Program Details

  • Level 1

    Learn how to read Arabic from the beginning, including the alphabet, vowels, and more, in order to be able to read the Quranic text.

  • Level 2

    For those who can read Arabic properly, even if broken, they begin to improve their recitation by learning and applying the rules of Tajweed (correct recitation of the Quran).

  • Level 3

    Advanced students work to perfect their recitation free of any errors, and, at the discretion of the teacher, may work on Hifz (memorizing the Quran) and/or reviewing what they memorized.

Whether you struggle with Arabic pronunciation, trying to improve your tajweed, or trying to maintain your memorization, our Quran program is here for you. We aim to remove any barriers between you and improving your recitation.

The Itqaan Program specifically aims to provide adults of all backgrounds with an easy and accessible way to learn the recitation of the Quran. The Brothers and Sisters sessions are run by qualified members from our community and are completely open and free. Simply grab a copy of the Quran and join us at your own pace.

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