities in the community. to promote knowledge and represent the Turkish Community in Canada. to organize other activities related to education, academics, and culture. to collaborate and network with other partners/organizations within Canada and abroad
TAC was established in 2014 to bring together individuals who are of Turkish or Turkic background, as well as those who are interested in the culture, language, and politics of the Republic of Turkey.


United Muslim Organizations of Ottawa-Gatineau




The efforts of the UMO-OG have always been centered in helping the community at large and supporting those who need it most



University of Ottawa Muslim Students Association




The University of Ottawa Muslim Student Association (UOMSA) is a uniting forum for Muslim students across campus. The UOMSA is a religious student club which seeks to serve Islam and Muslims across campus


Akausivik Inuit Family Health Team



Address: 24 Selkirk St, Suite 300, Ottawa, ON, K1L 0A4

Phone: 613-740-0999


Health centre focused on family and community healthCulturally appropriate, interdisciplinary primary care * focus on identified Inuit population health priorities * specialist access available * research and evaluations







Address: 275 Slater St, Suite 500, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5H9

Phone: 613-866-0775


Healthcare recruiting and staffing services offers nursing and support services to individuals in their homes, in retirement homes, in hospital, and in long-term care facilitiesServices offered: home care palliative care pre and post surgical care geriatric care companions private care respite care acquired brain injury care pediatric care Alzheimer patient care escorts for appointments via Para Transpo or TaxiProfessionals include: registered nurses registered practical nurses personal support workers homemakers companions/escorts/sitters





Amethyst Women’s Addiction Centre



Address: 488 Wilbrod St E, Ottawa, ON, K1N 6M8

Phone: 613-563-0363



COVID-19 (21 October 2021): On-site services currently suspended. Counselling services still offered remotely. Still accepting new clients . Multi-service outpatient addiction (substance use and problem gambling) treatment centre * all services and programs are confidentialDay Treatment Centre: various programs for clients concerned about their substance use or gambling habits * tailored to individual needs * can include : group counselling, workshops, relapse prevention, family dynamics, healing through art and creativitySexual Abuse Support Program: group and individual counselling support and educational programs as clients heal from the trauma of childhood abuseHealth Promotion Program: partnerships with community centres, service agencies and educational institutions * workshops that encourage women to create healthy lifestyle changes by helping them take control of their lives * workshops cover topics such as: self-esteem, anger solutions, anxiety, stress and wellness






Appletree Medical Clinic



Multiple locations

Phone: 613-482-0118


Medical clinic family medicine walk-in telemedicine third party physicals orthotics and compression stockings COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Testing allergy testing





Bank Medical Centre



Address: 1935 Bank St, Ottawa, ON, K1V 8A3

Phone: 613-521-2391


Walk-in medical clinic travel and vaccination clinic family medecine pediatric specialist internal medicine urologist pharmacy immigration lab terapia (oxygen treatment)






Bariatric Medical Institute



Address: 575 West Hunt Club Rd, Suite 100, Ottawa, ON, K2G 5W5

Phone: 613-730-0264


12-month lifestyle management program to treat childhood obesity unlimited access to physicians, registered dietitians and exercise specialists unlimited access to a clinical pediatric social worker to help parents learn how to implement household change, and to help children in a group setting to work on self-esteem, anti-bullying, body image and stereotypes, depression, anxiety, and anger management up to ten hours of individual therapy group fitness for families





Bayshore Home Care Solutions




Address: IOGEN, 310 Hunt Club Rd E, Suite 202, Ottawa, ON, K1V 1C1

Phone: 1-866-227-3180


Private home health care provider that services clients for short or long-term support in their homes in long-term care facilities in hospitals  in retirement homesServices: private nursing palliative, foot, personal, and home health care  family relief  paediatrics  infant and child care intravenous therapy  spinal cord injury Multiple Sclerosis (MS), diabetic, and health education home management light housekeeping and laundry meal preparation shopping  pre and post-op care  acquired brain injury (ABI)








Address: 265 Carling Ave, Suite 201, Ottawa, ON, K1S 2E1

Phone: 613-231-5683


COVID19 (19 May 2020): Staff are working remotely, remain available by phone and email.Charitable organization, volunteer-run, inter-denominational service which offers free and confidential pregnancy tests referrals to community agencies maternity and baby clothing to pregnant women who desire helpVolunteers are trained in non-judgmental and empathetic listening.



Canadian Physiotherapy Association



Address: 955 Green Valley Cres, Suite 270, Ottawa, ON, K2C 3V4

Phone: 1-800-387-8679


Canada’s national professional association for physiotherapists provides leadership and direction to the physiotherapy profession fosters excellence in practice, education and research promotes high standards of health in Canada





Carefor Health & Community Services



Address: 760 Belfast Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1G 6M8

Phone: 613-749-7557


Nursing services provided by registered nursesServices: enterostomal therapy wound care leg ulcers foot care palliative care intravenous (IV) therapy mental health nursing services according to a schedule change workplace occupational health rehabilitation services



Carlington Community Health Centre



Address: 900 Merivale Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 5Z8

Phone: 613-722-4000



COVID-19 (November 17, 2021): Entrance to the Centre is restricted to people with confirmed appointments and to those in need of emergency support from Intake. Upon arrival, clients are required to clean their hands and put on surgical mask and are then screened by staff.Health and social services focused on family and community healthMedical Clinic Services: comprehensive health care immunization programs family planning management of chronic and short-term health problems health information and advice by telephone from registered nurses 24-hour on-call serviceHealth Promotion: special focus on seniors, youth, newcomers physical activity prevention and management of chronic diseases stress management smoking cessation programs food security programs school success programsCounselling Services: crisis support mental health support youth, individual and family counselling housing and jobs searching stress reduction programs counselling and groups for women who have experienced abuse counselling and groups for youth who need support to express anger in healthy waysAssertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT): – see separate record for detailsReferral Services: nutrition counselling by a registered dietitian (groups and individual) home, hospital and palliative visits high school health clinics led by a nurse practitioner foot care and chiropody anonymous human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing lung health programs seasonal influenza and other immunization clinicsSocial Services home support services community development youth programs collective kitchen Contact Ottawa: voice mail box service for those who are unable to maintain a home phone line, available for a nominal fee resources for job-seekers Students Will All Graduate Program (SWAG): delivers social, recreation, mentoring, and life skills for 9th and 10th grade students identified as most at risk of failing without interventionParent/Child Programs EarlyON drop-in playgroups parent support program baby cupboard prenatal care breastfeeding support Headstart Nursery School





CBI Health Group



Address: 2269 Riverside Dr, Suite 137A, Ottawa, ON, K1H 8K2

Phone: 613-782-2244



Private health care service registered nurses, registered practical nurses health care aides, companion aides home support workers personal support workersServices: nursing services home support home making meal preparation companions/sitters personal care accompaniment to appointments or shopping infant and child care services respite care foot care house cleaning







Centretown Community Health Centre



Address: 420 Cooper St, Ottawa, ON, K2P 2N6

Phone: 613-233-4443


COVID-19 (August 2, 2022): Most primary care appointments will be done in person, with some options for telephone or video visits. Call to make an appointment. Health centre focused on family and community health general practice by appointment medical same day appointments for registered clients only obstetrics for low-risk pregnancies prenatal and postnatal support nutrition counselling harm reduction services options counselling for unplanned pregnancies referrals to specialists for registered clients only chiropody community-based diabetes education health education and support on issues like stress reduction, healthy weight, smoking cessation health education and support programs and services for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit and questioning community membersHomeless Initiative assistance to obtain a health card, ID and other practical supports anonymous human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing and counselling needle exchange program social services support, including showers nursing outreach
Confidential counselling and referral services to abortion, adoption and other services for women and families



Champlain Hospice Palliative Care Program



Address: St-Vincent Hospital, 60 Cambridge St N, Ottawa, ON, K1R 7A5

Phone: 613-683-3779


Integrates and coordinates the delivery of end of life care services website provides information on palliative care services intended to help patients, families and health care partners find the right services at the right time professional continuing education and workshops practical caregiver training: workshops for unpaid caregivers of loved ones with a life-limiting illness (periodic)





CHEO Foundation



Address: 415 Smyth Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1H 8M8

Phone: 1-800-561-5638



Helps families who may not have the financial means to cover all of the expenses relating to their child’s medical care.Expenses can include: travel lodging specialized treatment equipment that are not covered partially covered, by other sources





College Square Medical Centre


Website: N/A

Address: Loblaws; 1980 Baseline Rd, Ottawa, ON, K2C 0C6

Phone: 613-224-6606


Walk-in medical clinic





CommuniCare Therapy



Address: 2723 Lancaster Rd, Suite 202, Ottawa, ON, K1B 0B1

Phone: 1-877-738-2871



Private rehabilitation company specializing in the provision of occupational therapy, dietetics, speech language pathology, social work and physiotherapy to children and adults contracted community and school based services in the Ottawa, NLNG and Eastern Counties regions privately contracted services may be availableServicesSpeech Language Pathology services in the area of articulation/phonology, communication and language, voice and fluency intervention often includes family members and caregiversOccupational Therapy assesses clients’ needs and develops therapy programs to increase independence in daily living prescribes aids such as bathroom aids, walkers, wheelchairs and power mobility devices assesses the clients’ individual safety and accessibility needs and recommends modifications to the home, work or school ergonomic assessments sensory needs assessments and treatment programs, fine motor skills assessment and treatmentPhysiotherapy programs promoting healing and maintaining or increasing strength, endurance, coordination, balance and range of motion prescribes equipment such as bathroom aids, and mobility devices such as crutches, canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and power mobility devicesSocial Work assesses psychosocial functioning of clients and families counselling, emotional support, palliative care and motivationDietetics registered dieticians evaluate nutritional needs and establish a care plan tailored to them assessment of special needs such as supplements and special nutrition preparation available by mouth or tube feeding





Community Nursing Registry of Ottawa



Address: 1701 Woodward Dr, Suite 100, Ottawa, ON, K2C 0R4

Phone: 613-236-3639



Community based healthcare agency providing in home healthcare and support.   In-home nursing and personal support based on your needs   In-home foot care and facility based foot care services for retirement homes and long-term care homes   In-home Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine   In-home Dental hygiene   Caregiver respite   Palliative Care   Post-hospital discharge care to assist with the transition home   Medication administration   Wound care and assistance with treatment   Accompaniment to appointments   Healthcare navigation   Dementia care




Downtown Travel Medicine Clinic



Address: 75 Albert St, Suite 211, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5E7

Phone: 613-695-8989



Travel vaccinations malaria prevention no additional prescriptions and visits to pharmacy required




Family First Health Centre



Address: 4270 Innes Rd, Ottawa, ON, K4A 5E6

Phone: 613-841-7009



Family health centre primary care aesthetic medicine physiotherapy and rehabilitation services phlebotomy services ultrasound walk in service for urgent matters on Sat and Sun for registered patients of this clinic onlyFamily Health Team and the Orleans Travel Clinic: comprehensive pre-travel counseling pre-travel immunizations post-travel health care if required







GEM Health Care Services



Address: 383 Parkdale Ave, Suite 304, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 4R4

Phone: 1-877-761-4361


Private home care service that provides caregivers with specialized skills and training to serve individuals and family members looking for private care or government home care as well as organizations looking for additional staffServices: nursing care by registered nurses and registered practical nurses personal support home support client companionship/sitter  free and no obligation health care needs assessments personalized home health private and palliative care 24 hours a day, seven days a week workplace health and wellness program mask fit testing case management




Goldstein, Moncion, Greenbaum and Associates



Address: 2249 Carling Ave, Suite 314, Ottawa, ON, K2B 7E9

Phone: 613-596-2333



Psychotherapy practice ​assessments for addictions, attention-deficit disorder (ADD), emotional or personality disorders general psychological examinations treatment for various mental health issues and addictions family and marital therapy children counselling youth counselling geriatric counselling post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) counselling sexual abuse treatment vocational counselling Art & Play Therapy for children




Good Doctors Medical Clinic



Address: 1428 Walkley Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1V 6P5

Phone: 1-888-930-6571



Medical clinic walk-in only nurse available in person for exams at this location medical doctor available via computer screen patients are not rostered, new patients accepted member of the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN)





Heart of Ottawa Health Centre



Address: 270 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON, K2P 1M2

Phone: 613-230-8885


Medical clinic




Hôpital Montfort



Address: 713 Montreal Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1K 0T2

Phone: 1-866-670-4621


Academic hospital affiliated with University of Ottawa  delivers short-term primary and secondary health care in French and English  offers numerous services in its various departments and units emergency  endoscopy  family birthing Centre  geriatric-in patient  intensive care  medical imaging  medical units  mental health  palliative care  pneumology  pulmonary function laboratory  short-term rehabilitation  sleep laboratory  surgery  telemedicine  therapeutic
Emergency room care  doctors, nurses, and other health professionals assess and treat life-threatening injuries or severe illnesses





Hospice Care Ottawa



Address: West side Main Entrance; 114 Cameron Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1S 0X1

Phone: 613-260-2906


COVID-19 (26 Apr 2021): Due to COVID19, several changes to services offered. Hospice residence remains open with safety precautions, continuing to admit screened patients at low risk of COVID19. Community programs, volunteer services, day hospice program, in-home support and bereavement programs are cancelled for the time being.Companionship, respite care, and emotional support to people and their family/caregivers dealing with a life-limiting illnessHome Support Program: Comfort and practical support through visiting volunteersBenefits include: Initial visit by a community nurse for assessment and referral Volunteer visiting for companionship and practical support Respite for families up to 4 hours/week Telephone support Caregiver supportDay Hospice Program: If an individual is still able to get out of the home and can transfer with minimal assistance, the Day Hospice program can provide a day away for him/her and a break for the caregiver * offered Tue, Wed or Thu 10 am-2pmBenefits include: Weekly social interaction with peers Variety of activities may include art, cards, board games, music, reiki and/or massage Emotional support Respite for caregivers Weekly nurse assessments and communication with physicians as neededHospice Residential Care Program: when being at home is no longer possible Hospice Care Ottawa provides 24 hour residential care in a home-like and peaceful settingFamily Support Program: helps family members and friends care for someone diagnosed with a life-threatening illness * bereavement follow-up available * individual basis or in group settings for adults, youth and childrenBereavement Support: support through the grieving process by staff and trained volunteersPrograms include: Drop-In Groups Partner/Spousal Support Groups Retreats Group Walks Counselling Information and Referral




Montfort Renaissance



Address: 162 Murray St, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5M8

Phone: 1-866-330-3394


Facilitates community reintegration for people living with mental illness or concurrent disorders by offering housing supports in order to prevent homelessnessResponds to the needs of those who are homeless and those at-risk of becoming homeless, through its partnerships with other organizations in the field of housing support and through its various housing initiatives in the City of Ottawa and in the United Counties of Prescott and RussellParticipates actively in the implementation of a range of services through its community development and research initiatives



Montreal Road Medical Centre


Website: N/A

Address: 398 Montreal Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1K 0V4

Phone: 613-244-2005



Walk-in medical clinic




Motion Matters




Address: 170 Laurier Ave W, Ground Flr, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5V5

Phone: 613-237-4343


Physiotherapy clinic acupuncture dry needling physical exercises injury prevention lectrical modalities functional movement assessment and screening intramuscular stimulation manual therapy massage therapy pain management postural re-education prenatal physiotherapy sessions





Orleans Urgent Care Clinic



Address: 1220 Place d’Orléans Dr, Ottawa, ON, K1C 7K3

Phone: 613-841-5389


Walk-in medical clinic• full spectrum of medical and minor surgical care• staffed with emergency physicians and registered nurses• on-site laboratory, x-ray and ultrasound services for full diagnostic• on-site pharmacy facility• treats undisplaced fractures and lacerations• removal of foreign bodies and other procedures• persons with critical issues are stabilized and transferred to a local hospital• does not accept ambulances








Ottawa Dental Society



Address: 1815 Alta Vista Dr, Suite 201, Ottawa, ON, K1G 3Y6

Phone: 613-523-3876



Assistance in locating a dentist  handles and mediates patient complaints and referrals  maintains lists of the following: dentists taking new patients throughout the city, who may make house calls, available to treat children, who accept patients on social assistance programs
Emergency dental services provides emergency care for patients whose dentist is unavailable or for those who do not have a regular dentist a different dentist is on call each day callers will be given the phone number of the dentist on call that day and must call the office directly to book an appointment




Ottawa Hospital (The)



Address: 501 Smyth Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1H 8L6

Phone: 613-722-7000


Acute-care hospitalRegional referral centre for: The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre high-risk pregnancies hemophilia (Ottawa Regional Adult Bleeding Disorders Program) acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) (physician referral needed) patients drug information (TOH’s Drug Information Centre) Centre for the Treatment of Eating Disorders (physician referral needed) hyperbaric medicine (physician referral needed)Special concentrations include: emergency department bone marrow transplant thoracic surgery ophthalmology (University of Ottawa Eye Institute) (physician/optometrist referral needed) pain management (physician referral needed) emergency mental health services total joint replacement (physician referral needed) nephrology (physician referral needed) cystic fibrosis (physician referral needed) respiratory rehabilitation services (physician referral needed) tropical medicine and international health (physician referral needed for tropical disease and post-travel consultations) Ottawa Blood Disease Centre





Ottawa Inner City Health



Address: 5 Myrand Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5N7

Phone: 613-562-4500

Provides health care to people who are chronically homeless with complex needs corporations who serve the homeless in Ottawa list of programs and services is available online.


Ottawa Public Health



Address: Patro d’Ottawa; 40 Cobourg St, Ottawa, ON, K1N 8Z6

Phone: 1-866-426-8885


Regular and emergency dental care limited emergency dental care and denture benefits may be available to adults and seniors with low income
Access to harm reduction supplies for safer drug use such as needles and sterile water, and access to supervised consumption services (SCS)  wide range of health services anonymous HIV testing including Point-of-Care testing for Hepatitis B and C screening for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) pregnancy tests Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP) Hepatitis A, B and influenza vaccinations naloxone dispensing and training (Peer Overdose Prevention Program (POPP)) First Aid counselling referrals to health and social service agencies including drug treatment agenciesSite Van travels to various locations within the City of Ottawa collect calls accepted staffed by Public Health Nurses and Outreach Workers





Planned Parenthood Ottawa



Address: 222 Somerset St W, Suite 404, Ottawa, ON, K2P 2G3

Phone: 613-226-3234


COVID-19 (July 19, 2021) : Office is closed for in-person counseling sessions. Information, counseling and referrals offered via telephone 613-226-3234 ext 100, email ( and available technologies.Provides a range of services and information for people to make healthy decisions about their health, bodies and relationshipsServices and programs options counselling sexual and reproductive health resources for parents and caregiver resources for educators Insight Theatre Reproductive Coercion Project The Healthy Relationships Project Research and Special ProjectsResources Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Birth Control Emergency Contraception Abortion Healthy Sexual Communication Appropriate age for sex commonly asked questions external resourcesProfessional Development training for volunteers, professionals and the public values clarification consent education contraception sexual anatomy pregnancy options sexual violence sexual rights sexuality throughout the life cycle sexually transmitted infections sexual and gender orientation, and moreCommunity Education presentations workshops information sessions to groups in schools, drop-in centers and community programs provides information tables and kiosks for a variety of groupsVolunteering opportunitiesCommunity Partnership


Queensway Carleton Hospital



Address: 3045 Baseline Rd, Ottawa, ON, K2H 8P4

Phone: 1-888-277-0747


264-bed acute care facilityCare through inpatient and outreach programs, clinics and partnerships with other hospitals and community organizationsCornerstone Programs: 24-hour emergency services for children and adults medical and surgical services mental health services geriatric services rehabilitation services family-centred childbirth centreThe Irving Greenberg Family Cancer Centre: Satellite cancer clinic of The Ottawa Hospital Regional Cancer ProgramDialysis Unit part of the Regional Nephrology Program through The Ottawa Hospital
Emergency room care doctors, nurses, and other health professionals assess and treat life-threatening injuries or severe illness





QuickStart Early Intervention for Autism



Address: No physical address, Ottawa, ON

Phone: 613-791-3757


Charitable funding of the one-on-one parent-coaching program with the parent(s) and the child delivered in colaboration with Emerging Minds.Once qualified for the QuickStart program, a family receive individualized weekly sessions with: an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, and an educator therapist.  Most appointments will be with one therapist only.





Responsible Choice



Address: 87 Bentley Ave, Ottawa, ON, K2E 6T7

Phone: 613-248-0444


Chauffeur services drives clients home in the client’s vehicle not a taxi service driving services after any medical appointment or types of surgery or procedures that require anesthetics, or after special events like weddings or celebrations creative driving services, including errands








Rideau Friel Medical Center



Address: 421 Rideau St, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5Y9

Phone: 613-789-7707


Walk-in medical clinic driver medical examination tuberculosis testing wart and skin tag removal pre-employment and third party examinations travel and routine vaccinations pap test and STI screening ear wax removal





Riverview Medical Centre


Website: N/A

Address: 2817 Riverside Dr, Ottawa, ON, K1V 8N4

Phone: 613-789-1000


COVID-19 (April 22, 2020): Family physicians available by appointment only telephone and video consults availableFamily physicians available by appointment and walk-in specialists by appointment only




Roger Neilson House



Address: 399 Smyth Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1H 8L2

Phone: 613-523-6300


COVID-19 (October 3, 2022): Some services are now offered virtually as well as in person, contact organization for more details.Palliative care services offered in order to enhance the comfort and quality of life for children/youth and their families end of life care respite transition from hospital to home pain and symptom management bereavement services perinatal hospice visiting hospice program




Sandy Hill Community Health Centre



Address: 221 Nelson St, Ottawa, ON, K1N 1C7

Phone: 613-789-1500


Health centre focused on family and community health  information and referral community development and engagement seniors’ programs Health Card Assistance Program and assistance to obtain Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) cards English as a Second Language for Newcomers Community Food Action: collective kitchens, community garden Contact Ottawa – Community Voicemail: voice mail box service for those who need to maintain affordable voice mail access
Harm reduction based medical and social services to people who use drugs specializes in integrated care, HIV and hepatitis C care, opioid treatment, mental health care, opioid use, crack cocaine and crystal meth use, and injection drug useServices include: drop-in walk-in medical services HIV treatment Hepatitis C testing and treatment support safer injecting/smoking material and support supervised consumption opiate case management women’s clinic substance use and mental health counselling intensive case management free condoms and dental dams naloxone distribution





SE Health



Address: 1505 Laperierre St W, Unit 400, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 7T1

Phone: 1-866-701-8500


Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses provide a broad range of services to people of all ages and diagnoses in the comfort and convenience of their own home, workplace or other community setting.Specialty Services: continence management diabetes management home chemotherapy home infusion palliative care wound and ostomy care personal support services





Seekers Centre



Address: 942 Merivale Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 5Z9

Phone: 613-727-7246



Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapies offers effective treatment for a wide range of medical problems using an integrative approach treats chronic pain and both the associated post-concussion syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder  using treatments like neurofeedback, acupuncture, IV detox program







Seniors on Site



Address: 1300 Carling Ave, Unit 304, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 7L2

Phone: 613-422-7676



Personalized home and health care services. Care is provided by experienced and mature individuals 50 years and older personal support meal planning and preparation companion care dementia care hospital discharge palliative care assistance recovering from an accident light housekeeping errands transportation grocery shopping gardening yard work home maintenance and repairs






Somerset West Community Health Centre



Address: 755 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6R1

Phone: 613-232-6695



COVID-19 (October 1rst, 2021): Yet Keen Seniors’ Day Centre will pause its regular in-person programming until further notice * to continue to serve the Yet Keen community, the staff team will be reaching out to members by phone to identify individual needs and provide information, support and referral remotely * are encourage members to call the Centre at (613) 232-6695 during office hours for any questions or concernsCommunity and recreation day centreOutreach to members who are isolated and/or are living with physical disabilities annual outdoor activities and celebrations workshops on mental/physical health and social servicesActivities: Senior exercise:  tai chi qi gong luk tung kuen heung kung table tennis badminton pool table line dancing ballroom dancing lunch programsInterest Groups: chinese painting and calligraphy majong sing along chinese chess cards board games classic movies Chinese literature recitationStudy Groups: Mandarin English computer nutrition




Sonshine Associated Companies



Address: 3735 St Joseph Blvd, Unit 1, Ottawa, ON, K4A 0Z7

Phone: 613-834-8187


Accessible community centre six private classrooms including an accessible computer lab and life skills room two large activity spaces with a removable wall to make one large room learning kitchen two barrier-free washrooms with ceiling track lifts and adjustable height change tables two Snoezelen rooms




South Nepean Community Health Centre




Address: 4100 Strandherd Dr, Unit 201, Ottawa, ON, K2J 0V2

Phone: 613-288-2820



COVID-19 (24 Mar 2020): Due to COVID19, SNCHC is closed until further notice, with the exception of the medical clinic. Only clients already registered are being seen at the clinic. Previously scheduled non-essential appointments will be postponed or changed to a telephone appointment. Only essential appointments will be held in clinic and future appointments will be triaged by a nurse before booking. Clients must call before showing up in person. For non-medical concerns, call Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Resource Centre at 613-596-5626.Satellite site of the Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre. Partners with the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Resource Centre to provide a variety of services to promote health and wellbeing.   primary care   pre and post natal care   health promotion programs   community development   onsite dental screening clinic in partnership with Ottawa Public Health   sexual health clinic   well baby drop-in   community diabetes team   lung health   arthritis society




Southbank Medical Centre



Address: 2430 Bank St, Ottawa, ON, K1V 0T7

Phone: 613-736-6946



COVID-19 (29 May 2020) Operating at reduced hours and with one patient access at a time to the clinic. Call 613-736-6946 to book a walk-in appointment or to request a virtual appointments or visit the website to book online. No new patient request accepted for the duration of the pandemic.This information is regularly updated on their website.Medical walk-in clinic and family practice current wait time and appointment booking available onlineImmediate care for: sprains strains skin rashes minor cuts/abrasions flu colds/coughs infections pregnancy tests urinary problems, ear, nose, throat respiratory infections



Springfield Residence


Website: N/A

Address: 30 Springfield Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1M 1C9

Phone: 613-749-4734

Private residential care facility for adults with developmental or psychiatric disabilities services include: meals housekeeping personal care leisure health services include: medication supervision 24-hour staff on site respite and vacation care when possible





St Luke’s Table



Address: St Luke’s Anglican Church, 760 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6P9

Phone: 613-238-4193


COVID-19 (11 Apr 2022): This information is regularly updated on their Facebook page.Provides short term and long term emotional, social and psychological benefitsServices practical support personal support volunteer opportunities computer access community fridge




The Glebe Centre



Address: Abbotsford House, 950 Bank St, Ottawa, ON, K1S 5G6; 77 Monk St, Ottawa, ON, K1S 5A7

Phone: 613-230-5730


Referrals local services such as: homemaking respite care snow removal yard work window washing house cleaning grocery shopping minor repairs
Matching service for seniors and people with disabilities looking to hire a contractor to clear snow from private driveways and walkways eligible low-income seniors and people with disabilities may also apply to receive financial assistance to pay for a portion of their snow removal costs through this program.
254-bed capacity long-term care home private, semi-private and basic accommodation available rooms maximum of two residents in any shared accommodation medical care nursing therapeutic services meals dietary care pastoral services social work outreach services to seniors who live in the community through Abbotsford House Adult Day Program for seniors living in the community (based on the Local Health Integration Network’s defined catchment areas)




Vanier Medical Centre


Website: N/A

Address: 292 Montreal Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1L 6B7

Phone: 613-744-4055

Medical clinic with or without appointments general and travel medicine available
Medical travel clinic designated clinic for yellow fever vaccine





Villagia in The Glebe



Address: 480 Metcalfe St, Ottawa, ON, K1S 3N6

Phone: 613-565-5212


Private retirement residence small pets welcome special event celebrations indoor pool Heartsmart cuisine optional personal support services underground parking memory care floor assisted living two person assistance full appliances in Condo building respite care




Vista Centre Brain Injury Services



Address: The Bronson Centre, 211 Bronson Ave, Suite 214, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6H5

Phone: 613-234-4747


Community support to individuals who have an acquired brain injury day program outreach support residential program support groups


Andrew Fleck Children’s Services



Address: 700 Industrial Ave, Suite 600, Ottawa, ON, K1G 0Y9 (Main Office – multiple locations)

Phone: 613-736-5355


Offers a child-focused curriculum staff and children work together to expand and develop a wide range of skills and competence curriculum builds upon the interests of the children topics are driven by the ideas and questions from the children themselves



Antonine Sisters Canada



Address: 998 Frances St, Ottawa, ON, K1K 3L5

Phone: 613-744-0010


Full-time day care centre under the Ontario Ministry of Education hot meals and snacks in accordance with Canada’s Food Guide educational enrichment component for preschool program



Children At Risk:



Address: 235 Donald St, Unit 209, Ottawa, ON, K1K 1N1

Phone: 613-741-8255


Day camp over March break for children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum disorder.



Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa:



Address: 1602 Telesat Court, Ottawa, ON, K1B 1B1

Phone: 613-747-7800


Organization responsible for foster care and adoption services.Accepts applications from prospective individuals interested in fostering or adopting conducts home studies provides training provides service support foster service information sessions adoption information sessions
Supports families caring for children   investigates allegations of child abuse or neglect   protects children and, when necessary, ensures alternate care for children who may be neglected or abused and/or have special needs   advocates on behalf of children and their families



Children’s Village of Ottawa-Carleton:



Address: 333 Churchill Ave N, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 5B8

Phone: 613-725-2040


Child care programs and servicesLicensed Home Child Care: Operates in West-end Ottawa for children 6 weeks to 12 years from all income levels * this is the core serviceChildren’s Village at Stoneway: licensed Kindergarten and School Age Child Care program operating within Adrienne Clarkson Elementary SchoolChildren’s Village at Navan: licensed Preschool, Kindergarten and School Age Child Care program operating within Heritage Public SchoolChildren’s Village at Bridlewood: licensed Kindergarten and School Age Child Care program operating within Bridlewood Community Elementary SchoolChildren’s Village at Klondike: licensed Kindergarten and School Age program operating within South March Public SchoolChildren’s Village – Lady Macdonald Childcare Centre: licensed Toddler and Preschool program operating within Roch Carrier Elementary SchoolChildren’s Village – Findlay Creek Childcare Centre: licensed Toddler and Preschool program operation within Vimy Ridge Public SchoolChildren’s Village – Knoxdale: licensed Toddler/Preschool program operating within Knoxdale Public School (Coming Spring of 2022)Summer Camp Programs Transitions: innovative child driven summer program for 5-12 year old children operating throughout OttawaResource Centre: Morning Drop-In/Play groups for children, parents and providers



Christie Lake Kids



Address: 400 Coventry Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1K 2C7

Phone: 613-742-6922


Recreation and skill-building programs development of physical, artistic, and social skills, leadership and personal qualities such as: Skills Through Active Recreation (STAR), an after school program available in the Russell Rd and Caldwell Communities weekend programming including skating, hockey Leaders in Training (LIT) summer camp (three sessions of 12 days) weekend camps active volunteer recruitment




Cooperative Para-scolaire Vanier Co-operative School-age Program Inc



Address: Assumption Catholic Elementary School, 260 Levis Ave NE, Ottawa, ON, K1L 6H8

Phone: 613-741-5563


Co-operative childcare centre licensed, non-profit offers toddler and preschool programs 8-10 Week Summer program (4-7 yrs)




Dovercourt Recreation Association



Address: 411 Dovercourt Ave, Ottawa, ON, K2A 0S9

Phone: 613-798-8950


Community and recreation centre fitness classes personal training pool and swimming lessons general interest, arts and culture, and sports programs after school programs summer and March Break camps birthday parties and room rentals
Information about and referral to agencies in the community providing housing supportsHousing supports may include: group homes and group living supports supported independent living host family home/associate living support




East Ottawa Community Family Health Team



Address: 225 Donald St, Suite 120, Ottawa, ON, K1K 1N1

Phone: 613-745-2228


Medical care team focused on family and community healthBasic care medical services:   check-ups   mental health services   vaccinations   prenatal and postnatal carePrevention, screening, support and treatment:   addictions (cigarettes, alcohol, and other substances)   stress management   prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)   pregnancy   obesityManagement and monitoring of chronic conditions:   diabetes   hypertension   arthritis   respiratory diseases




Easter Seals Ontario



Address: 1101 Prince of Wales Dr, Suite 350, Ottawa, ON, K2C 3W7

Phone: 613-267-1244


Camp located between Perth and Smiths Falls one or two week camp sessions for children with physical disabilities one week family camp for children with physical disabilities and their families



Foster Farm Family House


Website: Not available

Address: 1085 Ramsey Cres, Unit 332 and 334, Ottawa, ON, K2B 7Z9

Phone: 613-596-4866


COVID-19 (September 3, 2021): Due to COVID19, the Foster Farm Food Bank is running on an appointment-only basis until further notice. Call 613-596-4866 to make an appointment. All other programs are on hold until further notice.Community house offering a variety of services and activities afterschool programs (October – December 2021, Tuesdays 4:30 pm-8:30 pm) computer access (only for after school programming) baby closet items available (by appointment only) referrals for other resources food bank (by appointment only) virtual programs seasonal social and recreational activities Call for more details



Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group



Address: Glebe Community Centre, 175 Third Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1S 2K2

Phone: 613-233-8713


Volunteer-driven community group offers recreational, cultural and sports activities before and after school care pedagogical (PA) day care breaks and summer camps events facilities available to rent



Glebe Parents’ Day Care



Address: 10 Fifth Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1S 5N5

Phone: 613-233-9268


Charitable organization that functions as a parent-staff cooperativeGlebe Parents Day Care: 10 Fifth Ave, Ottawa programs for children from 6 weeks to kindergarten ageFirst Avenue Campus Programs: First Avenue School, 73 First Ave programs for preschool, kindergarten, and school-age children, ages 2.5-12Hopewell Campus: Hopewell School, 17 Hopewell Ave programs for preschool, kindergarten, and school-age children, ages 2.5-12Mutchmor Campus: Mutchmor School, 185 Fifth Ave programs for Kindergarten and school-age children ages 4-10PHCC: home care for children of various ages



Jaku Konbit



Address: The Bronson Centre, 211 Bronson Ave, Room 215, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6H5

Phone: 613-567-0600


Supports and aims to improve the lives of individuals and families of African and Caribbean descentPrograms include: Greatness is Within Me Summer Camp Kuumba March Break Camp Black Star Tutoring Mentorship Enhanced Youth Outreach Worker Program Call Me! Let’s Chat Black Seniors Virtual Network Domestic Pioneers African History Classes GreenStar Community Garden
Opportunities for Black seniors to participate in community events and programs aims to engage seniors by connecting them to events, programs and activities through social media and technology connects youth and seniors to work together seniors learn from youth how to use their smart phones, WhatsApp, skyping, paying bills online, and how to stay connected and informed via social mediaSeniors drop-in programs include: health promotion presentations social tea and seniors peer to peer support light seated exercise games arts computer lessons social events trips nature hikes
Seven weeks of academic, athletic and cultural programming afrocentric programming, arts and cultural activities different events taking place during the period of the summer camp can be viewed here



Learning Disabilities Association of Ottawa-Carleton



Address: 160 Percy St, Rm 2, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6E5

Phone: 613-567-5864


Promotes increased awareness and respect for persons with learning disabilities (LDs) among the community at large, professional groups and relevant educational, social, recreational, medical, legal and vocational organizationsProvides support, guidance, resource materials and opportunities for sharing of information and concernsActively advocates for greater research in the field of learning disabilities and for the legislative initiatives that will benefit the learning disabledVariety of services aimed at supporting community members of all ages: lending library resource centre and travelling education kiosk advocacy coaching presentations at schools, businesses, community centres, government departments, other community organizations social skills camp resource lists (local tutors, schools, psycho-educational assessors etc.) referral services connecting with community resources coordinating school board SEAC (Special Education Advisory Committee) representatives local representation at public consultationsSunshine Day Camp Social Skills program :Camp for children age 7 to 12 years of age, who have a Learning Disability and/or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Focusing on developing social skills in a safe, fun environment. Three 2 week sessions during the summer months.



Midwifery Group of Ottawa



Address: Fitzsimmons Building, 265 Carling Ave, Suite 700, Ottawa, ON, K1S 2E1

Phone: 613-729-9957


Practice of midwives provide primary care to residents of the province of Ontario throughout their low risk pregnancy, labour and delivery, and for six weeks following birth



Miriam Centre



Address: 1803 St Joseph Blvd, Suite 107, Ottawa, ON, K1C 1G5

Phone: 613-830-8623


Support and practical assistance to anyone who find the circumstances surrounding their pregnancy difficult.Services include: emotional and spiritual support follow-up care guidance after the birth of the child support for those suffering from the loss of a child through miscarriage, abortion or infant death free pregnancy tests maternity clothes clothes for babies and children up to size 4 assistance for mothers who are having difficulties adjusting after birth emergency assistance with diapers, baby formula and baby foodAssistance is available for as long as necessary



Ottawa Gymnastics Centre



Address: Formerly the Lyons Arena; 294 Elmgrove Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 6V1

Phone: 613-722-8698


Fully-equipped gymnastics centre that offers: kindergym programs (6 months-5 years) recreational programs (5 years and older) competitive programs trampoline adult programs and drop in kindergym half-day summer camps recreational full-day summer camps march break camps holiday camps pedagogical day camps birthday parties



Ottawa Little Theatre Inc



Address: 400 King Edward Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1N 7M7

Phone: 1-877-892-0220


Community theatre 370-seat auditorium theatre workshops and drama camps



Ottawa Young Parents (Brighter Futures) (buns in the oven)



Address: St. Mary’s Home Young Parent Outreach Centre, 780 de l’Église St, Ottawa, ON, K1K 3K7

Phone: 613-749-4584


Programs and services for pregnant teens and young parent families with children counselling outreach parenting programs various other support servicesBuns in the Oven prenatal nutrition health clinics
Programs and Projects of the Network include: Brighter Futures for Children of Young Single Parents Buns in the Oven (Prenatal Nutrition program offered at 7 sites in the region) Transition to Parenting Baby and Me Building Blocks Young Fathers Program Toddler Learning Club Food Bank Make the Connection Reach AheadThe four organizations involved are: St. Mary’s Home 613-749-2491 Youville Centre 613-231-5150 Salvation Army Bethany Hope Centre 613-725-1733 Emily Murphy Non-Profit Housing 613-834-9489




Parent Resource Centre



Address: 300 Goulburn Cres SW, Ottawa, ON, K1N 1C9

Phone: 1-888-565-2466


COVID-19 (7 october, 2021): Due to COVID19, scheduling varies, check the website for up to date hours and programming. Offices are closed but personnel is still available by phone and email for their existing clients. Parent Support Line (613-565-2467) remains open for parenting support and questions.Family support resource programs and comprehensive training for professionalsDrop-Ins: For parents, caregivers and children up to six years of age circle time, age-appropriate toys, books and equipment, resources for adults, informal consultations with a Child and Family Worker, DVD and toy libraries no costMassage, Music and Movement program: Bond with your baby through massage and music learn how to massage your baby from a Certified Massage Instructor while learning rhymes and songs to bond with your babyBaby Sign Language: sign language course for communicating with children.Family Resilience Program – In-Home Parent Education: offers short-term, in-home parenting resources, education, support and other key services to families with children from pre-natal to 18 years of age who face barriers and are unable to participate in conventional parenting education courses or service specifically for families involved with the Children’s Aid Society or at risk of becoming involvedParent Support Line and Community Resource Line: For parents needing to speak to someone about concerns they have for their child and where to access resourcesResource Phoneline: For professionals needing information regarding community programs and servicesParenting courses: On site and in collaboration with partnering agenciesIncredible Directory: On-line tool that connects parents, caregivers and professionals with resources across OttawaResource Lending Library: Contains books, toys and DVDs covering various parenting and child care topics can be borrowed for up to one month at a time no costBaby Group: Drop-in for parents with infants under 18 months  meet other parents and get support and resources from a Child and Family Worker  special guest speakers present as appropriate  call for more infoMaking Parenting Connections: Mandated parenting course for parents involved with the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa  a 10 week courseMore2Love – Multiples Group: Drop-in for parents of twins, triplets or more meet other parents and get support and resources from a Child and Family Worker special guest speakers present as appropriateCircle of Parenting Course: support and education group workshop series to strengthen attachment and parent-child relationships to support better outcomes for families




Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services



Address: 312 Parkdale Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 4X5

Phone: 613-724-4881


Client-centre professional day and evening programs assessments provides basis for all treatment plan training for human service professionals, employers, and field placements and internshipsProgramsAdult Addictions Program: out-patient treatment program for men and women with alcohol/drug dependence evening and day treatment group combinationsFamily Members Programs: counselling, education, crisis support to anyone whose life has been affected by distress related to addiction/substance abuse in the family evening groups, individual counsellingThe Family Spiral: for spouses, partners, parents and adult children of adults with addiction problems or anyone else who wants to learn more about chemical dependency and its effects offered two eveningsGambling Treatment Programs: for anyone whose gambling has become problematic evening groups and individual counsellingGambling Family Member Program: counselling and support to family members where gambling problems exist evening groups and individual counsellingOntario Works (OW) Addiction Program: access is available only through an OW Case Worker out-patient addiction treatment program open to any participant in the Ontario Works Addiction Initiative evening groups and individual counsellingDrug Treatment Court:  access to this service is available only through the Court defence lawyers apply to Crown Prosecutor specifically designed to deal with non-violent, repeat offenders who are addicted to drugs day treatment groups and individual counsellingYoung Adult/Youth Substance Abuse Program: for youth ages 18-24 with alcohol/drug-related problems age-appropriate, to meet developmental needs of clients evening groups and individual counsellingSchool Based Program: serves students in every high school who have any problems related to alcohol and/or drug use services are also provided to students’ parents/families provided in 45 Ottawa Catholic School Board and Ottawa-Carleton District School Board high schools (Maison Fraternitee serves French Language schools)Parents Programs: counselling education, support to parents who are concerned about their child’s/youth’s/young adult’s use of alcohol and/or drugs  evening groups and individual counsellingPregnant/Parenting Young Women’s Addiction Mental Health Treatment: provided at St. Mary’s Home and Outreach Centre for young women, aged 24 or younger, who are pregnant or parenting children under 6 years of age and who are also experiencing difficulty related to alcohol and/or drugs



SMH (St Mary’s Home)



Address: 780 de l’Église St, Ottawa, ON, K1K 3K7

Phone: 613-749-2491


COVID-19 (7 Oct 2021) Center is open by appointment with some virtual programming. Contact by calling, email, texting 613-298-0311, or visit the website.Support programs for pregnant and parenting youth adapted to individual needs programs for children parenting prenatal classes personal growth life skills parenting program for young fathers attachment therapy limited child care during programs High School Achievement Centre support and counselling free lunch is provided food bank obstetrical clinic contraceptive clinic children’s play groups baby wellness clinics breastfeeding supports cooking classes



Youville Centre



Address: 150 Mann Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1N 8P4

Phone: 613-231-5150


COVID-19 (5 Sep 2022): In-person high school and child care for clients. Visitors to the building are welcome, but please call ahead for an appointment. For In-Kind donations such as diapers/wipes/formula – please email to verify current needs and to book a drop off appointment. Online financial donations are always welcome.Programs and services for young mothers and their children high school education onsite through M.F. McHugh Education Centre and St. Nicholas Adult High School licensed child development program focusing on infant mental health crisis intervention mental health therapy and treatment substance use counselling help with problem-solving attachment-based parenting programs and parent-child therapy support in setting goals and navigate access referrals to external resources and specialized services (e.g. housing, Ontario Works, health and law) breakfast and lunch programs food bank swap shop YouStore (in-kind donations of necessities)


Ability First Ottawa



Address: Collab Space, 70 Bongard Ave, Unit B, Ottawa, ON, K2E 7Z9

Phone: 613-291-5422


COVID19 (30 Aug 2021): Program is currently running, email or get in touch via Facebook group for service details.Zero waste mini gardens for individuals without access to a food bank Volunteer opportunities available



AMA Centre Ottawa South



Address: 1216 Hunt Club Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1V 2P1

Phone: 1-866-466-7783


Serves all communities in Ottawa South from new immigrants and Canadians to refugees, people of diverse cultural backgrounds and all faithServices include, but are not limited to: offering individual short-term counselling to individuals and families in crisis helping parents learn to raise a more confident children and youth organizing opportunities for seniors to interact socially providing information, resources and referrals to refugees and new Canadians providing services to assist seniors to live more independently working with residents to take back their neighbourhoods providing youth safe space and programming during after school hours offering teens a place to learn new skills and connect with their peers providing community development and health promotion services that focus on addressing and raising awareness of the social determinants of health such as income, poverty, education, transportation, environment, isolation and social exclusion Summer Acheivement program for youth



Anglican Social Services



Address: 454 King Edward Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1N 7M8

Phone: 613-235-4351


COVID-19: The centre is open for showers. Call to book a time.This information is regularly updated on their website.Drop-in counselling centre for any adult (alone or with children) who finds it difficult to access services elsewhere due to illness, disability or homelessness.Practical assistance: shower and laundry facilities telephones small clothing items (underwear, socks, and seasonal accessories) hygiene items condoms needle exchangeSocial Recreation Program: creative expressions program including literacy and writer’s group, music appreciation, and visual arts board games card games bingo arts and crafts special events karaoke chaplaincyCounselling: short-term supportive counselling advocacy crisis intervention housing employment support and resume writing addiction Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) / Human immunodeficiency virus infection (HIV) and Hepatitis A, B, C groups (addiction, life skills)In-Reach visits by: Housing Help Royal Ottawa Hospital Outreach Teams (psychiatric and addiction) University of Ottawa Community Legal Clinic Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)Application Support Program: Assists individuals with significant disabilities and barriers to navigate the complex application process




Banff Avenue Community House



Address: Banff Avenue Community House, 2084 Banff Ave, Unit A and B, Ottawa, ON, K1V 7X9

Phone: 613-739-5702



COVID-19 (30 Aug 2021): Offering small group/social distancing in-person programming. During any province-wide Stay-at-home-order, in-person programming will be put on hold.This information is regularly updated on their website page.Provides recreation, education community development and social services programs for children, youth and familiesEssential services only: food bank (see separate record) fruits and veggie service (see separate record) breakfast kits and learn at home kits deliveries virtual connections wellness checksCore programming and services: early learning preschool programs $1000 bursaries homework club computer/Internet access children clothing cupboard youth programming and council food programs (Fruit and Vegetable Service and Emergency Food Cupboard) adult drop ins community development initiatives




Blair Court Community House



Address: 1566 Station Blvd, Ottawa, ON, K1G 0M1

Phone: 613-736-5058


Community and recreational programs and supports community food bank homework club child and youth programs (year round) adult learning programs informal counseling and referrals. COVID-19 (30 Jul 2021) Until further notice the Food Bank will offer service biweekly by appointment only. Must call 613-736-5058 or email by the end of the day Monday that week to make an appointment. Some choice may be offered, however mostly boxes are prearranged based on family size. Appointments for pick-up will be at 10 minutes intervals at the Community House door. No entry will be permitted. This information is regularly updated on their Facebook page.Community house food bank food hampers once or twice a month, as needed occasionally grocery gift certificates, used clothing (for special circumstances) referrals to Snowsuit Fund, Toy Mountain delivery available for handicapped clients




Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa



Address: 1463 Prince of Wales Dr, Ottawa, ON, K2C 1N7

Phone: 613-727-5398



Provides a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for lifeSport and Recreation Programs: Senators Sports and Leadership League sports (drop-in and in-house leagues) including basketball, ball hockey, flag football, indoor volleyball, beach volleyball, soccer, canoeing, cycling, running & walking programs, and baseball healthy living programs including Cool MovesSocial Programs:  pool foosball ping pong board games movie nights large group activities holiday parties  girls only programsCreative and performing arts: arts and crafts art outreach cooking club drama club Educational Support/programs: homework club Rogers Raising the Grade computer clubs and Internet access  resume workshopsRogers Raising the Grade: Mentorship program for high school aged students which works on everything from homework, to resume building, scholarship applications and more $1000 scholarship provided to members who successfully complete the programLeadership Programs: Leaders 4 Life Torch ClubOutdoor education: Camp Smitty (Boys and Girls Club residential camp near Eganville, ON)



Britannia Woods Community House



Address: 115 Ritchie St, Unit 9, Ottawa, ON, K2B 6E8

Phone: 613-820-0853



COVID-19 (20 Dec 2021): Britannia Woods Food Pantry now operating by appointment only. Britannia Woods Food Pantry is now operating by appointment only. Clients can call 613-820-0853 or book online at Delivery for clients not able to come to food pantry is available. Mental Wellbeing Program Workers can be reached at or by phone.  All programs have been modified to operate within public health guidelines and subject to change depending on public health guidelines and measures to limit the impact of COVID-19 in our community.Community and recreational programs that are geared to the needs of residents of the Britannia Woods and surrounding area.Programs: after-school educational programs recreational programming for children and youth Mental Wellbeing Programs (SNAP, Student Family Advocacy) Short Term Counselling (Black Racialized Individual Support Channel) 613-596-3299 youth leadership training youth basketball homework club summer camps lunch club program Millennium Learning Centre Emergency Food Pantry COVID19 Emergency food delivery




Caldwell Family Centre



Address: 1100 Medford St, Units 20-22, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 8L5

Phone: 613-728-1800


COVID-19 (12 Nov 2021) Pandemic protocols still followed:  Masks must be worn inside the buildings; controls on the number of people in side; takeout meals only until further notice. Christmas program is running for 2021 and taking new clients.Family Centre and food bank food assistance to low-income families and individualsCore programming includes adult drop-in  week day breakfast and lunch computer with Internet access employment readiness programs community kitchen after-school programs for youth 6-14 years old clothing depot and clothing assistance




Canada World Youth



Address: 116 Lisgar St, Suite 204, Ottawa, ON, K2P 0C2

Phone: 1-800-605-3526


Range of international educational exchange programs focus on volunteer work and community development works with schools and youth groups to organize short term education and training projects and internships for youth in other countries emphasizes leadership skills and exploration of social justice issues on community and international levels Canada, Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe




Counselling and Family Service Ottawa



Address: 310 Olmstead St, Ottawa, ON, K1L 7K3

Phone: 613-233-8478


Counselling and Family Service Ottawa (CFS Ottawa) is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to helping people through some of life’s biggest challenges. Our experience in the community and collaboration with other organizations has allowed us to effectively serve individuals and families for over 75 years.




Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre



Address: Gloucester Centre; 1980 Ogilvie Rd, Second Flr, Suite 215, Ottawa, ON, K1J 9L3

Phone: 613-741-6025


Community-based, non-profit organization that offers a wide range of social and community services to older adults, seniors and adults with physical disabilities. Home Help / Home Maintenance: Access to safe, reliable workers for housecleaning and maintenance. Ensure that you live in a clean, safe and well maintained home environment. Crisis Intervention and Support: Intervention and support in critical situations until stabilized and a follow-up plan is in place Respite Care: Care for a loved one to provide caregivers / care partners a period of rest or relief Caregiver/Care Partner Support: Individual and/or group support, education, counselling and referrals offered at no cost to caregivers Fun & Fitness / Wellness: Fitness and wellness programs include exercise, fall prevention and light yoga stretch Foot Care: Services are provided by a Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) and include an assessment, thorough cleaning, nail trimming, filing and additional services and/or advanced foot care based on assessment Friendly Visiting: Companionship and support of a Friendly Visitor. Share activities, interests, or stories with a specially matched volunteer Meals On Wheels: Home delivery of diverse, nutritious and balanced hot and frozen meals Transportation: Transportation to essential services. Priority is given to requests for transportation for medical appointments Telephone Assurance: Provides an ongoing link to volunteers for daily or weekly, security checks (Monday to Friday) Snow Go/Assist: Access to reliable snow removal contractors * subsidies are available to qualifying participants upon assessments Going Home: Home support services for 10 days to support the rehabilitation of a person returning from hospital Adult Day Program: Therapeutic, social and recreational programming in a group setting for frail, isolated or cognitively impaired older adults and respite time for their caregivers/care partners Grocery Bus: Transportation, delivery and accompaniment to and from the local grocery storeOther Services: works collaboratively with other organizations and government programs to provide access to a range of services supporting older adults
Community legal clinic offering help in: real estate/tenants rights litigation and alternate conflict resolution wills, estates, POA employment law family law issues






Address: 290 Kent St, Ottawa, ON, K2P 2A4

Phone: 613-864-4289


COVID-19 (13 Sept 2021) Food bank still open. Visit the Facebook page for additional information.Social enterprise, community hub, and second hand store selling donated antiques, oddities, retro items and housewares profits are used to assist vulnerable individuals in the communityServices include: furniture bank household items community pantry (food, prepared meals, pet supplies, hygiene and personal care items, laundry and cleaning supplies, etc.) homeless advocacy harm reduction referrals to services advocacy



Just Food



Address: 2391 Pépin Court, Ottawa, ON, K1B 4Z3

Phone: 613-824-7771


Information and ressource sharing service on the sustainable development of the community gardens in Ottawa assists in the establishment of new community gardens provides support to existing gardens  supports all forms of household food growing and edible landscape raising awareness about food and gardening through newsletter and events


Kiwanis Club of Ottawa



Address: Royal Canadian Legion, 330 Kent St, Ottawa, ON, K2P 2A6

Phone: 613-233-1900


Community service group composed of developmentally disabled adults who want to return to their communities while developing important skills at the same time develops initiative and leadership provides experience in living and working together serves the community prepares for useful citizenship members perform a variety of services to the community such as fundraisers and other projects to raise money for needs in the community members do community services, including  environmental projects  park beautification  food drives  nursing home visitations  as well as assisting Kiwanis Clubs with their projects  they also go to sporting events and visit museums, among many other activitiesTwo local clubs: Bytown Club and The Ottawa Club  both contain a maximum of 54 members each  each club meets bi-monthly on Tuesdays



Lowertown Community Resource Centre



Address: Lowertown Community Resource Centre, 40 Cobourg St, Ottawa, ON, K1N 8Z6

Phone: 613-789-3930


COVID-19 (11 May 2022): This organisation programs are being affected by COVID-19, refer to their website for most up-to-date informationThis Centre provides an information, intercession and referral service crisis intervention Food bank services and other food security strategies Support to complete an application for the Ontario Hydro Cost Assistance Program Support to complete an application for the Energy Assistance Program Registration for the Holiday Programs with Caring and Sharing Exchange and Toy Mountain of the Salvation Army Registration for the Back to School Program with Caring and Sharing Exchange Tax Clinic Community Development Program Youth Program Early Childhood Program  School Youth Program information and advocacy services for affordable housing issuesPrograms and Services : Social Support Program: practical assistance, referrals, crisis counselling, advocacy, needs assessment Community House: food bank, community activities Community Development: tax clinic, community gardens, support for community initiatives Youth Program : Club 310 (after-school program) for youth aged 6-11 and Club Transitions (recreational program) for youth aged 12-14  drop-in and various activities for local teens aged 12-17 (English) Lowertown, Our Home project: a partnership between residents and diverse community partners that actively engages community members in identifying common concerns, community solutions and preventative measures to build a healthy and safe neighbourhood Parent-Child Playgroup: for children up to age 6 and their parents or caregivers Housing Action: provides assistance and support to individuals and families seeking safe, adequate and affordable housing. Helps to resolve crisis situations



Manor Park Community Council



Address: Manor Park Community Centre, 100 Thornwood Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1K 4Y1

Phone: 613-741-4753


COVID-19: In-person recreational programming (arts, sports, fitness, Manor Park Playschool, Play Group, etc) and licensed child care (‘Before- and After-School in Manor Park’) paused. In-person programming will resume when permitted. Limited online programming continues (1 October 2021)Licensed child care and recreational programs provider develops and delivers recreation programs as a community partner of the City of Ottawa and licensed child care in the form of before- and after-school programsPrograms for kids: Manor Park Playschool, (preschoolers) Sep-Jun  summer day camps sports workshops (babysitting, Dungeons and Dragons, etc)Licensed Child Care: Before and After-School in Manor ParkPrograms for adults: sessional arts (watercolour, acrylics, drawing, etc) adult fitness Heart Wise programs yoga Manor Park talks workshopsActivities for everyone: Rock the Block, first Friday following September long weekend* Pints in the Park, last Saturday in July Skating Part – first Saturday in February Outdoor skating rinkOttawa Cares: delivery of food hampers from food banks to residents distribution of prepared meals


Military Family Resource Centre of the National Capital Region



Address: Building 471, 330 Croil Priv, Ottawa, ON, K1V 1J1

Phone: 613-998-4888


Multi-service community resource centre for military families educational services/programs employment assistance employment opportunities community development volunteer opportunities children’s programs youth services/programs adult services/programs second language training health care services counselling and support special needs support family separation and reunion supportPrograms and services offered all around the National Capital Region: Cornwall Carleton Place Arnprior Maniwaki Smith Falls Orleans Gloucester and moreWelcome program for families new to the area that are in need of resources such as child care, education, health care, employment, and much moreMilitary families can access services as a family unit, individually or in groups



Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Resource Centre



Address: Emerald Plaza, 1547 Merivale Rd, Unit 240, 2nd Flr, Ottawa, ON, K2G 4V3

Phone: 613-596-5626


COVID-19 (21 Oct 2021): Baby Cupboard still operating, additional supplies may be available * Community Development sessions, EarlyON (Circle Time, Baby and Me, Story Time), Milk & Eggs parenting program 9see separate program)Integrated social services for the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode area (some programs are offered to all residents of Ottawa) information and referral counselling for individuals, couples, youth and families community development violence against women services elder abuse response and referral (see separate record for details) youth programs after school kids programs playgroups (0-6 years) health promotion groups Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) application support referral to emergency food programs for residents of Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Townships Baby Cupboard (diapers) Diabetes Education Program (see separate record for details) Good Food Box Tools 4 School (see separate record for details) financial counselling services general legal advice, notarization of documents and affidavitsReferral to following programs: Toy Mountain The Snowsuit Fund various programs/services provided during the holiday season by local faith and community groups



Olde Forge Community Resource Centre



Address: 2730 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON, K2B 7J1

Phone: 613-829-9777


COVID-19 (25 March 2022): Olde Forge continues to offer transportation with improved social distancing and plexiglass protectionsNon-emergency transportation to local and long-distance medical appointments and regular activities such as grocery shopping and banking volunteer drivers escorted transportation to non-urgent medical appointments, Olde Forge day programs, weekly luncheons grocery bus  community shopping van (not currently running) run around rides program


Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre



Address: 2529 Carling Ave, 2nd Floor, Ottawa, ON, K2B 7H6

Phone: 613-288-3880


Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre is an innovative community based, multi-service center. We strive to meet the needs of the diverse communities we serve. We work in partnership with individuals, families and communities to achieve their full potential, paying particular attention to those facing barriers to access, including those who are most vulnerable and at risk.



Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre



Address: 815 St Laurent Blvd, Unit 3, Ottawa, ON, K1K 3A7

Phone: 613-745-0073


COVID-19 (25 Aug 2021): Services will be available by appointment only for residents of Rideau-Rockliffe (postal codes K1K, and certain K1M and K1G). Call 613-745-0073 ext 206 or 207 Mon, Wed 9 am-4 pm or Tue 9 am-11 am. All are to respect social distancing and keep two metres distance from one another. Delivery may be available through Ottawa Cares for those unable to pick up. Breakfast kits are also available: contact for more information.Food program clients may make one request per month



Russell Heights Community House



Address: 1799 Russell Rd, Unit E, Ottawa, ON, K1G 0N1

Phone: 613-736-9855


COVID-19 (3 September 2021) Food Bank open until further noticeNon-profit organization providing social, recreational, educational and health programs, services, supports and referralsCore programs: preschool playgroup with community nurse after school programs summer day camps basketball & open gym youth outreach & drop-in programs youth academic & employment support ice rink available in winter months food security programs good food programs computer access monthly women’s nights community garden community events school supplies program (see separate record for details) academic support and skills building referralsAdult programs: building social capital and learning new skills engaging opportunities for connecting with others



Service Coordination Support for People with Developmental Disabilities



Address: 150 Montreal Rd, Suite 200, Ottawa, ON, K1L 8H2

Phone: 613-748-1788


Bilingual individual/family centered service for children and adults helps people find available resources in the community that are needed to assist them in their daily livesServicesCase Management: a collaborative, inclusive and individualized process work towards goal setting, planning, advocating and exploring available community resources to support the achievement of personal outcomesResidential and Community Services (RCS): case management for youth in extended care with the Children’s Aid Society (previously known as Crown Ward) receiving residential services with private supports resource coordinator helps to monitor quality of services received and transition to adult servicesDevelopmental Services Ontario Eastern Region (DSOER): access point for adults with developmental disability aid with application, understanding services, access to funding, information and referral to appropriate community servicesThe Resource Room: currently closed due to the pandemic drop in ask about community resources for persons with developmental disabilities receive help in completing service application forms register for programs or services



Society of Saint Vincent de Paul



Address: 18 Fairmont Ave, Unit B, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 2K2

Phone: 613-728-1983


Provides merchandise at low prices to low-income families furniture and clothing free of charge to referred people (referring organization covers the costs) those requesting food vouchers are directed to the appropriate St Vincent de Paul parish representative central services to any person in need upon request through referral to appropriate Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SSVP) conference in Ottawa or to the SSVP store accepts donations and sells merchandise at low prices to the general public pick-up of donated merchandise is available




South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre



Address: 1355 Bank St, Suite 600, Ottawa, ON, K1H 8K7

Phone: 613-737-5115

COVID-19 (20 Mar 2020) Call the Centre at 613-737-5115 before attending. Many of the programs and services are currently suspended or changed to phone appointments until further notice.Practical, in-home supports are provided by centre staff, screened volunteers and independent contractors: caregiver support friendly visiting handy helpers home help directory lunchability nursing foot care clinics snow go assist transportation to medical appointments grocery bus volunteer program help applying for LEAP, OESP, ODSP



St Joe’s Women’s Centre



Address: 151 Laurier Ave E, Ottawa, ON, K1N 6N8

Phone: 613-231-6722


Seasonal food assistance (hampers or vouchers) for low and fixed income families and individuals
Day program offering nutritional breakfast and hot nutritional lunch personal and practical support self-esteem workshops shower access laundry facilities telephone referrals and advocacy computer with high speed Internet emergency grocery cupboard program supportive program for mothers and/or guardians with their children (must remain on premises)



The Well / La Source



Address: 154 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON, K2P 0H8

Phone: 613-594-2843


COVID-19 (26 Aug 2021) Open for essential services only. Open for men and women until October 4th, then serving women and children only.This information was obtained from and is regularly updated on their Facebook page.A supportive and inclusive community where women gather to connect and build on their strengths delivers programs that support women in meeting their basic needs, making their life choices and participating in their communityDrop-in day program for women with their children of all ages peer, personal and group support advocacy outreach crisis intervention free light breakfast (8 am-10 am) and nutritious hot lunch (10 am-1 pm) social, recreational and educational programs personal hygiene products and other practical supports Internet access



Vanier Community Services Centre



Address: 290 Dupuis St, Ottawa, ON, K1L 1A2

Phone: 613-744-2892


Legal services for low-income francophones living in Ottawa in different areas of law such as: Immigration Housing (problems between tenants and landlords only) Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) Ontario Works Program (OW) Canada Pension Plan – Disability benefits Employment Insurance (EI) Employment standards Criminal injuries Human rights Family law Powers of attorney Legal name changes



Volunteer Canada



Address: 2197 Riverside Drive, Suite 305, Ottawa, ON, K1H 7X3

Phone: 1-800-670-0401


Volunteer Canada was established to provide national leadership and expertise on volunteer engagement to increase the participation, quality, and diversity of volunteer experiences collaboration with volunteer centres, businesses, non-profit organizations, government and educational institutions to promote and broaden volunteering programs, research, training, tools, resources and national initiatives provide leadership on issues and trends in Canada’s volunteer landscape



Volunteer Ottawa



Address: Rideau Community HUB, 815 St. Laurent Blvd, Suite 208, Ottawa, ON, K1K 3A7

Phone: 613-736-5270


Builds community by strengthening the non-profit sector through a focus on building expertise, fostering collaboration and promoting volunteerism supports over 300 local non-profit organizations and place over 2000 volunteers per year assists individuals looking for volunteer opportunities assists member organizations in finding volunteerServices: a website where they can post volunteer opportunities benefits such as teleconferencing and webinars training workshops and information as well as inclusive programs training facilities



Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre



Address: 170 Castlefrank Rd, Ottawa, ON, K2L 2K6

Phone: 613-591-3686


COVID-19 (16 June 2021): groups for youth have been moved to online platforms. Call 613-591-3686 ext 261 or send an email to for details.Unique space for youth to meet new people and try new activities youth and their families can get connected to community resources and servicesServices include: dinner program mentoring and support assistance with homework and employment search community education and volunteer services activities such as outdoor hockey rink, soccer field, pool table, foosball table, computer with Internet access, board games, art, field trip, presentations, etc.



YMCA-YWCA of the National Capital Region



Address: Multiple locations

Phone: 613-237-1320


Pre-arrival service providing specialized information and orientation about skilled trades ​ employment consultations personalized to clients’ needs and goals service offered through Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, telephone, email, etc workshops cover topics such as Canadian workplace culture, popular skilled trades, job search techniques and more
Employment Services helps Ontarians find sustainable employmentServices assessment of skills, capabilities, interests and experience job search strategies, including resume preparation information about different careers and occupations, the local labour market, employment and training opportunities on-the-job training and/or work experience and, in some cases, additional support to help maintain employment information and referrals to all Employment Ontario Funded Programs, including Second Career Program for laid-off workers information about, and referral to, other community services and supports Canada Ontario Job Grant


Abiwin Cooperative



Address: 299 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON, K2P 2L3

Phone: 613-408-2100


Housing 90 unit affordable housing co-operative



Action Housing



Address: 150 Montreal Rd, Suite 305, Ottawa, ON, K1L 8H2

Phone: 613-562-8219


COVID-19 (August 18, 2022): Action Housing is adopting social contact reduction practices and partial reopening protocols during this stage of the COVID-19 pandemic. Face-to-face services will be offered by appointment only, starting July 4th 2022 and onwards.Housing loss prevention services to low and moderate income individuals and families (including newcomers) tools to help with housing search on private market subsidized housing applications help with housing problems like rental arrears, safety concerns, maintenance and health issues, and conflicts with landlords or others information on landlord and tenant’s rights and responsibilities information on emergency shelters free advertisement of vacant units through our Housing Locator Program legal counsel for housing and discrimination and clients representation at the Landlord and Tenant Board advice and moral support help completing standardized leasesLocal service locations (Not currently available, please contact the main office for information): Orléans-Cumberland Community Resource Centre Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre Lowertown Community Resource Centre Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre Carlington Community Health Centre



Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa



Address: 22 O’Meara St, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 4N6

Phone: 613-241-1573


Provincially incorporated organization that carries out non-partisan research, public education and advocacy for increased services and supports for those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness opportunities to generate ideas and solutions  strengthening partnerships between member organizations delivering effective, consistent messages in the community



Andy Andras Housing Co-op for Seniors



Address: 1435 Larose Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 7X9

Phone: 613-722-7771


Apartment complex for seniors. one and two-bedroom units lounge kitchen laundryResidents must be willing to involve themselves in the operation of the co-op



Bruce House



Address: 251 Bank St, Suite 402, Ottawa, ON, K2P 1X3

Phone: 613-729-0911


Support and housing options for persons living with Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) / Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)   compassionate careThe Apartment Program:   independent living in 20 to 30 rent geared-to-income apartments   some individual advocacy, counselling and referral




Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation



Address: 700 Montreal Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0P7

Phone: 1-800-668-2642


Helps enhance the quality, affordability and choice of housing works to enhance housing finance options assists those who cannot afford housing in the private market improves building standards and housing construction provides policymakers with the information and analysis they need to sustain a vibrant housing marketAffordable Housing Programs in Ontario: click here for information on affordable housing




Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation



Address: 415 Gilmour St, 2nd Flr, Ottawa, ON, K2P 2M8

Phone: 613-234-4065


Community-based non-profit housing organization who creates, maintains and promotes housing for low and moderate income people market rent units subsidized units available




Coady Housing Cooperative


Address: 3099 Uplands Dr, Unit 47, Ottawa, ON, K1V 9T6

Phone: 613-737-4235


Housing cooperative consisting of 74 townhouses. Five units are wheelchair accessible. Geared-to-income unitsCo-op facilities:   meeting roomNeighborhood amenities:   close to schools   Hunt Club shopping centre   Hunt Club community centre   bus routes on Uplands and para-transpo




Community Mediation Ottawa



Address: 223 Main St, Suite 207, second floor, Ottawa, ON, K1S 1C4

Phone: 1-866-684-2427


Mediation services volunteer mediators offer confidential, impartial, conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution services to two or more people who are having a disagreement can help participants resolve their immediate dispute as well as give them tools to manage future conflicts assists participants in developing their own solutions to problems, thus creating longer-lasting agreements conflict coaching available when both parties do not agree to undergo mediation conflict resolution training workshops for community and non-profit organizations on handling conflicts, active listening, difficult conversations, relationship buildingMediation is offered in a neutral space like a library, a legion hall, etc.Conflict coaching is offered in person or by phone, includes: disagreements between neighbours, family members, friends and roommates workplace issues in non-profit organizations and among volunteers community issues, interventions, and dialogue minor commercial disputes (e.g., with a local store) family issues of a non-legal nature, such as difficult decisions related to housing for aging parents or for couples who are separated, choosing the school their child is to attend, etc. landlord/tenant dispute resolution alternative dispute resolution elder mediation parenting agreements (post divorce) relationship issuesDoes not handle: divorce, separation, custody or estates commercial disputes where significant sums of money are involved situations where there is a judicial/legal/court process in progress




Co-operative Housing Association of Eastern Ontario



Address: 225 Metcalfe St, Suite 311, Ottawa, ON, K2P 1P9

Phone: 613-230-2201


Provides ongoing support to housing co-ops a local source of resources, expertise and training information on housing co-ops, housing co-op vacancies in Ottawa, and how to join a housing co-op





Cornerstone Housing for Women / Logements pour femmes



Address: 515 MacLaren St, Ottawa, ON, K1R 5K5

Phone: 613-233-2243


Supportive housing program for single women who are homeless or at risk of being homeless 20-unit facilityServices include: shared common space group food plan personal support



Dovercourt Housing Cooperative



Address: 25 Molenaar Priv, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 8S4

Phone: 613-722-7940


Housing cooperative 40 family type semi-detached houses with two to four bedrooms 3 units are accessible to the physically disabled 10 are geared-to-income appliances are not providedCo-op facilities: community centre play areaNeighbourhood amenities: schools, parks community centre churches shopping



Eastern Ontario Christian Senior Citizens Co-op Homes



Address: 224 Viewmount Dr, Ottawa, ON, K2E 7M5

Phone: 613-224-9116


Cooperative housing for seniors  27 one-bedroom apartments 13 two-bedroom apartments 29 bachelor apartments  three accessible apartments conference room  common room  small library  workshops  garden  social activities  medical centre with foot care  air-conditioned building  superintendent on site



Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa



Address: 211 Bronson Ave, Suite 311, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6H5

Phone: 1-800-611-4755


Assist women and gender-diverse people with housing issues who have their base in Rural Eastern Ontario mandated to provide housing support to women who are homeless or at risk of being homeless (this can mean a woman who is at risk of being evicted, in process of being evicted, couch-surfing, staying with family but no fixed address) provides assistance with sourcing suitable apartments accompanying and providing transportation to view potential residences advocacy in dealing with landlords/tribunals education on tenant rights and responsibilities



Ellwood House


Address: 2270 Braeside Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1H 7J7

Phone: 613-521-5151


30-unit apartment building for seniors who can live independently 18 units are subsidized and 2 units are accessible to persons with disabilities common areas include a library and a large lounge with adjacent kitchen no smoking no pets allowed






Address: 326 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON, K2P 0J9

Phone: 1-877-580-2582


Non-profit organization that works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by delivering energy-efficient goods and services focuses on achieving cost-effective, concrete results for their clients operates in a business-like way in order to reduce its dependence on government grants and improve its long-term sustainability primarily by providing services that have not traditionally been available in Ottawa offers a number of programs that help low income families and individuals reduce their energy consumption and save money provides sustainable transportation services to Ottawa workplaces and residents, designed to encourage greener organizational practices and commuting habits
In cooperation with local utility companies, offers free programs to qualified low-income customers guaranteed to reduce a utility bill by decreasing natural gas or electricity usageProgram designed to make a customer’s home more energy efficient and reduce energy bills providing insulation and air sealing at no cost, and with voluntary participationLowers energy bills by improving the efficiency of the home, lowering energy use by up to 30% increases comfort by retaining a comfortable temperature while reducing monthly energy costsThe program is offered throughout the Enbridge Gas Distribution delivery area



First Nations Market Housing Fund



Address: 1420 Blair Place, Suite 510, Ottawa, ON, K1J 9L8

Phone: 1-866-582-2808


National fund created to support financing arrangements for housing on reserve and settlement lands where appropriate, while respecting the communal ownership of reserve land



Gloucester Housing Corporation



Address: 1087 Cummings Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1J 1J3

Phone: 613-748-6606


Housing Corporation townhomes in Gloucester affordable, below market rent, and average market rent units



Handyman Connection



Address: 1550B Chatelain Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 8B5

Phone: 613-723-5021


Reasonably priced home repairs and remodeling services to homeowners uses experienced craftsmen and other experts to deliver repairs including: carpentry, plumbing, electrical, ceramic tile, painting, drywall, and floor coverings provides free estimates experts available to complete the work at the homeowner’s convenience all of the craftsmen are fully insured and bonded workmanship is guaranteed in writing for one year



House of Hope



Address: 32 Gilmour St, Ottawa, ON, K2P 0N3

Phone: 1-877-902-7676


A non-profit, community residential facility (CRF) contracted to provide residential services to federally incarcerated male offenders and are on conditional release Contributes to the protection of society by facilitating the safe reintegration of offenders in the community through effective risk management, respecting the principle of least restrictive measures and the rule of law, and by providing appropriate support and resources.Programs and services: Employment/Education assistance  Integrated Correctional Program  Integrated Community Maintenance Program  Personal Support Worker service  Basic Life Skills



Inuit Non-Profit Housing Corporation


Address: 311 McArthur Ave, Suite 102, Ottawa, ON, K1L 8M3

Phone: 613-741-1449


Rent-geared-to-income housing for Inuit families and singles living in the Ottawa area Inuit are given priority on waiting list for 63 units, after which Métis and Status Indian applicants are considered



King’s Daughters and Sons Apartment Building (The)



Address: 567 Cambridge St S, Ottawa, ON, K1S 4J5

Phone: 613-728-2000


Affordable housing development  58-unit recreation rooms below market rent units subsidized units available



Manoir Ronald McDonald House Charities Ottawa



Address: 407 Smyth Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1H 8M8

Phone: 613-737-5523


House for families of children receiving medical services 14 bedrooms accommodating two to four individuals common areas two lounges with TVs and VCRs game room library kitchen dining room laundry non-smoking environment



Muslim Non-Profit Housing Corporation of Ottawa-Carleton


Address: 467 Laurier Ave W, Ottawa, ON, K1R 5C7

Phone: 613-594-3911


Housing corporation




National Capital Region Vietnamese Canadian Non-Profit Housing Corporation



Address: 30 Van Lang Priv, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 7A4

Phone: 613-728-2000


Apartment building offers:  70 rent-geared-to-income units (four wheelchair-accessible) for seniors and modest-income families with small children



Odawa Native Friendship Centre



Address: 510 Rideau St, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5Z6

Phone: 1-844-722-8880


COVID-19 (22 Nov 2021) Food Cupboard is still open, food boxes available. Call reception at 613-722-3811 for assistance or to volunteer. The centre and its offices are closed to the public, until further notice, but the staff is equipped and are working remotely from home. Contact program coordinators directly if in need of assistance. Take away breakfast and lunch meals are available.This information is regularly updated on their Facebook page.Drop-in centre in partnerships with: front line workers outreach workers housing specialists visiting nurses elders trainers attendants bannock busOffers a secure and culturally appropriate place where people can use the following services: professional counselling employment readinessLife skills financial management hygiene self-confidence time management nutrition teamwork resume writing emails computer skillsCultural teachingsReferral services health centres food banks addiction centresCrisis Intervention suicide prevention counselling servicesLaundry and shower facilities available on a scheduled basisTwo hot meals per day are provided on a scheduled basisClothing donationsHousing search and advocacyWellbriety (Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings with traditional teachings) and support groups



Options Bytown Nonprofit Housing Corporation



Address: 380 Cumberland St, Ottawa, ON, K1N 9P3

Phone: 613-241-6363


Supportive Housing: 126 units in four buildings with primarily bachelor units and some 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments supports are provided 7 days a week on-site for tenantsResource Centers: 8 resource centers located in Ottawa Community Housing Buildings offering supports to Ottawa Community Housing clientsHousing First: team of housing based case managers help individuals leave chronic homelessness to find housing and provide mobile supports to ensure housing stability



Ottawa Community Housing Corporation



Address: 39 Auriga Dr, Ottawa, ON, K2E 7Y8

Phone: 613-731-1182


COVID-19 (30 Mar 2021): OCH offices are by appointment only until further notice. Call centre remains open Mon-Sun 24 h.Offers social and affordable housing for people with low and moderate incomes and collaborates with partners to foster safe and healthy communities. Rentals include townhomes, apartments, rooming houses, seniors-only apartment buildings, family high-rise buildings and row-house communities. Homes/apartments are available on a rent-geared-to-income (RGI) basis, below market rent and average market rent.  Is exempt from certain portions of the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act due to status as a social housing provider. Corporation of the City of Ottawa Since 2014, OCHC has municipal tax exemption from the City of Ottawa All housing rentals are non-smoking as of 2014 – new tenants must adhere to the no-smoking policy included in their lease; tenants who moved in prior to 2014 are allowed to smoke in their homes until they move out or sign a new lease. All Ottawa Community Housing common areas and grounds are fully no smoking.Community Safety Services: Safety and security needs Suspicious persons on OCH property Noise complaints Tenant neighbour disputes Illegal activityOCH Offices: Head Office: 39 Auriga Drive, Ottawa, K2E 7Y8 Murray Office (East): 380 Murray St, Ottawa, K1N 8W1 Chapel Office (Central): 731 Chapel Cres, Ottawa, K1N 1E1 Bank Office (South): 1365 Bank St, Ottawa, K1H 8K8 Caldwell Office (West): 1485 Caldwell Ave, Ottawa, K1Z 8M1 Ramsey Office (West-Satellite): 1065 Ramsey Cres, Ottawa, K2B 8A1



Ottawa Community Housing Foundation



Address: OCH Foundation; 39 Auriga Dr, Ottawa, ON, K2E 7Y8

Phone: 613-518-2097


Foundation that brings together community leaders to help families, seniors, and individuals achieve personal success * focus on education, employment and building healthy communities * raises funds to support tenants living in Ottawa Community Housing communitiesInitiatives:   Caldwell Community Revitalization Project: creation of a green space that will include planter benches for community members to use as gardens or flower beds, a rain shelter with rain capturing system, an organic labyrinth for children, and trees   Charity Golf Tournament   Pack a Sack: backpacks and school supplies distributed to OCH community houses   Keeping Youth Connected: one-on-one support to at-risk youth, including life skill training, emotional support, social development, etc.   recLINK: access to social recreation opportunities for vulnerable children and youth   Youth Futures: supports post-secondary participation among low income youth in Ottawa through leadership development, employment experience, and post-secondary orientation * post-secondary experience, advanced leadership training, community engagement, and summer employment   Ron Larkin Scholarship Fund



Ottawa Foyers Partage



Address: 44 Eccles St, Suite 50, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6S4

Phone: 613-744-3562


Provide individuals with disabilities stable and safe living accommodations and opportunities to engage in activities consistent with their rights and unique aspirations, abilities and needs including:  leisure recreation volunteer learning workOffer residential support tailored to the unique needs of each person in eight homes and two supported independent living apartments.Supports social inclusion and celebrates diversity through community. Participants are provided with the tools and resources necessary to break through the barriers to employment, community resources.



Ottawa Salus Corporation



Address: 2000 Scott St, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 6T2

Phone: 613-729-0123


Charity that provides life changing housing and support services to people living with serious mental illnessSupportive Housing: shared living for adults with severe and persistent mental illness Salus owned buildings offer independent living environments with individual and community support for adults with serious mental illness apartments owned by other housing providers and offering independent living environments with community support for adults who have a severe and persistent mental illnessMental Health Services: case management community development transitional rehabilitation programs occupational therapy recreational and wellness



Personal Choice Independent Living / Choix personnel vie autonome



Address: 520 Bronson Ave, Suite OFC, Ottawa, ON, K1R 7Y9

Phone: 613-238-2723


Housing with attendants offering support services to people with physical disabilities



Rockwood Residence


Address: 2 Rockwood St, Ottawa, ON, K1N 8L7

Phone: 613-789-4780


Private residential care facility for adults with psychiatric disabilitiesServices include:   meals   housekeeping   laundry   personal care   organized leisure activities   health services   medication supervision   counselling   assistance with money management   free wireless internet   free phone and cable   TV in room if desired






Address: 411 Smyth Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1H 8M8

Phone: 1-800-267-4700


Motel facility  capacity of 51  serving patients and families using Ottawa-area hospitals  designed to keep patients and their loved ones in close touch and to ease the stress on the lives of out-patients  located near the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre, National Defence Medical Centre, Ottawa General Hospital and The Rehabilitation CentreAmenities include: refrigerator and telephone  cable television  special equipped rooms for the disabled  common lounge with microwave and coffee machine  laundry facilities  non-smoking rooms  private bathrooms  easy access to all major bus routes



Shepherds of Good Hope



Address: 1053 and 1057 Merivale Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5M9

Phone: 613-288-0374

COVID-19 (14 May 2020): Services remain available, intake still conducted until further notice.Supportive housing comprised of:   30 beds for the Managed Alcohol Program (see separate record)   15 beds for the Aging at Home Program   20 beds through a partnership with the Canadian Mental Health ProgramServices include:   staff support available 24 hours   onsite healthcareHousing is designed to support residents based on individuals needs with an emphasis on recovery and allow individuals the flexibility to move from one level of support to another




Tannenhof Co-operative Homes


Address: 131 Twyford St, Ottawa, ON, K1V 0W5

Phone: 613-738-9499


COVID-19 (8 June 2022): Office is closed but email is being monitored and will de responded to within 24 hours * organisation not currently accepting new applications for residency.Housing cooperative:  74 self-contained apartments for seniors  four units are designated as accessible  53 are geared-to-income (via registry only)Co-op facilities: secure entry  camera security system  activity/common room  laundry room  garden and patioNeighbourhood amenities: shopping mall  churches  park  public transportation



Tewegan Housing for Aboriginal Youth



Address: 65 Harvey St, Ottawa, ON, K1S 0A8

Phone: 613-233-0672


COVID-19 (5 May 2020) Operating as usual.Culturally rooted transitional housing program communal and cultural engagement practical assistance and referrals with housing, income, education, employment, and wellness active participation in life skills



The Federal Housing Advocate



Address: 344 Slater Street, 8th Floor, Ottawa, ON, K1A 1E1

Phone: 613-995-1151


Driving change on systemic housing issues: receiving submissions from people across Canada on the systemic housing issues they are facing monitoring the right to housing reporting to Parliament




The Social Housing Registry of Ottawa



Address: 2197 Riverside Dr, Suite 511, Ottawa, ON, K1H 1A9

Phone: 613-526-2088


COVID-19: Service not offered in person until further notice (November 30, 2021)Maintaining the central waiting list for people applying for rent-geared-to-income (RGI) according to rules set out by the Province of Ontario in the Housing Services Act, 2011



Tompkins Housing Co-operative



Address: 10 Preston St, Ottawa, ON, K1R 7W4

Phone: 613-238-3836


Non-profit independent living co-operative for seniors, composed of 81 units.Amenities: storage spaces pay parking lot complete kitchen full bathroom



Unity Non Profit Housing Corporation Ottawa



Address: 55 Hilda St, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 4W1

Phone: 613-745-6556


Housing provider that offers safe, affordable rental accommodations to families and individuals in a multi-cultural setting Unity Housing 55 Hilda: nine-story apartment building featuring one, two, three, and five bedroom units * four barrier-free two bedroom units * units are offered with rent-geared-to-income subsidies and market rate  Unity Housing Presland Road: three and four bedroom townhouse units * units are offered with rent-geared-to-income, below market rent subsidies, and market rate



Vesta Recovery Program for Women Inc



Address: 101 James St, Ottawa, ON, K1R 5M2


Residential addictions treatment services provides women-centered, trauma responsive programming in a residential setting assists women to gain the knowledge and skills needed to recover from the use or misuse of substances promotes the maintenance of a healthier lifestyle


ACB (African, Caribbean, Black) Wellness Resource Centre



Address: 1021 Cyrville Rd, Unit 9, Ottawa, ON, K1J 7S3

Phone: 613-801-7426


Food cupboard community members weekly access to free food supplies initiative is to help support Black individuals and families who have limited amount of funds to purchase food for them and their loved ones




AIDS Committee of Ottawa



Address: 19 Main St, Ottawa, ON, K1S 1A9

Phone: 613-238-5014


Seasonal food assistance (hampers or vouchers) for low and fixed income families and individuals



All Saints’ Anglican Church



Address: All Saints’ Anglican Church; 354 Madison Ave, Ottawa, ON, K2A 0E7

Phone: 613-722-3851


Food bank: Emergency food program which provides three days worth of food once a month Christmas program (food voucher OR hamper offered)




Barrhaven Food Cupboard



Address: Walter Baker Centre; 100 Malvern Dr, Ottawa, ON, K2J 2G5

Phone: 613-825-4505


Food assistance to families in need seven-day supply available once every 30 days delivery available if required Friday




Canada Without Poverty



Address: 300 MacLaren St, Unit 300, Ottawa, ON, K2P 0M6

Phone: 1-800-810-1076


Non-partisan organization dedicated to the elimination of poverty in Canada governed by a cross-country Board of Directors who individually have experienced poverty first-hand at some point in their lives works to address the structural causes of and to promote lasting solutions to poverty, material deprivation, and social exclusion focuses primarily on addressing poverty from a international human rights perspective through human rights education policy development engagement with international human rights mechanisms



Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)



Address: 160 Elgin St, 9th Flr, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0W9

Phone: 1-888-603-4178


Government of Canada’s agency responsible for funding health research in CanadaConsists of 13 virtual institutes that bring together all partners in the research process – the people who fund research, those who carry it out and those who use its results – to share ideas and focus on what Canadians need: good health and the means to prevent disease and fight it when it happensDetails and contact information for each institute is available through the website under Institutes; Institute of Aboriginal Peoples’ Health Institute of Aging Institute of Cancer Research Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health Institute of Gender and Health Institute of Genetics Institute of Health Services and Policy Research Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health Institute of Infection and Immunity Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes Institute of Population and Public Health



Care Centre Ottawa



Address: 500 Viewmount Dr, Ottawa, ON, K2E 7P2

Phone: 613-693-0890


COVID-19 (August 15, 2022): Emergency Food Bank services remain open. Individuals arriving by bus or on foot are asked to stop at the stop sign near the black canopy at the side door of the building. If coming by car, individuals are asked to follow orange pylons and stop at the stop sign near the black canopy. Individuals are asked to remain in their car upon arrival. Care Team members will come outside to assist. Call 613-693-0890 for additional information.This information is regularly updated on their Facebook page.Emergency Drive-Thru Food Bank guests receive non-perishable food items, along with fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, eggs, meat and dairy products diapers and formula also available (as donations permit)



Carlington Community Chaplaincy



Address: 1465 Caldwell Ave, Unit 102, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 8L9

Phone: 613-728-9933


Interfaith MinistryServices spiritual presence and pastoral care pastoral visiting counselling crisis response advocacy monthly community dinners and brunches support groups arts programs volunteer activities music lessons cooking workshopsDrop-in program provided five days a week, with coffee, tea, and healthy snack offered every weekday morning except for holidays and special meetings



Centre 507 Drop-In



Address: Centretown United Church, 507 Bank St, Ottawa, ON, K2P 1Z5

Phone: 613-233-5626


COVID-19 (12 November, 2021): Provides essential supports to the community during Ontario’s stay-at-home order. Hours and services remain unchanged. Call you have any questions.This information is regularly updated on their Facebook page.Drop-in centre for men and women located in Centretown supportive counselling crisis intervention advocacy free condoms and SITE supplies (needle exchange) hygiene supplies, including menstruation supplies emergency telephone coffee and tea served free Internet recreational activities light mealTake-out meals are accessible on the main level.Drop-in services on the 2nd level of Centretown United Church are NOT ACCESSIBLE.



Centretown Churches Social Action Committee



Address: Centretown United Church, 507 Bank St, Ottawa, ON, K2P 1Z5

Phone: 613-232-3059

COVID-19 (August 17, 2022): Reduced hours during the pandemic. Information regularly updated on their website.Food hamper three to four day emergency food once per month



Dalhousie Food Cupboard



Address: 211 Bronson Ave, Suite 107, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6H5

Phone: 613-230-3982


COVID-19 (17 Aug 2021): Due to COVID19, food bank is running on reduced hours. Call 613-230-3982. Serving at front entrance only, one client at a time. This information is regularly updated on their Facebook page. Provides a two to three day supply of food to residents of Somerset Ward once a month





Debra Dynes Family House



Address: 955 Debra Ave, Unit 85, Ottawa, ON, K2C 0J5

Phone: 613-224-3824


COVID-19 (7 April 2020): services still offered include the food bank, the baby cupboard, and crisis assistance. Restricted access to computer use, faxing, photocopying, scanning and printing.Multi-service community-based agency After 4 nutrition program for Grades K-12 Homework Club for Grades 1-6 and 7-12 free printing, scanning, faxing, as well as Internet and computer access weekly clothing program outreach programs sewing classes recreation for children and youth summer day camps emergency food bank low-income earners tax clinic (drop-off service)



English Language Tutoring for the Ottawa Community



Address: Heartwood House; 404 McArthur Ave, Suite 108, Ottawa, ON, K1K 1G8

Phone: 613-232-8566


Individualized and accessible home-based Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) to eligible adult newcomers who cannot attend regular classes by matching them to trained volunteers in the community.Our program is offered to newcomers who can’t attend any of the regular ESL/LINC classes for a variety of reasons, including:• The classes do not fit the student’s schedule (work, school, health…);• Caregivers who are too busy with the kids or have babies;• The pace of the class is too fast for the student (Seniors,…);• The student has very special needs that can’t be met by other classes (visual or hearing issues,..);• ELTOC accepts all devices (cellphone, phone, laptop, Chromebook, tablet or computer) for online learning;• ELTOC tutors use a variety of platforms including but not limited to: Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Meet, Viber, Skype, Facetime, Google Duo;• The student should be a resident of Eastern Ontario.



Fire of God Ministries



Address: 212 Murray St, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5N1

Phone: 613-789-4700


COVID19 (28 Jun 2021): There is currently a waiting list for food delivery. Clients are asked to wear a mask and respect social distancing protocols at the centre.Food bank out of community outreach centre boxed groceries available twice a week grocery deliveryVolunteer opportunities available




Gloucester 50+ Centre



Address: 4355 Halmont Dr, Ottawa, ON, K1J 8W6

Phone: 613-749-1974


Community and recreation centre for older adultsServices lunch served daily foot care monthly blood pressure testing special eventsClasses painting exercise writingGames pétanque-atout bingo card games darts



Turner Transitions



Address: 1533 Caton St, Ottawa, ON, K1H 6J3

Phone: 613-859-4557


Consultation services to help seniors and their families during one or any phase of a transition complete moving services downsizing, organizing, and de-cluttering estate services home design and barrier free concepts staging



Knox Presbyterian Church



Address: 120 Lisgar St, Ottawa, ON, K2P 0C2

Phone: 613-238-4774


COVID-19 (9 November, 2021): Due to COVID-19, Out of the Cold Program will only offer take-out meals.  Community meals




Meals on Wheels



Address: 670 Albert St, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6L2

Phone: 613-233-2424


Volunteers deliver hot noon meals frozen meals available  clients are encouraged to switch from daily hot meal delivery to frozen meals in bulk for those who cannot manage heating up frozen meals, hot meals will be provided) it is also recommended that clients order additional frozen meals in bulk to reduce the frequency of deliveries   Saturday deliveries available service on a short-term or long-term basis



Morrison Gardens Community House



Address: 985-A Morrison Dr, Ottawa, ON, K2H 7L1

Phone: 613-596-6229


COVID-19 (16 Nov 2020): Due to COVID19, the Morrison Gardens Food Bank is running on an appointment-only basis until further notice. Call 613-596-6229 to make an appointment. Christmas program is running in 2020.Community house that works closely with community partners to provide educational, recreational and social programming to the residents of the Morrison Gardens Community.Offerings include homework club children’s lunch program youth leadership child and youth programs social recreation food bank location for the area summer programs referrals to resources Staff are available to assist with computer use, accessing internet, photocopy, and fax.**The Food Bank serves a wider area. Call the Food Bank (613-745-7001) to find out if you fall within the area served.



Nepean Allotment Gardens Association



Address: 230 Viewmount Dr, Ottawa, ON, K2E 8B6


Lease of garden plots plots are on Viewmount between Merivale Rd and Fisher AvePlots: full annual 20 ft x 30 ft half annual 15 ft x 20 ft perennial 15 ft x 20 ft raised boxes 4 ft x 12 ft



Orléans-Cumberland Community Resource Centre



Address: 240 Centrum Blvd, Unit 105, Ottawa, ON, K1E 3J4

Phone: 613-830-4357


COVID-19 (7 September 2021) Open by appointment * Food Bank operates by leaving name and phone number when calling the Food Bank Coordinator at 613-830-4347 ext 158. * For access to the other modified services, programs and contacts call 613-830-4347 or visit the website for details. Christmas program is offered for 2021 (see separate record).Community resource centre information and referral advocacy crisis intervention individual and family counselling child & youth programs support groups parenting skills community development school supplies program (see separate record for details) type 2 diabetes program speech therapy for young children volunteer coordination food bank action housing Counselling Family Services Ottawa Employment Ontario First Words LESA Doyle Salewski (financial advise) Military Families Services Contact North – Online courses Société franco-ontarienne de l’autismeEarlyON Centre: information and referrals early learning services and training playgroups  Medical health team Équipe de santé familiale communautaire de l’Est d’Ottawa Sexual Health Clinic




Ottawa Food Bank



Address: 1317 Michael St, Ottawa, ON, K1B 3M9

Phone: 613-745-7001


Central food collection, warehouse, and distribution centre for a network of emergency food programs. distributes donated and purchased food among members (community food banks, meal programs, emergency food cupboard programs, school snack programs, women’s and men’s sheltersPrograms include: KickStart: feeds children from low-income families year-round Baby Basics: supplies member agencies with items such as baby food, cereal, diapers, wipes and form Community Harvest: initiated to increase the amount of fresh, healthy produce distributed to families and individuals using food bank and meal programs; currently grows fresh fruits and vegetables on approximately 7 acres of land Volunteer opportunities Home delivery: for those who cannot leave their home for a number of reasons including illness, injury, mobility issues, age, single parent, and more



Ottawa Good Food Box



Address: Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre, 815 St Laurent Blvd, Unit 3, Ottawa, ON, K1K 3A7

Phone: 613-745-0073


COVID-19 (1 Sep 2021): The Good Food on the Move team is currently on a break from September 6th to September 29th. Deliveries will resume on October 6th.Community food services: In collaboration with MarketMobile and Ottawa Good Food Box online store with click & collect service wide selection of fresh affordable and local produce, including organic and conventional items. $10, $20, and $25 Organic Good Food Boxes are also available from the store donation options, which go directly towards providing a Good Food Box to someone in need home delivery is available for persons with disabilities, seniors, customers with limited mobility, and customers that are immunocompromised



Ottawa Share Community Program



Address: 5784 Longhearth Way, Ottawa, ON, K4M 1M1

Phone: 613-323-7909


Organization providing individuals living with developmental disabilities with community-based programs and services, to develop new and existing skills and promote social inclusion in the community.Some of the services include:Independent Living – offers life skills teaching to individuals in a group setting and/or one-on-one structure.  Skills include cooking, shopping, laundry, banking and hygiene.Communication – assists individuals to practice and expand on their communication skills through interactive games and a variety of educational tools.Socialization – assists adults living with learning disabilities needing extra help in developing social skills by practicing appropriateness through communication in the community.Sensory – helps stimulate and encourages the development of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch in individuals to assist them in their every day lives.Cooking Class – teaches new cooking skills to individuals, while also expanding and improving on previous skills in a fun and judgment free environment.Fitness Group – throughout the week individuals are involved in several different community based fitness activities (zumba, dance, gym, hiking, yoga) by participating in a fitness routine which focuses on strength and endurance and memory, while implementing social skills as well.Music Therapy – helps individuals improve their physical, mental, social and spiritual health through music.



Parkdale Food Centre



Address: 30 Rosemount Ave, Unit 2, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 1P4

Phone: 613-722-8019


Food centre offers various food-based services for the communityServices includes community events volunteer opportunities community advocacy community kitchen youth entrepreneurial programming



Pinecrest Terrace Community House



Address: 2483 Iris St W, Unit B, Ottawa, ON, K2C 1C7

Phone: 613-596-6703


COVID-19 (3 September 2021): Due to COVID19, the Pinecrest Terrace Food Bank is running on an appointment-only basis until further notice. Call 613-596-6703 to make an appointment. All other programs are on hold until further notice.Offers free social, educational and recreational programs to its residents and those in the surrounding areaChildren’s Programs:Kids Club (grades 1 to 6) Summer and after school: homework help cooperative games healthy food instruction crafts, sports and physical activities indoor and outdoor recreation science and technology program team building activities field tripsYouth Programming (grades 6 to 9): social recreation, social skills development and leadership skills.United Sisters: weekly recreational group for girls (ages 10-15) develop the skills to be confident, independent, and active members of their communities arts and crafts, games, movies, cooking, workshops and special outings activities change from week to week make friends and share amazing experiencesSnack-e-Sac: lunch bag program that runs twice weekly children going to school are provided with snack filled lunch bagsI Love to Programs: programs offered depending on funding include I Love to Skate * I Love to Swim * I Love to Play Soccer * I Love to DanceELF: English literacy development program child mentorship in literacy each child works at their own pace to improve their literacy skills weekly program children receive personalized help with reading and writing lessons are specialized to the child’s skill level and learning needsAdult Services:Adult Art Projects: Offers an adult art project led by a professional artist offered at various times throughout the year adults in the community work together to create artwork artwork is displayed permanently in the community no experience necessary to participateTenant Circle: meeting each month with the tenants to discuss issues important to the community share ideas and plan together offers a space for community members to become active in planning and carrying out community events work together to identify and address community concernsCollective Kitchen: offered periodically: adults from the community come together at the community house to make a home cooked mealCommunity Garden Group: tenants from Pinecrest Terrace can produce food collectively in Community GardenOther Services::Computer Drop-in: open throughout the week for people in the community to use the computers and access the internet those interested are able to receive help with employment services such as resume and cover letter writingFood Bank: open three times a week halal meat is available services users are expected to be served once a monthReferrals: provides referrals to the Caring and Sharing Foundation during the Holiday Season in December and in July/August for the backpack program staff are also able to make a variety of referrals based on individual needsSpecial Events: every year the organization organizes Canada Day celebrations in the community, Spring Cleaning, Community BBQ, and Summer and Winter Holiday PartiesCommunity Garden: available for tenants who live in the Pinecrest Terrace neighbourhood.Contact us for more information



Psychiatric Survivors of Ottawa



Address: The Bronson Centre, 211 Bronson Ave, Suite 313/314, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6H5

Phone: 613-567-4379


COVID-19 (3 September 2021) PSO, including all programming in the hospitals, at the Bronson Centre and in the community are closed until further notice. Peer support by telephone and social groups online. Staff can still be reached via phone or email with different hours to accommodate support needs. Families can continue to email and leave messages for the Family Peer Support team and they will be returned. Call 613-567-4379 ext 118 and leave a message.This information is regularly updated on their websiteNon-profit organization For peers: educational and fun workshops social and recreational events outings PARK MEETUPS – BRITANNIA BEACH WALKING GROUP (groups of 5), register in advance with support groups volunteer opportunities free meals are organized for the members (once per month) Peer Support LIne for PSO members and people in hospital to access by phone at 613-567-4379 or receive telephohe peer support. Visit the website for details.: Online family Peer Support group: Ongoing weekly with various discussion topics  weekly discussions on various topics such as communication strategies, boundaries, codependency, letting go of control etc. coffee, snack, sense of community, companionship and supportThe Community Transitions Group: support and social reconnection group that runs on Tuesdays monthly brainstorm challenges and ideas around transitioning from hospital to communityOnline fun activities: Laughter Yoga  Craft and chat Games and Trivia Virtual lounge Creative expressions



Recreation Association of the Public Service of Canada



Address: RA Centre, 2451 Riverside Dr, Ottawa, ON, K1H 7X7

Phone: 613-733-5100


Recreation association members can participate in one or more of the 50 different recreation, sport and fitness programs.Houses a variety of services available for members and also open to the public: recreational clubs sport leagues fitness and wellness children’s camps and summer programs event and conference services restaurant and outdoor patio facilities available for rent:  function rooms including a formal ball room, hockey arena, soccer fields and gymnasium.  RA Centre is home to the House of Sport, which includes 40 plus sport, recreation and business organizations



Salvation Army



Address: 171 George St, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5W5

Phone: 613-241-1573


Provides emergency assistance emergency food bank emergency clothing household items Christmas toys available through the Toy Centre summer camps for children ages 7-15



Somali Centre for Family Services



Address: 1719 and 1729 Bank St, Suite 200, Ottawa, ON, K1V 7Z4

Phone: 613-526-2075


Multiethnic centre offering services for refugees, immigrants and residentsSettlement services include: Needs assessment and information and referral to community and social services Support finding housing, child care, health care, registering children in school Help filling out government forms including housing Community support: volunteer befriending, conversation circles (English only) Connecting to language classes Stress reduction workshops for adjusting to Canadian culture Citizenship Test preparation classes Job search/resume building support Various workshops and information sessions for newcomers Employment counselling, skills and career development Settlement workers in schools – outreach program in elementary and secondary schools Free income tax clinic for newcomersAdditional services include: Youth programs Senior services Community capacity building Counselling


St Joe’s Supper Table



Address: 151 Laurier Ave E, Ottawa, ON, K1N 6N8

Phone: 613-233-4095


St Peter and St Paul’s Anglican Church



Address: 152 Metcalfe St, Ottawa, K2P 1N9

Phone: 613-235-1636


Drop-in and community meal program * opportunities to play cards, socialize



The Ottawa Mission



Address: 35 Waller St, Ottawa, ON, K1N 7G4

Phone: 613-234-1144


Education support services and job training programsStepping Stones Learning Centre:   a teacher and volunteer tutors help adult men and women complete their high school education or post-secondary programs provided through online training or in-class instruction   students work one-on-one with the teacher or tutor on a variety of goals including basic literacy, computer training, job searching through Career Cruising, on-line courses, French Club, etc.Discovery University:   participation in non-credit, university-level Humanities and Social Sciences courses at no cost   courses are taught by professors and all textbooks and course materials are provided   partnership between The Ottawa Mission, University of Ottawa, Saint Paul University, Carleton University and First Baptist ChurchFood Services Training Program:   five-month training program where men and women on social services can learn the skills necessary to work in a commercial kitchenCustodial Skills Training Program:   access to custodial and care-taking work training through an eight week course at St. Nicholas Adult High School   includes classroom and on-the-job training, cleaning techniques, use of cleaning machinery and equipment, and a resume workshop



West End Interfaith Social Action Committee



Address: Foster Farm Community Centre, 1065 Ramsey Cres, Ottawa, ON, K2B 8A1

Phone: 613-828-2004


Breakfast and lunch program lunch served to children and adults breakfast for school-children during the school year lunch bag pick up before going to school during the school year


Abbeyfield Houses Society of Ottawa



Address: 425 Parkdale Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 1H3

Phone: 613-729-4817


Not-for-profit affordable housing for seniors family-style house staff support, meals, activities and access to various social services privacy and companionship security and independence respite, vacation and convalescent care are provided when a room is available guest room with meals



Alta Vista Retirement Community



Address: 751 Peter Morand Cres, Ottawa, ON, K1G 6S9

Phone: 613-739-0909


COVID-19 (Sep 18 2020): if an outbreak has been declared, only essential visitors will be allowed on the premises in accordance to the Ministry of Health recently changed the definition of and guidelines for essential visitors in Retirement.If the community is not in outbreak: Indoor Visits: • Up to two essential care visitors at any time (see directive above for definition of essential care visitor) • One general visit a week for each resident (unless the home can accommodate more), with up to two general visitors at a time • All visitors must attest to a Negative COVID-19 within the previous two weeks and subsequently not tested positive • General visits must be schedule in advance • Must wear a surgical/procedural maskOutdoor • Up to two visitors at a time for each resident • No attestation required for COVID-19 testing • Visits must be scheduled in advance to ensure appropriate staffing and physical distancing • Visitors must pass active screening for COVID19 when they arrive • Visitors must bring their own face covering (cloth/homemade mask/covering are fine) and must maintain physical distancing at all times, including from the person they are visiting .You can read the full directive at retirement residence * 137 independent living suites * 37 assisted living suites * 17 memory care suites



Amica Westboro Park



Address: 491 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON, K2A 1G4

Phone: 613-728-9274


COVID-19 (21 September 2020): visits are scheduled in advance in designated visito area, however if in an outbreak, visits cannot occur.  All visitors must wear a surgical/procedure mask and answer be screened for health, travel and temperature before entering.Visit the website more information. This is a private retirement residence with a capacity of 137 suites.Services:   organized leisure activities   housekeeping   personal laundry   nursing care   recreation program   meals   aquafit programBuilding amenities:   24 hour security   air conditioning   24 hour concierge   emergency call system   elegant dining room   private dining room   library   lounge   private mail boxes   conservatory   spa   pub   indoor massage pool   internet lounge   resident storage   fitness centre   craft kitchen   laundry room   guest suites


Asher Place


Website: Asher Place |

Address: 490 Viewmount Dr, Ottawa, ON, K2E 8A8

Phone: 613-723-7779


Apartment complex for seniors 64 units one- and two-bedroom units laundry room on each floor market rent units subsidized units



Assurance Home Care



Address: 33 Roydon Place, Suite 205, Ottawa, ON, K2E 1A3

Phone: 613-513-8875


Personalized care in clients’ home, retirement residence, or hospital * service delivered by caregivers and personal support workers who are fully insured with thorough background and police/vulnerable sector checksServices:   housekeeping   personal care including bathing, grooming, incontinence care, feeding   transportation   errands   companionship   medication reminders   respite care   meal preparation   dementia care   live-in nannies   overnight care   doctor appointment assistance and note-taking



At-Home Hospice



Address: 1419 Carling Ave, Suite 203, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 7L6

Phone: 613-792-1167


Healthcare agency providing compassionate home-based health care to individuals, their families and care providersServices:  client-centered care elder care palliative care pediatric care respite care pain and symptom management assist with activities of daily living light housekeeping meal preparation health and care related education to care provider and family



Bearbrook Retirement Residence



Address: 2645 Innes Rd NE, Ottawa, ON, K1B 3J7

Phone: 1-866-959-4848


Full service, resort-inspired retirement community with 101 luxurious and newly renovated suites for Independent and Assisted Living SeniorsServices include: concierge fine dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner pub tuck shop hair salon and barber shop outdoor seasonal patio for dining Wellness and Vitality recreation center kitchenette with small fridge in every suite craft room in-house theater exercise classes housekeeping and laundry services residents chapel in-house doctor on call 24 hours a day registered nurse and registered practical nurse / personal support workers 24 hours a day shared care services available recreation department organized outings to theater performances, museums, shopping centers and more individually controlled air conditioning/heating in every suiteThis Residence is operating as Bearbrook Retirement Residence owned by Sienna Senior Living



Billings Lodge Retirement Community



Address: 1180 Belanger Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1H 8N2

Phone: 613-737-7877


84-bed private retirement residence   three buildings with three stories each   14 apartments   46 rooms   24 assisted living roomsServices:   meals   laundry   housekeeping   personal care   house doctor   nursing care   counselling   organized leisure activities




Billingswood Manor Seniors’ Residence



Address: 1370 Bank St SW, Ottawa, ON, K1H 8N6

Phone: 613-731-8448


COVID19 (15 Jan 2021):  Home continues to accept individuals for respite, convalescent, short stays, as well as new residents, safely.  Stays must be a minimum of 30 days.Private retirement residence with a capacity of 60. assisted living services weekly housekeeping personal laundry respite convalescent care recreation program provision of bed linens and towels foot care specialized medical services and equipment tray service medication supervision and administration isiting physicianBuilding amenities: central dining room private mailboxes beauty salon laundry room games room library lounge television room reading room pub chapel coffee shop outside terrasse and gazeboSuite amenities: air conditioning and heating emergency call system private bath security entry system kitchenette in each suite






Address: 43 Bruyère St, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5C8

Phone: 613-562-6262

Medical care team focused on family and community health affiliated with the University of Ottawa training for interprofessional students and family medicine resident doctorsServices and special clinics: obstetrics pediatric care counselling on-site laboratory diabetes education clinic chronic disease education procedures clinic mental health services women’s health clinic
Access to palliative care expertiseOutpatient service assists primary care providers in the provision of palliative care to their patients consultation, coaching, mentoring, and education to primary care providers in the Champlain Region
COVID-19 (9 July 2021): Visitors are not permitted (exception may be made on compassionate grounds) and outpatient programs and clinics are closed until further notice.Hospital complex continuing care rehabilitation palliative care long-term care affordable housing for seniors
Complex continuing care facilityThree major continuing care streams: complex specialized care restorative care supportive care



Bruyère St Louis Residence



Address: 879 Hiawatha Park Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1C 2Z6

Phone: 613-562-6262


198-bed long term care home: medical, nursing and restorative care in accordance with each resident’s individual needs in a home-like environmentOne respite bed: Peritoneal Dialysis Unit convalescent careGeneral services: dietary medical nursing spiritual care pharmacy volunteer services recreational activities social workConsultative and support services: occupational therapy physiotherapy specialized services speech-language pathologyIn-home amenities: cafeteria convenience store hairdressing salon extensive walking paths along the Ottawa River


Bruyère Village



Address: 889 Hiawatha Park Rd, Unit 10, Ottawa, ON, K1C 0A9

Phone: 613-683-2508


Independent and assisted living, and programs that assist seniors in aging healthy: independent living apartments designed for seniors who are able to perform daily activities without assistance assisted living apartments geared towards seniors who require more support with their daily living activitiesServices available to the apartments may include: housekeeping and a 24-hour medical alert system based on eligibility, all tenants may have access to the assisted living services for high risk seniors program services may include assistance with the activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, light housekeeping, medication reminders and friendly visits



Camilla Gardens Retirement Residence


Address: 1119 Bathgate Dr, Ottawa, ON, K1J 9N4

Phone: 613-747-7000

Private retirement residence with a capacity of 67 24 hours of care services and monitoring of residents’ well-being in-house Physicians with Palliative Care Designation pharmacy services with in-house Pharmacist medication management and administration intercom and emergency call response system in each room and bathroom medical specified diets as prescribed by a physician complimentary tray services during documented illness or during a facility outbreak scheduled transportation for local shopping and activities assistance provided with your activities of daily living (bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting and incontinence care) fresh towels/facecloth daily refuse pick up daily weekly housekeeping: vacuuming, dusting, cleaning bathroom, floors, changing the bed linen and personal laundry spiritual care provided by a weekly mass, the weekly recital of the rosary or by a monthly service in the Chapel and/or a private visit in the client’s room for communion or pastoral care



Carlingview Manor



Address: 2330 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON, K2B 7H1

Phone: 1-877-929-9222

Private long-term care home 24-hour nursing care and nurse practitioner two dedicated and safe dementia care units visiting dentistry, audiology and optometry pastoral and palliative care variety of services and activities owned by Revera



Chapel Hill Retirement Residence


Address: 2305 Pagé Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1W 1H3

Phone: 1-866-797-7169


Retirement residence  157 suites  services range from independent living, senior apartments, assisted living and memory care private suites with barrier free washrooms, anti-slip flooring and window coverings therapeutic activities exercises and outings daily social, educational and recreational programs safety features in each private suite including emergency call systems, sprinklers and smoke detectors residents living in the secure and care environment also benefit from a personalized care and service program based on their specific needs meals served in a dining room located directly on each care floor


Chartwell Duke of Devonshire Retirement Residence



Address: 1095 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 4P6

Phone: 1-855-461-0685

Private retirement residence with all-inclusive services 24hr medical attention assistance with activities of daily living audiology/hearing clinic esthetician individual service plans assistance with medication supervision/administration on-call physician oxygen services pharmacy physiotherapy recreational therapy visiting dentist/dental hygienist vitals monitored foot care clinic



Chartwell Heritage



Address: 624 Wilson St, Ottawa, ON, K1K 4S5

Phone: 1-844-478-6473


COVID-19 (October 20, 2021): Essential visitors only will be permitted to enter until further notice.Private retirement residence owned by ChartwellServices: housekeeping nursing care organized leisure activitie meals nursing medication supervision medication administration personal laundry physician on call visiting physician visiting physiotherapist respite convalescent care transportationBuilding amenities: air conditioning dining room parking wheelchair accessible lounges chapel beauty salon fire and smoke alarms library sprinkler system resident storage tuck shopSuite amenities: private bath emergency call system fire and smoke alarms in each suite


Chartwell Lord Lansdowne Assisted Living Residence



Address: 920 Bank St, Ottawa, ON, K1S 1M8

Phone: 613-366-0739

COVID-19 (27 March 2020): Essential visitors only will be permitted to enter until further notice.A private retirement residence with a capacity of 126.Services: assisted living services dementia unit medication administration and supervision personal laundry pharmacy services physician on call private duty nursing respite convalescent care transportation tray service vitals monitoring



Chartwell New Edinburgh Square Retirement Residence



Address: 420 MacKay St, Ottawa, ON, K1M 2C4

Phone: 343-882-4758

Private retirement residence * offers independent living, independent supportive living, and assisted living * short-term stays available (subject to availability)Services: assistance with daily living activities such as dressing, hygiene, bathing, dental care, etc. daily housekeeping seasonal housekeeping meals medication administration medication supervision personal laundry companionship and escort to activities and meals transfer assistance transportation services visiting health servicesBuilding amenities: air conditioning beauty salon central or private dining room chapel computer access in common area games room horticulture area library lounge sprinkler system wellness centre



CHEO (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario)



Address: 401 Smyth Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1H 8L1

Phone: 613-737-2360

170-bed pediatric teaching hospital serving Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec specialized health services for children up to their 18th birthday more than 56 outpatient clinicsIndividual, group and family support services available when requiredThe Regional Eating Disorder Program: provides expertise in the area of assessment and treatment to patients under 18 years old
Support services for children and adolescents victims of sexual assault   individual counselling for children and adolescents, both male and female   individual counselling for adolescent male offenders   group counselling for adolescent females
Provides leadership within the hospital and community in protecting children and youth (under 18 years). Major emphasis on the provision of specialized medical and mental health services to children, youth and families where abuse or neglect is suspected or evident.Components:   consultation and co-ordination for hospital cases of suspected abuse and neglect   assistance with urgent assessment and treatment through the Emergency Department   medical assessment and follow-up in a specialized outpatient clinic (Historical Sexual Abuse Clinic)   case review by the multidisciplinary inter-agency Child and Youth Protection Team   case consultation to community professionals   community and professional education regarding abuse and neglect   research and publication related to child abuse and neglect   partners in development of services and prevention programs   advocacy on child abuse issues
Therapeutically based half-day preschool program for children with physical disabilities and accompanying developmental difficulties who require a specialized environment.
Meet the needs of children by providing: assessment treatment consultation education interventionsProvide consultation to famlies and early childhood educators in the community.Model and demonstrate appropriate activities to help a child develop skills in a natural environment.Team are made up of: physiotherapists occupational therapists speech-language pathologists
Provides a prevention and early intervention service for infants and young children from birth to school entry who have a physical and/or developmental disability, or are at risk of a developmental delay.Services include: treatment consultation support to families through home visits specialty learn and play groups throughout the city
Individualized in-home basic parent education program for families.Consist of weekly to bi-weekly home visits by a behaviour consultant who instructs, prompts and models skills for the parent in many areas including: safety nutrition hygiene routine child development parent child interaction child budgeting
Assesses and treats patients who present with cleft lip/palate, craniofacial and speech and language resonance issues.Designated regional Centre for the Ontario Cleft lip and/or palate dental program providing financial assistance for the specialized dental needs of affected individuals requiring integrated care due to complex dental/facial anomaly.
Supports children, youth and some adults with physical, developmental and behavioural needs offer many services and programs that span inpatient and outpatient care.Services include referral to: audiology, auditory-verbal therapy and cochlear implant children’s treatment centre services chronic pain complex care child life navigator program neonatal follow-up clinic Nunavut program occupational therapy physiotherapy rehabilitation speech-language pathology
Provides specialized dental services to children and youth presenting with conditions requiring treatments in a hospital setting offered in both the outpatient clinic and the operating room.
170-bed pediatric teaching hospital serving Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec specialized health services for children up to their 18th birthday more than 56 outpatient clinicsIndividual, group and family support services available when requiredThe Regional Eating Disorder Program: provides expertise in the area of assessment and treatment to patients under 18 years old



City View Retirement Community



Address: 151 Meadowlands Dr W, Ottawa, ON, K2G 2S3

Phone: 613-518-4627

Retirement residence offering a full continuum of care and personalized programs for everyday living independent supportive living such as individualized health care plans and more assisted living such as assistance with all activities of daily living or dining assistance short term stay respite or convalescent care stays memory care unit within a secure environmentRetirement Living package are customized to the individual needs, offering as little or as much as needed, in an environment that encourages and supports independence, dignity and respectAmenities: three meals daily weekly housekeeping service 24 hour nursing supervision free laundry facilities recreational and social programs 24 hour café access emergency call bell system with personal push button pendant medication management group physiotherapy classes heat and hydro complimentary Wi-Fi



Colonel By Retirement Residence



Address: 43 Aylmer Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1S 5R4

Phone: 613-730-2002

COVID-19 (27 March 2020): Essential visitors only will be permitted to enter until further notice.This is a private retirement residence with a capacity of 130 * owned by ReveraServices: assisted living services medication administration and supervision pharmacy services physician on call private duty nursing respite convalescent care visiting: dental service, lab service, physiotherapist, podiatrist, massage therapist dementia unit vitals monitoring



Coopérative d’appartements des Jardins Ltée



Address: 100 Empress Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1R 7S6

Phone: 613-238-7543

Cooperative apartments for autonomous adults bachelors one-bedroom apartments two-bedroom apartments residents have access to a dining room and lounge area



CSLD Montfort



Address: 705 Montreal Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1K 0M9

Phone: 613-746-8602

Long-term care home 24-hour nursing care



Élisabeth Bruyère Residence



Address: 75 Bruyère St, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5C8

Phone: 613-562-6262

Long-term care home dietary medical nursing spiritual care pharmacy volunteer services recreational activities social workConsultative and support services: occupational therapy physiotherapy specialized services speech-language pathologyIn-home amenities: cafeteria convenience store  hairdressing salon roof garden




Elmsmere Villa Retirement Residence



Address: 889 Elmsmere Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1J 9L5

Phone: 613-745-2409

A private retirement residence bachelor and one-bedroom suites suites feature emergency call bell system, smoke detectors and sprinkler system, three-piece bathroom with step in shower and grab bars and in-suite pantry with fridge, etc.Activities of daily living: Morning and evening care Complete continence care Full bathing assistance Assistance with ambulation and transfers Nutritional profiles and support for therapeutic diets such as minced or pureed meals Tray service during illness or as requested Personal Medical ServicesMedication administration as required In-house Physician Pharmacy service including daily delivery Visiting lab service Catheter care and IV managementIn-House Specialized Services: Palliative care and bereavement support Respite care for families and care-providers Convalescent care after illness or surgery Monthly health related educational seminars



Embassy West Senior Living



Address: 1400 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 7L8

Phone: 613-729-4331

Private retirement residence with 112 rooms continuum of Care for the independent to the fully assisted on-site physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre 24 hours registered nursing Alzheimer’s and Dementia care respite and trial stays availableAbility to handle complex care including 2 person transfer mechanical lift transfers  Feeding assistanceSuites: kitchenettes hardwood floors spacious walk-in closets state-of-art bathroom fixtures with an emergency response system and smoke alarms fitness, recreation and leisure programs for Mind, Body and Soul safety deposit box in each suite



Extendicare Laurier Manor



Address: 1715 Montreal Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1J 6N4

Phone: 613-741-5122


240-bed long term care home laundry and housekeeping lounge areas and dining room on each floor chapel activity room large backyard shared bathrooms between each two rooms residents’ council social and recreational eventsAdditional Services 2 interim long-term care beds hair salon interdenominational pastoral care palliative care smoke-free property



Extendicare Starwood



Address: 114 Starwood Rd, Ottawa, ON, K2G 3N5

Phone: 613-224-3960

192-bed private long-term care home owned by Extendicare Canada Inc.   24 hour nursing care    restorative care    housekeeping    personal care    leisure activities    health services, including administration of medication and treatments and services by a registered nurse


Geriatric Psychiatry Community Services of Ottawa



Address: 75 Bruyère St, Suite 127Y, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5C7

Phone: 613-562-9777


Maintains seniors in their home by managing psychiatric symptoms and challenging behaviours treatment team will implement treatment strategies to avoid unnecessary hospitalization and placementInterdisciplinary team includes: geriatric psychiatrists registered nurses occupational therapists social workers psycho geriatric resource consultantFunctions include: intake and screening process specialized client centered assessment case management diagnosis care planning and treatment counselling, education, and support available to the family and caregiver behavior management client advocacyGeriatric psychiatrists provide: diagnosis consultation and treatment staff also provide support to professionals in the community


Glebeview Residence



Address: 297 First Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1S 2G7

Phone: 613-237-0954

Private residential care facility for 24 vulnerable adults and seniors



Good Companions (The)



Address: 670 Albert St, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6L2

Phone: 613-236-0428

Food service healthy meals fish and chicken are always an alternate to the daily menu beverages, muffins, sandwiches, snacks, and desserts are available lunch (soup, sandwiches, a hot lunch) is available
Assistance with one-time tasks or odd-jobs * volunteers visit periodically, seasonally, or annually * task assistance subject to volunteer availability and skill level * no heavy lifting changing batteries in smoke detector tightening doorknobs, locks, adjusting hinges replacing light bulbs fitting door chains / spy holes, replacement locks putting up shelves and pictures (reasonable safe height) assembling flat pack furniture (reasonable safe height) undertaking small gardening jobs (on a one-off basis, no hedges) securing loose carpet / vinyl taking down / putting up curtains and curtain rails (reasonable ceiling height only) replacing tap washers and repairing dripping taps seasonal clothes flipping basic computer/ electronic devices, including set up and some technical support organizing paperwork decorating for Christmas or helping to make the house / apartment festive connecting new TV/DVD/VCR/answering machines minor appliance repair covering windows for new tenants assist with packing and unpacking shelf paper lining
Snow Go Assist Program matching service for people looking to hire an individual or contractor to clear snow from private driveways and walkways eligible low-income seniors and people with disabilities may also apply to receive financial assistance to pay for a portion of their snow removal costs through this programAccess to support in the community see separate listings for additional program descriptions



Governor’s Walk Retirement Residence



Address: 150 Stanley Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1M 2J7

Phone: 613-564-9255

Private retirement residence with a capacity of 82 residentsServices: independent living assisted living services respite convalescent care daily housekeeping weekly housekeeping meals medication administration personal laundry pharmacy services physician on call recreation programs registered nurse on staff tray service visiting: lab services, physician, physiotherapist, podiatrist vitals monitoring memory care – secured unit with separate dining roomBuilding amenities: air conditioning beauty salon central dining room chapel fire and smoke alarms activity lounge library lounges private dining room tuck shopSuite amenities: heating and air conditioning (individually controlled) emergency call system fire and smoke alarms in each suite private bath sprinkler in each suite


Grace Manor



Address: 1156 Wellington St W, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 2Z3

Phone: 613-722-8025


Private long-term care home  24-hour nursing care  owned and operated by the Salvation Army


Health Care at Home



Address: 4200 Labelle St, Suite 100, Ottawa, ON, K1J 1J8

Phone: 310-2222 (no area code required)

Access to health care support at home, at school or in the community. Coordinates admissions into long-term care homes (including short-stay and respite care beds) and into complex continuing care (chronic care)  Coordinates in-home services:  nursing  personal support  physiotherapy  occupational therapy  speech language therapy  social work  nutritional counselling  medical supplies and equipment   Coordinates in-school services:  health care services  placement into long-term care homes  information and referral   Specialized programs geared to specific health needs:  acquired brain injury  convalescent care  family services  school health support  mental health  palliative care  respite care  Information and referral regarding retirement homes, community support services and programs



Kanata Psychology and Counselling Centre



Address: The Chambers, 300 Terry Fox Dr, Suite 700, Ottawa, ON, K2K 0E3

Phone: 613-435-2729


Psychology and counselling services psychological assessments to diagnose mood or anxiety disorders, personality disorders, and other factors related to psychological difficulties couples counselling children and adolescents counselling psychoeducational assessments to identify disabilities caregiver support and help navigating health and social services eldercare counselling addiction counselling  autism services substance use and abuse


Landmark Court



Address: 140 Darlington Private, Ottawa, ON, K1V 0X7

Phone: 613-526-4533

COVID-19 (4 Jun 2020): Only essential visitors are permitted to enter until further notice.Visit their website for up-to-date information.A private retirement residence with a capacity of 67 single room units Daily Housekeeping Weekly Housekeeping Meals Medication Administration Medication Supervision Personal Laundry Pharmacy Services Physician on Call Private Duty Nursing Recreation Program Respite Convalescent Care Registered nurse on staff Transportation Tray Service Visiting Lab Service Visiting Physician Visiting Physiotherapist Visiting Podiatrist Vitals MonitoringSpecial Amenities: Swimming pool Tennis Courts Walking paths and gazebo lookoutBuilding Amenities: Air Conditioning Beauty Salon Central Dining Room Chapel Fire and/or Smoke Alarms Fitness Room/Area Games Room Horticulture Area Library * Lounges Parkin Recreation/Craft/Activity Resident Storage Sprinkler System Swimming Pool Wheelchair Accessible WhirlpoolSuite Amenities: Air Conditioning (individually controlled) Call Bell System Fire and/or Smoke Alarms in each suite Heating (individually controlled) Kitchenette Private Bath Sprinkler in each suiteResidence owned by Revera



Languages of Life



Address: 110 Bentley Ave, Unit 5, Ottawa, ON, K2E 6T9

Phone: 613-232-9770


Interpretation and translation services:  in over 150 languages



Manotick Place Retirement Community



Address: 1145 Bridge St, Ottawa, ON, K4M 0G8

Phone: 613-692-2121


Independent living facility retirement and assisted living 24 registered practical nurses on site palliative care physiotherapy assessment respite care


Maplewood Retirement Community



Address: 340 Industrial Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1G 3Z6

Phone: 613-656-0556


COVID-19 (7 Sep 2021): Riverstone follows the guidelines and advice of provincial and federal governments, along with Public Health agencies and retirement sector regulators, accordingly. As the directives and guidelines change, Riverstone Retirement Communities will change its policies and processes.Visit the website for up-to-date information.Private retirement residence offering a full continuum of careIndependent living provide recreational programs, such as fitness, social activities, crafts, games and planned outingsResidential care provide individualized care plan developed by our healthcare teamPhysical assisted living offering light two-person assistance provide daily assistance with morning and evening dressing, grooming and personal hygieneMemory care provide a private lounge with specialized dementia activity programs, including fitness, social activities, crafts and gamesConvalescent and respite care rooms are equipped to feature all the services and amenities available in any of our lifestyle optionsDisability accommodation persons with disabilities are permitted to obtain, use, or benefit from goods or services through the use of their own assistive devices with the staff receiving training so as to be familiar with various assistive devices that may be used by customers with disabilitiesTrial stays offer fully furnished suites that can be rented for trial periods or for guest


Marochel Manor



Address: 949 Montreal Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1K 0S6

Phone: 613-744-1861

Private long-term care facility 24-hour nursing care  variety of services and activities



My Place Home Care



Address: 1192 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 7K7

Phone: 613-686-6366


In-home health care services care management personal care companionship quality of living care Alzheimer’s and dementia care transportation convalescent care foot care respite care home medical equipment and supplies educational services and seminars


National Association of Federal Retirees



Address: 2285 St Laurent Blvd, Unit B-2, Ottawa, ON, K1G 4Z5

Phone: 613-737-2199

Protects and advocates improvements in the benefits of all eligible federal employees (retired federal public servants, Canadian Forces personnel, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) personnel and federally appointed judges) provides information and advice to the 35,000 individual members of the Ottawa Branch on a range of related matters health and travel insurance coverage and benefits bereavement support informaticsOttawa Branch conducts annual and special information sessions on related topics of general interest to the Branch membership such as health-related issues, financial planning, and travel insurance operates a number of affinity programs offering discounts and other benefits to the membership



New Orchard Lodge



Address: 99 New Orchard Ave N, Ottawa, ON, K2B 5E6

Phone: 613-820-2110

Private long-term care facility   physiotherapy    psychosocial interventions    nutritionist and activities    long-stay beds



Oakpark Retirement Community



Address: 2 Valour Dr, Ottawa, ON, K1G 3T5

Phone: 613-260-7144

Private retirement residence offering a continuum of care with a capacity of 145Private accommodation for Independent Living, Residential Care, Assisted Living Physical and a Memory Care Assisted Living Centre. Short-term stays for respite, convalescent, trials are welcome. Residence managed by Riverstone Retirement CommunitiesServices: assisted living physical memory care floor respite/convalescent medication administration and supervision vitals monitored daily tidy weekly housekeeping personal laundry pharmacy services visiting physician (twice per week) visiting lab service foot care dental hygiene activity programBuilding amenities: air conditioning wellness centre beauty salon fitness room library lounges crafts room private dining room whirlpool tub games room theatreSuite amenities: emergency call system pendant system private bathroom sprinkler system



Ogilvie Villa Retirement Residence



Address: 1345 Ogilvie Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1J 7P5

Phone: 613-742-6524

Private retirement residence with a capacity of 63Services include: weekly housekeeping meals medication administration medication supervision personal laundry pharmacy services physician on call private duty nursing recreation program respite convalescent care registered nurse on staff tray service visiting lab service visiting physician visiting physiotherapist vitals monitoringSpecial Amenities: close to several commerces, restaurants, and public transitBuilding Amenities: air conditioning beauty salon central dining room chapel games room library lounges parking tuck shop wheelchair accessibleSuite Amenities: emergency call system fire and smoke alarms in each suite heating (individually controlled) private bath



Ottawa West Community Support



Address: 1137 Wellington St W, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 2Y8

Phone: 613-728-6016

Friday luncheon program congregate dining hot lunch transportation social program special event outings
COVID-19 (11 Jun 2020): This organisation’s programs are being affected by COVID-19 • in-homes services are still running, call 613-728-6016 for more information • grocery box delivery available for seniors without access to groceries – call 613-728-6016 or email to community support personal care/respite care/homemaking  assisted living servicesAdult Day Program Virtual and telephone programming available during COVID-19 transportation available as resources permitSnow Go Program low-income seniors and people with disabilities can apply to receive financial assistanceWheels to Meals / Congregate Dining: luncheon program: Virtual & and phone programming available during COVID-19 includes hot meal and social activities monthly outing ON HOLD during COVID transportation available as resources permitAging in Place: specific Ottawa Community Housing Buildings



Park Place Seniors’ Suites & Retirement Residence



Address: 110-120 Central Park Dr, Ottawa, ON, K2C 4G3

Phone: 613-727-2773

Private seniors’ suites and retirement residence capacity of 94 roomsServices and amenities: registered nursing staff memory and dementia care in-house physiotherapy visiting doctor twice per week two person transfer mechanical lift organized leisure and fitness activities companion service respite convalescent care walking paths security entry system emergency call system air conditioning (individually controlled) heating (individually controlled) private bathroom with shower or bathtub fireplace in some suites private mailboxes laundry 3 daily meals, catering to dietary needsVariety of daily activities: physical, arts & crafts, socialLocated on a public transit bus line in the heart of a residential community, close to shopping, parks, Tim Horton’sThis residence is owned by Alavida Lifestyles



Qulex Care Home



Address: 16 Sutton Place, Ottawa, ON, K2E 5G2

Phone: 613-882-8127

Assisted daily care day activities support nursing care and personal care respite care, long-term or short-term meal services



Ravines Retirement Residence (The)



Address: 626 Prado Private, Ottawa, ON, K2E 0B3

Phone: 613-288-7900


Retirement home three meals per day daily bedmaking weekly housekeeping and laundry transportation to medical appointments extensive activity program care and medication administration, according to care needsSuites vary from: studios alcove suites one bedroom one bedroom with den ​two bedroom suites



Revera Hunt Club Manor



Address: 1351 Hunt Club Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1V 1A6

Phone: 613-733-4776

COVID-19 (October 20, 2021): Strict Provincial government screening guidelines are adhered to for all residents, staffs and visitors until further notice. Visit the website for complete details.Private retirement residence with a capacity of 68, from studios to one bedroom suitesHousekeeping services recreation program registered nurse on duty 24 hr service personal laundry visiting physician visiting lab service enhanced living service tray service (if needed) medication administration/supervision respite convalescent care Air conditioning beauty salon dining room indoor shuffleboard court library lounges parking religious services on-site sprinkler system wellness centre fire and smoke alarms fitness room games room emergency call system security entry system some suites with kitchenettes some suites with gas fireplaces private bath


Revera Retirement



Address: 10 Vaughan St, Ottawa, ON, K1M 2H6

Phone: 1-877-929-9222


Private retirement residence, owned by Revera, offering independent, enhanced and assisted living respite and convalescent facilitiesCare services: Alzheimer’s and dementia care mechanical lift for two persons palliative care post-surgery care physiotherapists on site two times per week therapeutic baths special dietary menus nursing staff 24 hoursCommon area amenities: penthouse lounge with panoramic view of Rideau River beauty and barber shop therapeutic spaApartment amenities: 3 meals a day in a full-service dining room Recreation programs Weekly housekeeping Personal laundry and linens Weekly doctor visits Mobile dental clinic Foot care Hair salon Therapeutic tub and spa room Van for medical and personal appointments individually controlled heating and air conditioning two-way emergency call system housekeeping chauffeur service to medical appointments


Rockcliffe Retirement Residence (The)



Address: 100 Island Lodge Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1N 0A2

Phone: 343-883-9901

Retirement home independent supportive living suites and a dedicated assisted living floor



Seniors for Seniors



Address: 2275 Stevenage Dr, 2nd Flr, Ottawa, ON, K1G 3W1

Phone: 613-627-3773

Companionship and care for seniors living in the local community. Services offered by other seniors. friendly drop-in visits light housekeeping driving to appointments overnight and live-in care medication reminders meal preparation errands and grocery shopping respite for families personal care Alzheimer’s and dementia care handy person



Sovereign Ease Caregiver Nursing Care



Address: 207 Bank St, Suite 408, Ottawa, ON, K2P 2N2

Phone: 613-693-0721

In-home nursing care dementia / Alzheimer’s support care residential and hospital sitter services companion care services overnight and 24 hour live-in home care respite care short stay respite careProvides personal assistance and support services: nursing and personal support services services in client’s home as well as hospitals and long-term care facilities palliative care wound care homemaking services health monitoring medication administration health information session nursing in nursing clinic setting transportation services



St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa



Address: 2865 Riverside Dr, Ottawa, ON, K1V 8N5

Phone: 613-731-4660

long-term care home 288 bed in-home nursing supervision physician on call pastoral and palliative care programs planned program of activities two respite care beds



Stirling Park Retirement Community



Address: 310 Titan Priv, Ottawa, ON, K2G 0B1

Phone: 613-656-1450

COVID-19 (23 Jun 2021): To maintaining the safety and well-being of the residents, and team members. Riverstone follows the guidelines and advice of provincial and federal governments, along with Public Health agencies and retirement sector regulators, accordingly. As the directives and guidelines change, Riverstone Retirement Communities will change its policies and processes.  Tours are available by personal appointment only, to protect the health and safety of its residents, team members, and visitors.Visit the website for up-to-date information.Private retirement residence full continuum of care private accommodation for independent living residential care physical assisted living memory care unit fully furnished suites available for respite convalescent and trial stays residence managed by Riverstone Retirement CommunitiesServices: nursing staff medication administration and supervision vitals monitoring daily tidy weekly housekeeping personal laundry pharmacy services visiting house physician visiting lab service foot care activity programs bus available for planned outings flexible meal plans and snacks convalescence and respite careBuilding amenities: six-story building salt-water pool greenhouse beauty salon fitness room library exterior and underground parking crafts room private dining room air-conditioning games room theatre wellness centreSuite amenities: individually controlled heating and air conditioning emergency call system pendant system kitchenettes



Unitarian House of Ottawa



Address: 20 Cleary Ave, Ottawa, ON, K2A 3Z9

Phone: 613-722-6690


COVID-19 (17 September 2021): Essential visitors only will be permitted to enter until further notice.Not-for-profit Retirement Residence and Senior ApartmentsRetirement Residence Services: 3 meals and snacks daily Light housekeeping-bed making daily Housekeeping weekly  Maintenance services daily upon request 24/7 Nursing services Medication management daily Activity & exercises programs dailySenior apartments: One & two bedroom apartment rentals Emergency services on site


VHA Health and Home Support


Website: N/A

Address: 250 City Centre Ave, Suite 700, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6K7

Phone: 1-877-818-0884


Home support, personal support, attendant care services, respite carePrograms include, but are not limited to, palliative care, acute and chronic and/or progressive illness, mental illness and families in crisisSpecialized programs designed for: the terminally ill people living with Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) / Human immunodeficiency virus infection (HIV) people living with Alzheimer’s disease, mental illness or permanent physical disabilitiesChamplain Central Application for Attendant Services: Central registration point where people with physical disabilities apply for attendant services across Home and Community Care Support Services.Attendant Services: Administers the Attendant Care Outreach Program (ACOP) that provides attendant care services to people with permanent physical disabilities who are able to direct their own care.


Westwood (The)



Address: 2370 and 2374 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON, K2B 8G9

Phone: 613-820-7333

COVID-19 (July 6, 2021): until further notice, essential visitors only will be permitted to enterPrivate retirement residence for seniors that offers the following services:  meals housekeeping transportation personal care leisure activities and health services that include medication supervision counselling 24 hour emergency staff assistance  convalescent care vacation care respite permanent retirement trial stay assisted living and secure floors dementia care



Wheels for the Wise



Address: 2948 Baseline Rd, Unit 209, Ottawa, ON, K2H 8T5

Companionship and physical assistance to attend medical appointments, social outings and assistance with weekly errands drivers are retired professionals who have experience working with the elderly, including people with dementia wheelchair accessible vehicles available upon requestAll staff have: cleared a records check with the Ottawa Police for working with vulnerable individuals clean driver abstracts issued by the Ministry of Transportation.


Acclaim Ability Management



Address: 1600 Carling Ave, Suite 120, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 1G3

Phone: 1-866-447-4447


Offers a unique approach to disability management by focusing on an individual’s abilities rather than their disabilities helps individuals with their goals of returning to good health and productivity in both their professional and personal livesA full service disability management firm: functional and / or cognitive assessments vocational evaluations employment counselling employability assessments occupational therapy services social work services mobility assessments workplace health and wellness assessments case/claims management workplace Safety and Insurance Board services in-house assessments independent Medical Assessments ODSP support services to employers long-term and short-term disability carriers auto insurers third party administrators solicitors and government programsOntario Employment Assistance Services  — Offers employment services which may include dissemination of labour market information, employment needs assessment, career planning, employment counselling, diagnostic services, job search skills, job finding clubs, job placement services, developing an employment action plan, referral to appropriate interventions, assessments for disability-related accommodations and participant case management and follow-up






Address: 550 Old St Patrick St, Ottawa, ON, K2N 5L5

Phone: 613-789-7418


Literacy and basic skills training, including numeracy, digital, communication and interpersonal skills helps learners prepare for employment, apprenticeship, secondary-school credit, post-secondary education and greater independence






Address: 1900 City Park Dr, Suite 100, Ottawa, ON, K1J 1A3

Phone: 1-800-361-4642


Comprehensive employment and job search services assessment of skills, interests and experience job search strategies, including resume preparation information about careers and occupations, local labour market, employment and training opportunities on-the-job training, work experience help in maintaining employment information and referral to other employment and community servicesBetter Jobs OntarioSkills training and financial support for laid off workers training program must demonstrate good job prospects financial support based on need, may include tuition, instructional costs, books, transportation and/or a basic living allowanceServices for employers help in identifying human resource skills requirements matching of workplace needs to workers’ skills, capabilities, interests and experience support for developing on-the-job training plans and monitoring of placements to support retentionCanada-Ontario Job Grant financial support for individual employers to purchase training for their employees available to small, medium and large businesses planning to deliver short-term training for existing or new employeesOnline Resource Centre to help support clients remotely



Algonquin College



Address: Woodroffe Campus; 1385 Woodroffe Ave, Rm B453, Ottawa, ON, K2G 1V8

Phone: 613-727-4723


English as a Second Language (ESL) * courses will improve English communication skills * offered during the day, on a part-time basis during the afternoon and evening * all students registered in this course have access to the Multimedia Language LabFrench as a Second Language (FSL) * courses will improve French communication skills * all students registered in this course have access to the Multimedia Language LabOccupation-Specific Language Training (OSLT) * free training course teaches Canadian terms and words used in a specific profession and introduce newcomers to cultural norms of the Canadian workplaceTeacher of English as a Second Language/Foreign Language (TESL/FL) * the specialized knowledge and skills in the area of TESL/FL methodology, instructional techniques, syllabus design and evaluationOfficial testing accepted for immigration and academic purposes (IELTS, CELPIP, CAEL, TEF)
Provides flexible learning options over 80 programs and 700 courses offered anytime, anywhere
Academic upgrading courses which prepare individuals for college programs and/or employment individuals can study only the courses they need to meet the admission requirements for a college program of choice, or they can earn the Academic and Career Entrance Certificate (ACE) which is recognized across Ontario as a Grade 12 equivalency for admission to college, and by many employers as meeting their minimum employment standard delivery of most courses is individualized placement tests determine which course to start in continuous intake daytime or evening full-time or part-time communication  communication mathematics biology chemistry success strategies computer skills
Literacy and basic skills training, including numeracy, digital, communication and interpersonal skills * helps learners prepare for employment, apprenticeship, secondary-school credit, post-secondary education and greater independence
COVID-19 (8 Feb 2021): Services are currently offered virtually.Supports for learners facing barriers to post-secondary educationServices for future students include: one-on-one coaching direct referral to career clarity counseling participation in educational transition activities assistance with the college and financial application process ongoing support from ASPIRE AC staff, i.e., Transition to College CoachServices for current students include: sponsored peer tutoring graduate mentoring support job coach services continued support from ASPIRE AC staff
Services for Registered Students: Counselling Services provides the following services by professional staff: personal counselling educational and career counselling group counselling consultation educational and career resources study skills workshops.Career Centre: The computerized Career Centre at the Woodroffe campus is shared with Student Employment Services and includes information on educational and training programs across Canada.To help in career planning, one will find information about: occupations college and university programs employment statistics résumé writing interview preparation job-hunting strategies.Community Services: Free 30-minute consultation interviews with a counsellor for educational or career planning, offered all year during the day by appointment on an availability basis.
A safe, supportive and welcoming environment for Aboriginal students of Algonquin College. There are opportunities for career, academic and personal counselling, as well as traditional healing, meeting with Knowledge Keepers, attending socials and educational workshops.Orientation * Individual and Group Counselling * Educational Workshops * Mental Health Services * Referrals
Banquet, classroom and meeting room rentals accommodating groups from 10-900 people choice from classroom facilities equipped with a projector, computer, telephone, and wifi or from one of their many rooms that can be reconfigured to accommodate meeting objectives computer labs, auditorium style classrooms with desks, and boardrooms availableServices: Summer Accommodations Professional Catering Services Meeting Room Facility Rentals On-Site Printing and Publishing Services Photo ID Card Systems Development Audio-VisualSuitable uses for: workshops sports club meetings conferences receptions parties seminars dinners weddings dances



Canada Safety Council



Address: 1020 Thomas Spatt Place, Ottawa, ON, K1G 5L5

Phone: 613-739-1535


Provides national leadership in safety through information, education and collaboration Courses: Babysitting Training Course Home Alone Course Defensive Driving Course Professional Driver Improvement course the 55 Alive Mature Driver course   Gearing Up Motorcycle Training Course Courses on ATV, UTV, ARGO and snowmobileOnline learning: Green Defensive Driving Courses Motorcycle Safety Extensive catalogue of Occupational Health and Safety Courses: Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), including:  Fire Safety Transportation of Dangerous Goods Workplace Violence and Harassment  Public Awareness Campaigns: Annual campaigns with vital preventive information on:  farm safety summer safety road safety school safety community safety and crime prevention seniors’ safety home fire safety safe driving



Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)



Address: Sun Life Financial Centre, 50 O’Connor St, Suite 1100, Ottawa, ON, K1P 6L2

Phone: 1-888-463-6232


Financial services terms loans subordinate financing venture capitalConsulting services: business planning financial planning marketing research International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards human resources technology and innovation business transition



Canadian Centre for Women’s Empowerment



Address: 45 O’Connor St, Ottawa, ON, K1G 1A4

Phone: 1-866-863-0511


COVID19 (21 Apr 2020): During COVID-19, organisation is offering confidential virtual women’s support group for individuals going through or having gone through domestic or family violence.Support, mentorship, advocacy for survivors of domestic violence or abuse: Wellness support group Workshops: financial literacy, self care, wellness and recovery, nutrition, mental health Advocacy: community awareness campaigns to increase understanding of economic abuse, support development of new approaches to economic abuse, working with organisations to review existing systems, policies and procedures Policy influencing: highlight issue of economic abuse in responding to national policy consultations and working with stakeholders Mentorship for entrepreneurship Volunteer opportunities


Canadian Hearing Services



Address: 1541 Merivale Rd, Suite C, Ottawa, ON, K2G 5W1

Phone: 1-866-518-0000


Interpretation services provided for deaf and hard of hearing individuals uses American Sign Language (ASL) or la Langue des signes québécoise (LSQ) for a variety of appointments including medical, legal, employment, social service, etc after-hours emergency interpretation provided as required
Matches unemployed and job-ready clients who are deaf, deafened and hard of hearing with prospective employersEmployment Assistance Services (EAS) — Offers employment services which may include: dissemination of labour market information employment needs assessment career planning employment counselling diagnostic services job search skills job finding clubs job placement services developing an employment action plan  referral to appropriate interventions assessments for disability-related accommodations participant case management and follow-up



Canadian Organic Growers



Address: 100 Gloucester St, Suite 410, Ottawa, ON, K2P 0A4

Phone: 1-888-375-7383


Organization that provides information to farmers, gardeners, and general public about organic farming works with different levels of government to promote the development of legislation, regulation, and policies to support organics in Canada develops new markets and training opportunities for farmers training workshops facilitates National Organic Week activities across Canada organic school gardens and held in-class workshops on organic gardening techniques with students and teachers lending library containing titles on organic agriculture and related topics



Canadian Red Cross



Address: 400 Cooper St, Suite 8000, Ottawa, ON, K2P 2H8

Phone: 613-740-1900


First aid, water safety and wellness programs Instructor Courses Conferences Babysitter and Children Safety First Aid and CPR Swimming and Water Safety Psychological First Aid Lifeguarding Respect Education Occupational Health and Safety   Visit website to find courses that are offered online and in your community.


Carleton University





Causeway Work Centre



Address: 22 O’Meara St, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 4N6

Phone: 613-725-3494


Procides a variety of supported employment, educational, and wellness programs and other services Solutions for Youth Project Employment Supports Program Social Enterprises Job Quest Financial literacy training Community Loan Fund (for eligible clients trapped in cycle of Pay Day loans) Supported Employment in Rural Ottawa Wellness program Causeway Foundation Agency-sponsored entrepreneurial businnesses providing employment opportunities to consumers



Centre for Social Enterprise Development



Address: 7 Bayview Station Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 2C5


Canadian non-governmental organization providing social enterprise strategy, services and supportServices include: strategic consulting training & development networking procurement support



Community Employment Resource Centre



Address: 415 Hazeldean Rd, Ottawa, ON, K2L 4C6

Phone: 613-828-2123


COVID-19 (5 Sep 2022):  Staff is available remotely and is assisting clients and employers via phone, video-meetings, phone and email. In-person meetings are available by appointment: or 613-828-2123Comprehensive employment and job search services assessment of skills, interests and experience job search strategies, including resume preparation information about careers and occupations, local labour market, employment and training opportunities on-the-job training, work experience help in maintaining employment information and referral to other employment and community servicesBetter Jobs ProgramSkills training and financial support for laid off workers training program must demonstrate good job prospects financial support based on need, may include tuition, instructional costs, books, transportation and/or a basic living allowanceServices for employers help in identifying human resource skills requirements matching of workplace needs to workers’ skills, capabilities, interests and experience support for developing on-the-job training plans and monitoring of placements to support retentionCanada-Ontario Job Grant  financial support for individual employers to purchase training for their employees available to small, medium and large businesses planning to deliver short-term training for existing or new employees



CVE Inc.



Address: 1900 Merivale Rd, Suite 200, Ottawa, ON, K2G 4N4

Phone: 613-237-7368


Promotes occupational education, training and development of adults with disabilitiesODSP Services guides and empowers individuals to making the right life changing decisions with respect to regular employment challenges helps and supports regular employment of people with disabilities by identifying skills and abilities to develop tools meeting their specific needs to intergrate the workforceEmployers Services assists with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Compliance Review for implementation of the guidelines free Workplace Diversitfication Training about working with individuals with disablities job coaching support and on the job training to help make the transition of returning to work possible for both the client and the employer alleviate initial training costs to the employer through wage subsidy programs





Enactus uOttawa



Address: Lauzon Grocery, 207 Guiges Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5J3

Phone: 613-562-5800


Social entreprise providing access to healthy food alternatives at a low cost substitutes unhealthy options such as chips, cookies, and candies at a corner store for healthier alternatives customers can choose a healthy recipe (available at the store) and then select and purchase the necessary products from the list



Frontier College



Address: 1376 Bank St, Suite 206, Ottawa, ON, K1H 8N6

Phone: 613-816-1403


Assists adults to develop literacy and basic skills improves self-esteem furthers educational and employment opportunities improves healthPrograms:Learning Support: focus on the individual learner’s strengths, knowledge and experiences aim of providing learning support and building self-esteem ​tutors work one-to-one or in small groups programs occur in a range of places, including schools, community centres, libraries, and sheltersHomework Club: participants meet one-to-one or in small groups with volunteers tutors help to read, write, do homework, play word games, and do other activities that support learning and literacy at least once a weekVolunteers opportunities: tutor math, reading, and writing read stories help with special events work for the Frontier College Book Donation Program



Heartwood House: au coeur de la vie



Address: Heartwood House, 404 McArthur Ave E, Ottawa, ON, K1K 1G8

Phone: 613-233-8660


Literacy and basic skills training including numeracy, digital, communication and interpersonal skills  helps learners prepare for employment, apprenticeship, secondary-school credit, post-secondary education and greater independence






Address: 11 Aviation Pkwy, Ottawa, ON, K1K 4Y5

Phone: 1-800-463-2038

Aviation and space museum * permanent and temporary exhibits * summer camps and programming for children * birthday parties and sleepovers * concerts * flight simulators, helicopter flights, biplane rides available * facilities available for rent



Injury Prevention Plus



Address: 2148 Beaumont Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1H 5V2

Phone: 613-730-1074


Provides ergonomics assessments in office and industrial environments, job demands analysis and return to work programming. * Also provides train the trainer ergo coach courses.



Invest Ottawa



Address: 7 Bayview Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 2C5

Phone: 613-828-6274


Information and tools for entrepreneurs to establish and expand their business   range of services, including consulting, business information, training, and financial advice   seminars and workshops on many business topics are held on a monthly basis   consulting services for accounting, legal, and business matters


Krackers Katering



Address: 22 O’Meara St, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 4N6

Phone: 613-792-4954


Catering business both social and economic objectives provides competitively priced food customers are giving back to their community with each order they place staffed by individuals who have experienced barriers to employment, including people with disabilities and those who are economically disadvantaged






Address: 2197 Riverside Dr, Suite 402, Ottawa, ON, K1H 7X3

Phone: 613-235-9550


Helps the community welcome and include people with intellectual disabilities, autistic persons, and individuals with a dual diagnosis to live, work, and play as valued citizens.Categories of support:Employment Supports employment partnership development workplace inclusion specialists employment discovery specialistsCommunity Connecting and Supported Independent LivingVolunteer opportunity






Address: 151 Slater St, Suite G-089, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5H2

Phone: 1-888-322-1234


Comprehensive job assistance centre permanent, temporary, and temporary to permanent employment opportunities for a wide range of skill sets and in a variety of industries job information available on the website



March of Dimes Canada



Address: 117 Centrepointe Dr, Suite 250, Ottawa, ON, K2G 5X3

Phone: 1-877-695-7999



COVID19 (2 June 2020): Some services offered virtually during the pandemic. See Online Virtual Programs page on website for details.Programs for persons with disabilities vocational rehabilitation supported employment job preparation job coaching community development public education awareness of needs of persons with disabilities sensitivity awareness sssistive devices program home and vehicle modification program independent living services outreach/attendant careOntario Employment Assistance Services — Offers employment services which may include dissemination of labour market information, employment needs assessment, career planning, employment counselling, diagnostic services, job search skills, job finding clubs, job placement services, developing an employment action plan, referral to appropriate interventions, assessments for disability-related accommodations and participant case management and follow-up


Millenium Learning Centres



Multiple locations

Phone: 613-744-2892


14 user-friendly centres to learn computer and Internet use   resources for job-seekers: photocopying, faxing and mailing of resumes (including electronically)   newspapers, job boards and other job-related information   low-cost voice mail boxes   assistance with online job searching and creating a resume   orientation sessions, individual assistance and training workshops (certain sites only)


National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association



Address: 75 Albert St, Suite 908, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5E7

Phone: 1-844-827-0327


Network of Aboriginal Financial Institutions (AFIs) dedicated to stimulating economic growth for Canada’s Aboriginal peoples by promoting and underwriting Aboriginal business developmentAFIs provide business financing support to Aboriginal businesses, which can include: business loans financial consulting services aftercare start-up support


National Research Council Canada



Address: 1200 Montreal Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0R6

Phone: 1-877-672-2672


Research and technology organization provides innovation support, strategic research, scientific and technical servicesResearch and Development (R&D) in:  advanced electronics and photonics aerospace aquatics and crop resource development astronomy and astrophysics automotive and surface transportation construction digital technologies energy, mining and environment human health therapeutics meteorology medical devices nanotechnology ocean, coastal and river engineering security and disruptive technologiesIndustrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) : innovation and funding services helps accelerate the growth of a business through innovation and technology advisory services networking youth employment programs



National Trust for Canada



Address: 190 Bronson Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6H4

Phone: 1-866-964-1066


promotes the care and wise use of historic places raises awareness through national award programs heritage-led regeneration programs and services heritage policy, government relations and advocacyEvents/platforms/additional programs: National Trust Conference: annual gathering of heritage professionals, advocates and stakeholders This Place Matters: crowdfunding platform for heritage ( Young Canada Works in Heritage: funding program Herb Stovel Scholarship Fund for students studying heritage conservation


Nunavut Sivuniksavut



Address: 450 Rideau St, Suite 201, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5Z4

Phone: 613-244-4937


College program based in Ottawa for Inuit youth from Nunavut who want to prepare for the educational, training, and career opportunities that are being created by the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement (NLCA) and the new Government of Nunavut


Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers



Address: 1545 Carling Ave, Suite 110, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 8P9

Phone: 1-877-817-0336


Comprehensive occupational health services and information inquiry service to answer work-related health and safety questions medical diagnostic services for workers who may have work-related health problems group service for workplace health and safety committees and groups of workers outreach and education research services to investigate and report on illnesses and injuries



OMS Montessori



Address: 335 Lindsay St, Ottawa, ON, K1G 0L6

Phone: 613-521-5185


Private Montessori education toddler and preschool programs elementary school The Element high school francophone program for toddlers to elementary school students (end of grade 6) summer camps



Ontario Industrial and Finishing Skills Centre



Address: 199 Colonnade Rd S, Unit 4, Ottawa, ON, K2E 7K3

Phone: 613-228-5222


Health and safety training skills upgrading Architectural Glass & Metal Technician (Glazier) Apprenticeship Training pre-apprentice training



Ontario Public Interest Research Groups (The)



Address: 85 University Private, University Centre, Room 215 D Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5



Ontario. Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development



Address: Preston Square, 347 Preston St, 3rd Flr, Suite 310, Ottawa, ON, K1S 3H8

Phone: 1-877-221-1220


Offers registration and support to: new apprentices who have arranged a sponsoring employer or who have prior education and related work experience also offers consultation to sponsoring employersApprenticeship Scholarship  $1,000 scholarship upon completion of academic upgrading, for registered apprentices younger than 25 years who left school before completing the necessary academic requirements for registering in a trade, who are committed to achieving the necessary academic requirements within one year, and who demonstrate an interest in the skilled tradesOntario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) school-to-work transition program offered through Ontario secondary schools students earn cooperative education credits in grades 11 and 12 through work placements in skilled trades interested students full-time high school students 16 years and older entering Grade 11 should contact their guidance counsellor, co-op education teacher or the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program Coordinator for the local school board or contact the local Apprenticeship OfficePre-Apprenticeship Training Program job skill development and trade readiness for unemployed individuals wanting careers in skilled trades programs are at various community locations, and up to 52 weeks long including a minimum 8-12 week work placement free, with costs covered for tuition, textbooks, safety equipment and toolsThis office offers on-site exams



Ottawa Catholic School Board



Address: Catholic Education Centre, 570 West Hunt Club Rd, Ottawa, ON, K2G 3R4

Phone: 613-224-2222


Ottawa Catholic schools are at the core of every vibrant neighbourhood in the city, instilling a love for learning and innovation in every student. Wherever you live in Ottawa, you can trust that there is an OCSB school nearby, with a community ready to welcome your family. Here are just a few reasons families choose an OCSB school for their children.



Ottawa Network For Education



Address: 900 Morrison Dr, Suite 205, Ottawa, ON, K2H 8K7

Phone: 613-366-3085


Addresses issues facing children and youth remove barriers to learning prepare local students for post-secondary success organizes events



Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities



Address: Tunney’s Pasture, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0T6

Phone: 613-569-8993


Supported employment program through Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDCFull and part-time enclave work; tasks include: sorting of confidential papers and other materials shredding of paper loading dock duties



Ottawa-Carleton District School Board



Address: 160 Percy St, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6E5 (multiple locations)

Phone: 613-239-2544


High school credits are obtained in lifeskills, academic classes and cooperative education. Students can obtain work experience while obtaining high school credits. Academic classes are taken on an independent study basis. Students have the opportunity to take compulsory courses and can complete all credits required for their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.This is the only site that has an under-16 program which allows students to complete some of the course requirements for their grade 9 year.



Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (Adult High School)



Address: Adult High School; 300 Rochester St, Suite 202, Ottawa, ON, K1R 7N4

Phone: 613-239-2416


Assists all newly arriving and returning students, who speak a first language other than English and who will be living within the service boundariesWill check documents for school assess students in literacy, numeracy, English and first language contact schools for placement (English as a Second Language, English Literacy Development, regular programs and special needs) check documents for immunizations provide information about the school and the communityAdults looking for English as a Second Language and Language (ESL) Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) programs are referred to the programs offered by the Ottawa Carleton District School Board, through Continuing Education, at 440 Albert St, 613-239-2656



Pakistan Canada Association




Canada-Pakistan Association of the National Capital Region (CPA-NCR) is a non-profit charitable organization founded in 1972 by a small dedicated group of Canadians of Pakistani origin



PARO Centre For Women’s Enterprise



Address: Impact Hub, 123 Slater, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5H2

Phone: 343-543-8370


Support for women to start and scale up their business partnerships with organisations serving women counselling skill development networking peer mentoring peer lending



People, Words & Change



Address: Heartwood House, 404 McArthur Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1K 1G8

Phone: 613-234-2494


Offering literacy and basic skills services employment apprenticeship secondary-school credit post-secondary education greater independence free one-on-one tutoring



Performance Plus Rehabilitative Care Inc



Address: 251 Laurier Ave W, Unit 900, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5M8

Phone: 1-800-427-6214


Personal employment counseling services assessment application assistance for the Ontario Disability Support Program – Employment Supports and MAESD Cornwall supported employment vocational rehabilitation employment planning career coaching work placements services to employers disability awareness and etiquette trainingApproved service provider for the Ontario Disability Support Program: Employment Supports Ministry of Children Community and Social Services Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities



Rideau-Ottawa Valley Learning Network



Address: 404 McArthur Ave, Suite 210, Ottawa, ON, K1K 1G8

Phone: 613-233-3232


helps literacy programs build capacity to address emerging needs   promotes best practices in service delivery   coordinates service planning and project management   offers information and referral, outreach and networking   provides professional development for literacy instructorsLiteracy and Basic Skills   literacy and basic skills training, including: numeracy, digital, communication and interpersonal skills   helps learners prepare for employment, apprenticeship, secondary-school credit, post-secondary education and greater independence





Address: 11 Nadolny Sachs Priv, Suite 218, Ottawa, ON, K2A 1R9

Phone: 613-725-3519


Day activity program leisure activities supported employment volunteer work performing and visual arts



Thinking in Pictures Educational Services



Address: 31 Nadolny Sachs Priv, Ottawa, ON, K2A 1R9

Phone: 613-224-0729


Specialized services for adultsServices include tutoring through high school level math and writing/reading skills lifeskills and independent skills training vocation skills training consulting services for professionals



University of Ottawa



Phone: 613-562-5600


Student Legal Aid Services Society clinic staffed by students and supervised by lawyers provides legal services to low-income members of the community conducts legal education presentations participates in a variety of outreach activities for students and many community organizationsProvides legal advice and representation on: family law  tenant law  criminal charges  serious matters under the Highway Traffic Act and Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act



Vanier Family Medical Clinic


Address: 1237 Donald St, Ottawa, ON, K1J 8W3

Phone: 613-695-9001


Medical family practice appointments and walk-in clinic travel medicine annual physical (including for a third-party) allergy testing pap smear test foot care heart disease diagnosis sport medicine



Vitality Assessments Group



Address: 1676 Bank St, Ottawa, ON, K1V 7Y6

Phone: 613-513-5640


Medical Assessments and Therapeutic Treatments provided in private home settings public and private residential and nursing homesTreatments provided by occupational therapists kinesiologists psychotherapists yoga therapists registered dieticians case managers clinical psychologists nurse practitioners registered nurses and social workers Individualized and tailored pediatric treatments including addressing: fine motor skills visual-motor skills cognitive skills delays in play and social interaction skills self-care activities (feeding, dressing, bathing, toileting) leisure (play skills and participating in sports/hobbies) self-regulation  learning disabilities sleeping challenges  sensory challengesWorks with professionals in Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Medical Care, Family Physicians, etc occupational therapy in home assessments home-based safety assessment chronic pain assessment functional capacity evaluation future care cost assessments ergonomic workspace assessment standard musculoskeletal assessment Assistive Devices Program (ADP) assessment for manual/power wheelchairs, walkers, scooters and communication aids attendant care needs assessments housekeeping needs assessments cognitive and physical demand evaluation group therapy sessions



Women’s Initiatives for Safer Environments



Address: The Bronson Centre, 211 Bronson Ave, Rm 205, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6H5

Phone: 613-230-6700


Community based organization diverse communities and individuals to create safer physical and social environments in our neighborhoods, parks, workplaces, recreational pathways, and schools aims to prevent and end violence against women and empower provides effective safety strategies and support through safety workshops and resource documents



Workers Health & Safety Centre



Address: 280 Metcalfe St, Suite 502, Ottawa, ON, K2P 1R7

Phone: 1-888-869-7950


Offers a comprehensive package of health and safety training solutions range from ready-made packages to customized versions adapted for individual workplaces



Workplace Safety & Prevention Services



Address: Carleton University, Carleton Technology & Training Centre; 1125 Colonel By Dr, Suite 3100, Ottawa, ON, K1S 5R1

Phone: 1-877-494-9777


Provides industry-specific health and safety products, training and consulting services



Y’s Owl Maclure Co-operative Centre



Address: 1140 Morrison Dr W, Suite 100, Ottawa, ON, K2H 8S9

Phone: 613-721-1500

Part of Ontario’s occupational health and safety system facilitates return to work, and provides insurance for injuries and illnesses incurred by workplaces covered under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act provides full and complete service to employers on registration and insurance premiums


Canada Consumer Handbook



Address: 235 Queen St, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0H5

Phone: 1-800-328-6189


Helps consumers find reliable information on consumer issuesThe information available on the website is provided by objective, trustworthy and reliable sources, including federal, provincial and territorial governments, and non-government sources.



Canada Industrial Relations Board



Address: C.D. Howe Building; 240 Sparks St, 4th Flr W, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0X8

Phone: 1-800-575-9696


Independent, representational, quasi-judicial tribunal responsible for the interpretation and application of the Canada Labor Code, Part I, Industrial Relations, and certain provisions of Part II, Occupational Health and Safety.  responsible for the interpretation and administration of Part II (Professional Relations) of the Status of the Artist Act.



Canada Nepal Solidarity for Peace


Website: Canada Nepal Solidarity For Peace | Facebook

Address: 374 Grammond Circle, Ottawa, ON, K4A 0W8

Phone: 613-884-0869


Provides support from within Canada to help people in Nepal build a nation where everyone can live in their communities in peace and security without fear provides counselling and help with the immigration process in Canada



Canada. Canadian Human Rights Commission



Address: Canada Building, Minto Place, 344 Slater St, 8th Flr, Ottawa, ON, K1A 1E1

Phone: 1-888-214-1090


Administers the Canadian Human Rights Act handles complaints (including sexual harassment) against organizations aims for federally regulated employers to achieve a well represented workforce carries out compliance audits of employers and service providers



Canada. Financial Consumer Agency of Canada



Address: 427 Laurier Ave W, 6th Flr, Ottawa, ON, K1R 1B9

Phone: 1-866-461-3222


Information on the right to cash a Government of Canada cheque at any bank with tellers for freeA bank can refuse to cash a Government of Canada cheque if:  bank suspects that it is counterfeit cheque is for more than $1,500 cheque has been endorsed or signed by a third-party cheque has been altered in some way cheque is connected with a crime or fraudIf the bank refuses to cash the cheque, it must give a letter saying so in case of a complaint, the bank must also tell the client how to contact the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC)



Canadian Association of the Deaf



Address: 251 Bank St, Suite 606, Ottawa, ON, K2P 1X3

Phone: 613-565-2882


provides consultation and information on Deaf needs and interests conducts research and collects data regarding Deaf issues develops and implements pilot programs offers assistance to Deaf organizations and service agencies promotes and protects the rights, needs, and concerns of those who are linguistically and culturally Deaf who use American Sign Language (ASL) and langue des signes québécoise (LSQ)



Canadian Bar Association (The)



Address: 66 Slater St, Suite 1200, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5H1

Phone: 1-800-267-8860


Free legal advice provides services, without charge, to individuals affected by the crisis in UkraineVisit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada IRCC website for more information




Canadian Centre for Men and Families



Address: Vanier Medical Centre, 292 Montreal Rd, Suite 302, Ottawa, ON, K1L 6B7

Phone: 1-833-226-3688


Regional multi-service hub dedicated to the health and well-being of boys, men, fathers and families including women and all male or non-identified personsPrograms include fathering after separation or divorce  short-term counselling legal information clinic male survivors of false allegations – biweekly support and information group Nexus (Domestic Abuse Recovery) – 12 week educational recovery and support group survivors of false allegation (SOFA) survivors of false allegation Co-ed family support groupNote: In-person programs are available in Ottawa, however, many programs are online, enabling us to take participants from all over the country.



Canadian Human Rights Tribunal



Address: C.D. Howe Building, 240 Sparks St, 6th Flr West, Ottawa, ON, K1A 1J4

Phone: 1-844-899-3604


Tribunal protects individuals from discrimination states that all Canadians have the right to equality, equal opportunity, fair treatment, and an environment free of discrimination legally decides whether a person or organization has engaged in a discriminatory practice under the Canadian Human Rights Act applies these principles to cases that are referred to it by the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC)



Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic



Address: Brooks Building, 100 Thomas More Private, Suite 306, Ottawa, ON, K1N 1E3

Phone: 613-562-5800


Student-centered research and advocacy on technology-related policy and law reformUpper year and graduate law students assist clinic lawyers in: researching issues and drafting reports and submissions to government commenting on proposed legislative reforms providing legal advice  developing online resources for the public



City of Ottawa



Address: Ottawa City Hall; 110 Laurier Ave W, Ottawa, ON, K1P 1J1

Phone: 3-1-1


The City of Ottawa is the corporate entity of municipal government in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The corporation is responsible for provision of services to the public as well as enforcement of municipal by-laws.



Community Legal Services Ottawa



Address: 1 Nicholas St, Suite 422, Ottawa, ON, K1N 7B7 (multiple locations)

Phone: 613-241-7008


Legal clinicCOVID-19 (November 9, 2021): We are currently not meeting with people in-person. We are holding meetings by phone. Please call us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.Services employment and work housing law income assistance tribunals and courts health and disability immigration law refugee lawLegal information abuse and family violence debt and consumer rights French language rights human rights criminal law family law help with lawyers and paralegals wills and power of attorney




Connecting Ottawa



Address: Vanier Community Service Centre, 290 Dupuis St, Ottawa, ON, K1L 1A2


Support services to improve access to justice for people who do not speak English or French or who face a barrier to communication due to a disability, a sensory impairment or another condition support front-line community to develop capacity to provide appropriate legal information case management support legal and community information, referral and coordination website directory of legal, social and communication services public and staff legal education workshops





Cuso International



Address: 44 Eccles St, Suite 200, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6S4

Phone: 1-888-434-2876


International development organization works to reduce poverty and inequality through education, empowerment and the efforts of skilled volunteers on a long term basis to create local economic opportunity, gender equality and better health places people of all ages who collaborate with local groups on projects in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia volunteers share expertise and perspectives, and unlock potential




Legal Aid Ontario



Address: 275 Slater St, Suite 1101, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5H9

Phone: 613-238-7931


COVID-19 (November 10, 2021): Provincial and legal aid offices closed to the public. Services still offered by phone. Visit the website for latest service updates.Provides eligible clients with a certificate that covers the cost of hiring a lawyer to deal with serious types of civil or criminal cases helps with separation and child custody, but not divorce lawyers may or may not accept Legal Aid certificatesServices criminal legal issues domestic violence family legal issues mental health issues refugee and immigration legal issues legal clinics




Members of Parliament



Locations: Multiple locations

Contacts: Multiple contacts


Search site to look for local MP



Members of Provincial Parliament



Locations: Multiple locations

Contacts: Multiple contacts


Advocacy and assistance with all Ontario provincial ministries and programs, for example, Ontario Works, ODSP, Health and Long Term Care consultation on matters of local interest congratulatory messages/scrolls for significant milestonesQueen’s Park Contact Information for all MPPsJohn Fraser (Liberal) MPP, Ottawa South




National Capital Commission Ombudsman



Address: Chambers; 40 Elgin St, Suite 311, Ottawa, ON, K1P 1C7

Phone: 1-877-947-4330


Provide members of the public with an independent and confidential resource for resolving complaints against the National Capital Commission (NCC).




Office of the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime



Address: 240 Sparks St, Ottawa, ON, K1P 1A1

Phone: 1-866-481-8429


Facilitates access of victims to existing federal programs and services by providing them with information and referrals  Addresses complaints of victims about compliance with the provisions of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act that apply to victims of offenders under federal supervision and providing an independent resource for those victims  Enhances awareness among criminal justice personnel and policy makers of the needs and concerns of victims and the applicable laws that benefit victims of crime, including to promote the principles set out in the Canadian Statement of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime  Identifies emerging issues and exploring systemic issues that impact negatively on victims of crimeIf you are a victim of crime, this organization can: answer your questions about your rights as a victim  give you information about the services and programs available to you through the federal government  receive and review your complaints about other federal government departments, agencies or policies  refer you to programs and services in your city or province that may be able to help you  make recommendations to the federal government on how to change its policies or laws to better suit the needs and concerns of victims, and to report on those recommendations publicly



Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada



Address: 30 Victoria St, Ottawa, ON, K1A 1H3

Phone: 1-800-267-0441


investigates complaints about federal institutions’ handling of access requests monitors federal institutions’ performances under the Act represents the Commissioner in court cases provides legal advice on investigations and legislative matters



Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada



Address: 30 Victoria St, 8th Flr, Ottawa, ON, K1A 1H3

Phone: 1-800-282-1376


promotes public awareness of privacy rights and obligations provides legal opinions and litigates court cases  monitors trends in privacy practices, identifies systemic privacy issues investigates complaints  pursues legal action  assesses compliance with obligations in the Privacy Act and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act  advises on, and reviews, privacy impact assessments  provides legal and policy analyses and expertise responds to inquiries of Parliamentarians, individual Canadians and organizations  works with privacy stakeholders from other jurisdictions in Canada and on the international scene



Office of the Taxpayers’ Ombudsman



Address: Office of the Taxpayers’ Ombudsperson; 171 Slater St, Unit 1000, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5H7

Phone: 1-866-586-3839


The Office of the Taxpayers’ Ombudsperson (OTO) works independently from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to: improve the service that the CRA provides to taxpayers by reviewing service-related complaints look at issues that can affect more than one person, or a segment of the population



Ontario Legal Information Centre



Address: 85 Albert St, Unit 1400, Ottawa, ON, K1P 6A4

Phone: 1-844-343-7462


COVID-19 (May 7, 2020): Centre will no longer offer its services in person for the time being * legal information services remain available by telephone at 1-844-343-7462 during regular business hours * offering public legal education presentations remotely through Zoom to its community partners * contact for more informationLegal information and referral services offered on a confidential basis all areas of law 30 minute meeting with a lawyer, who can offer legal information referral service to specialized resources in the province help to determine the required legal forms offers pamphlets, resources and information tools prepared by various legal organizations commissioning of affidavits and notary public servicesThe Centre does not provide legal advice or legal assistance



Ontario. Landlord and Tenant Board



Address: 255 Albert St, 4th Flr, Ottawa, ON, K1P 6A9

Phone: 1-888-332-3234


COVID-19 (10 Sep 2021): implemented a number of changes to its operations until further notice. In-person service counters are closed, email the LTB at September 1, 2021, amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 (RTA) came into effect. Learn moreabout the RTA amendments.Navigate Tribunals Ontario, is a convenient online tool that empowers users with information about their rights and responsibilities and tribunal specific rules and processes. Try it out!The Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) resolves: disputes between residential landlords and tenants eviction applications filed by non-profit housing co-operativesThe LTB also provides information about its practices and procedures and the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants under the Residential Tenancies Act.


Ontario. Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services



Address: 347 Preston St, 3rd Flr, Ottawa, ON, K1S 2T7

Phone: 1-800-267-5111


Government program to help families of children with severe disabilities with financial support for the extra costs of careProgram may provide financial assistance with costs such as: travel to doctor’s appointments, hospitals and other appointments related to the child’s disability special shoes and clothes parental relief such as respite wheelchairs and other assistive devices, including repairs hearing aids and batteries prescription drugs dental and vision care, including eyeglassesAmounts received will depend on family income, size, the severity of the disability and the extraordinary costs related to the child’s disability
Out-of-Home Respite: for families of children with multiple special needs families can receive up to seven days of respite per year, provided in a location other than their own homeEnhanced respite funding: paid to families caring for a child who is medically fragile and/or depends on a technological device and needs care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year examples are children who rely on medical and technological equipment, such as mechanical ventilators, apnea monitors, renal dialysis, urinary catheters, colostomy bags take drugs intravenously rely on tracheotomy tube care, suctioning, oxygen support or tube feeding grant is paid in addition to other respite services families may be eligible for up to $3,500 per child, per year




Ontario. Ministry of the Attorney General



Address: Ottawa Court House, 161 Elgin St, 5th Flr, Rm 5300, Ottawa, ON, K2P 2K1

Phone: 613-239-1325


People who wish to complain about a lawyer’s fee must make a formal complaint using a requisition and order form for assessment this form is available from Counter 4, 2nd Flr at the Ottawa Courthouse the form must be submitted within 30 days of receipt of the lawyer’s bill the completed form must be brought to the assessment office on the 5th Flr where an appointment will be scheduled with an assessment officer the person must appear in person at the hearing where a decision is made COVID 19: Courts are not operating as usual. Do not go to court unless you have been told to attend. Ontarians can continue to access the justice system for urgent matters, including online.Resource centre that provides the public with information and education to help them deal with family law issues Information about legal services, the court process and court forms Advice Lawyer from Legal Aid Ontario available at designated times Information and Referral services to alternative dispute resolution options, community resources and family mediation services Information about and scheduling for the Mandatory Information Program



Parole Board of Canada



Address: 410 Laurier Ave W, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0R1

Phone: 1-866-789-4636


Independent administrative tribunal that has the power to grant, deny, revoke Parole or detain offendersProvides information to crime victims and their families regarding:  sentences eligibility for release review and National Parole Board hearings of federal offenders  receives victim impact statements and updates


Patro d’Ottawa



Address: 40 Cobourg St, Ottawa, ON, K1N 8Z6

Phone: 613-789-7733


Welcoming activities and prevention and support services for a wide range of clients Patro d’Ottawa works primarily with at-risk clients and families in need.Programs include prevention of social drop-out among children, pre-teens and teenagers by offering various recreational activities such as the Homework Club, day camps during school break (March, summer) integration of people with intellectual disabilities through workshops on daily autonomy, spiritual and personal growth, various recreational activities, referral to more specialized services social integration of adults through recreational and social activities to break isolation, social and support services to promote autonomy and healthy lifestyles community activities and projects for all residents of the neighbourhood, regardless of language services and activities offered in partnership with other organizationsIn collaboration with several partners, Patro d’Ottawa’s services and activities also include self-help groups and referrals to more specialized services Patro rents space to community organizations



Service Canada



Address: Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Ave W, Ottawa, ON, K1P 1J1

Phone: 1-800-622-6232


One-stop service delivery for a wide range of federal programs and services internet accessAssistance locating and applying for government programs: Employment Insurance Social Insurance numbers Canada Pension Plan Old Age Security passports Apprenticeship Incentive Grant Canada Education Savings Grant othersStudent/youth employment services available May-August through Service Canada Centres for Youth — see separate entryClick here for the Benefits Payment Calendar









Address: Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Ave W, Ottawa, ON, K1P 1J1

Phone: 1-800-267-8097


COVID-19 (24 March 2022) Encouraged to book an appointment at this centre to help reduce lineups and wait times.  Access to a wide range of Ontario government services and information with staff assistance, information and referral or computer access for online registrations.   Services at this location (Visit the website to confirm availability of service and for up-to-date details within each services as they tend to vary) driver’s licences vehicle permits, plates and stickers accessible parking permit driver and vehicle records health card and insurance (OHIP) organ and tissue donation birth, marriage and death photo card authentication of documents fishing, hunting and camping housing and property business registration corporation registration taxes




The MATCH International Women’s Fund



Address: 123 Slater St, Suite 600, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5H2

Phone: 1-855-640-1872


Grant-making organization that provides direct financial support to women’s rights organizations in the global South  the fund supports women to dismantle barriers, challenge perceptions, and change the world for women and girls and trans folk