Date : May 29, 2017


On this page you’ll find a list of comprehensive services offered by the OMA:

  • Booking a Wedding Officiant
  • Booking a Wedding Venue
  • Marital Disputes

To Book a Wedding Officiant

The Ottawa Muslim Association provides civil marriage and religious marriage (Nikah) services.

Before you contact the Masjid or Imam for marriage/nikah, please follow the procedures below.

  1. Marriage License Document.   A marriage license must be obtained from any City Hall in Ontario prior to the date of the Nikah. Go to your nearest city hall. (Both you and your wife/husband to be). Ask for a marriage license. (You will have to provide the necessary identification and pay a fee for the   application). Please note the Imam will not perform any Nikah without a valid marriage license which must be present at the time of the Nikah ceremony.
  2. Guardian (Wali) for the bride.  The Bride must be represented by her Wali which is a male relative.  Examples of a Wali include father, brother, son, paternal uncle, grandfather, etc. According to the majority of scholars of Islam, maternal uncles and grandfathers cannot be a Wali. The following people also cannot be a Wali: maternal uncle, other women even if relatives, friends, etc.
  3. Two adult male Muslim witnesses. Contact us if you need us to provide the witnesses.
  4. Mahr: The Mahr is a physical commodity (jewellery, gifts, money, etc) given from the husband to the wife in exchange of the wife’s acceptance to the marriage proposal. It is not a gift because it needs to be discussed and agreed upon by both parties before the Nikah ceremony to avoid dispute and misunderstandings. Also, it is not like the European dowry that is given to the father of the bride. The Mahr is the bride’s own property.

Once you obtain the marriage license and fulfill the above-mentioned requirements contact the Masjid or Imam to arrange an appointment for the Nikah.

If you’d like us to officiate your blessed marriage at the Ottawa Mosque, we suggest a $300 gift for the mosque for onsite service. You may also choose to do it at another place, such as a wedding venue or at your home. We suggest $400 gift for the mosque for offsite service, if the location is within 20km from the Ottawa Mosque. For farther destinations please contact the office to get an estimate for the service.

Booking a Wedding Venue

You may want to consider booking our own banquet hall in a Muslim organization. The early scholars of Islam reported that it was a great blessing to conduct the marriage ceremony inside the mosque. Additionally, you may want to consider a wedding venue right beside the mosque, providing easy access to prayer during prayer time, and privacy while you’re enjoying your happy moment. Introducing The Hall of Peace; a perfect wedding venue owned by the Ottawa Muslim Association, with capacity up to 225 people (pre-covid). You’ll get a discount if you book both our Imam and our wedding venue!

For more information on how to obtain a marriage license please visit:

COVID UPDATE (as of July 17):
The city of Ottawa is open once again for marriage licenses, but on appointment basis. You no longer need to obtain a marriage license from nearby municipalities such as the Township Of Bonnechere Valley. Please visit the following link for more information:

Marital Disputes

Nothing is perfect in this life, and sometimes we’re faced with issues at home that we cannot resolve without help from people of wisdom. The OMA offers an array of marriage dispute resolution options. To request an appointment, please fill this form.